Project CARS coming to next-gen consoles - PS4, Xbox One and Steam OS release confirmed

VVV: "It's official: Project CARS is now coming to PS4, Xbox One and Valve's Steam, alongside its originally penned platforms on PC and Wii U."

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GarrusVakarian1862d ago

Nice! Very impressed what i saw on YouTube from this game. A new racer to contend with Forza and GT it seems.

GarrusVakarian1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )


What's so funny?


Oh. No, i was being sincere, Driveclub looks awesome.

MRMagoo1231862d ago

I think they thought you where being sarcastic, when you wherent lol.


yeah man this is awesome. we need more than 2 driving simulations that are on two seperate consoles. pc is just not my thing. great news for us

ATiElite1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

@ Lukas_Japonicus

" A new racer to contend with Forza and GT it seems"

LMFAO Pcars has NO competition! Right now even in it's Alpha format there is just too many improvements over what current Racers have been doing.


the Physics completely change in real time as it rains and water puddles or as your car suffers damage. I can bump your car and make your wing fall-off and that will effect your handling but also hurt my car as my front end would be damaged too.

My first roll-over crash in first person felt very real as the view bounces, glass shatters, the world rapidly rotates, and you hear metal crunching as your view lurches back n fourth like the real thing. (intentionally crashing became a sport just to experience this epic event again)

That level of DETAIL and Realism is unseen in GT, FOrza, and whatever drive club attempts. GT Forza are Proven quality games without Question but Pcars is truly NEXT GEN!

Oh and I didn't even mention the photo-realistic graphics. It's insane and only gets better as the Alpha gets improved upon bi-weekly


badass my most anticipated racer now.

Salooh1861d ago

Pcars is indeed next gen . Gt6 is too good for ps3 so when gt7 release for next gen you will see real compitition. Both are day 1 too me as long they support steering wheel.

BoriboyShoGUN1862d ago

Is Project Cars, Project Gotham Racing??? I've never played Project Gotham Racing I always thought it was some fake trash racer! Tell me I wasnt missing out this whole time :(

DOMination-1862d ago

PGR was not trash but Project Cars is different made by the people who did SHIFT2.

memots1862d ago

Pgr4 dude pick this up ASAP , you should be able to pick it up on the cheaper side ,, GREAT GAME

ATiElite1861d ago


Project Gotham Racing and Project Cars are TWO different games.

Project Cars is made by Slightly Mad Studios and is the best thing in Racing Simulation going.

BoriboyShoGUN1861d ago

Ok guys thanks for the clarification! I'll have to keep up with these guys.

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Letros1862d ago

As an investor, I approve.

theXtReMe11862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

This game looks incredible. I also invested in it. I cannot wait for it to hit the PS4!

Snookies121862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Good time for racing fans... Forza, GT, Driceclub and Project Cars. My racing needs have been met for sure.

NukaCola1862d ago


The Crew
NFS Rivals

Racer heavy the next few months.

thebudgetgamer1862d ago

Cool, looking forward to it. Semms like a sweet game.

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