The Xbox One Launch, Minus The Hype | Kotaku

Kotaku - Microsoft has had a noisy year. The response to the Xbox One's unpopular always-online DRM was deafening. The response to the eventual reversal of those policies was even louder. In the midst of all the noise, beyond the cancelled policies and muddled messaging, lies a video game console. What's that thing all about, eh?

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fattyuk1566d ago

lol the "hype

what hype!? it's all been negative one thing after another

Nabbic1566d ago

Incorrect. There has been a common misconception that the Xbox has a better launch lineup, before praising every game available. Articles like this review the launch without the stupidity.

christocolus1566d ago

nice..they seemed impressed by ryse , forza, dr3 and even the controller..great job ms.

Nodoze1566d ago

Um, it's Kotaku. They have had a hard on for MS all of the last generation.

christocolus1566d ago

ign, gamespot and canada too?

Doctor_Brohoof1566d ago

Cloud Computing. :D

Also, can it be Nov. 22 yet?