Gritty GTA4 may help Sony wrest turf from Microsoft

"Grand Theft Auto 4," the biggest, meanest, raunchiest video game of the year, looks set to help Sony's PlayStation 3 console gain new ground in its turf war with Microsoft's Xbox 360.


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DarkSniper3858d ago

Many journalist reports show that PLAYSTATION® 3's iteration of GTA IV is undoubtedly the superior version to play. Xbox 360 suffers from such a terrible hardware design, Rockstar Games were forced to make the best of their situation and attempted to make the game of the same quality as PLAYSTATION® 3. The Xbox 360 version suffers from jaggies, frame rate hiccups and consistent screen tearing. The aformentioned is thankfully absent on the PS3 version.

Xbox 360 is an abombination of a console that deserves each and every negative press response it receives. Microsoft was foolish in rushing their console to the market and new reasons to support this is being found every day. Microslaves are struggling for reasons to keep hope for this declining console alive.

Eventually, Microslaves will have no other choice but to WELCOME CHANG3 and and succumb to the only next-generation console in the market.



JhawkFootball063858d ago

Are you serious!? If The Playstation 3 console is so better then the 360 then how come they chose the 360 to make it on?! I for one think that the 360 version will be superior just because it was always one step ahead of the ps3 version. The ps3 games had always had framerate issues and some screen tearing in all the game. That is why the 360 games get much a better rating then the ps3 games do (the ones that are multiplatform). The 360 is the console to make games on.

DomUltra3858d ago

Um, Jhawk, they had separate development teams that worked with each other, I love these kinds of dumb fυcks, makes me LOL.

SUP3R3858d ago

Jhawk I guess you're new to the scene and was totally out of GTAIV's development news, but as Dom said GTAIV is not a port of the 360 version it was built separately from the ground up so your argument is invalid.

eagle213858d ago

I didn't even imagine the movie format war to be over, but I knew that price and value would be in perfect place.

Plus, GT5 Prologue and the huge exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 so close together made this a win for Sony. I am not ignoring Microsoft's potential gains from GTA IV, I just knew that MS would have only benefited a little more than now if this game released in Fall 2007.

InYourMom3858d ago

Michael Pachter.

"If sales come in at the high end of that range, the game will directly spur sales of 2 million additional PS3s in 2008, versus 1 million Xbox 360s, reckons Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan."

"I think PS3 'wins' this battle," Pachter said.

He reckons eh? I reckon there will be a Sony jerk off session starting when this will undoubtably get approved.

(looks at post #1.. too late)

Json 3603858d ago

GTA4 will certainly help the Playstation brand expand,and to think,not even 2 months after this game releases,Sony drops another bomb in the form of Solid Snake

It feels really good being a Playstation gamer this year!

SUP3R3858d ago

I was confused as hell for a minute while reading that.

You guys need to stop with these clones it's not good for my heart lol.

OMGLOLZ3858d ago

I thought Jason360 stopped being an idiot...

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