How Should We Decide the ‘Quality’ of a Game?

A few thoughts on the difficulties of assessing quality in games.

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Speed-Racer1836d ago

I don't ask for killer graphics but at least make the gameplay the deciding factor. I enjoyed GTA:SA for instance, not because of the graphics but more because of the options with a main story line, free world roaming and side missions.

Mr Pumblechook1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

We should wait for Adam Sessler to be moneyhatted and then let him tell us if it is good or not.

I can't wait to read his damning review of Killzone Shadow Fall where he criticises it for being 'a nothing to write about generic shooter' and his celebratory review for Ryse which he will say 'has the best graphics ever seen in a game' and 'the deepest most profound gameplay ever.'

WeAreLegion1835d ago

Did you enjoy the game? If so, it's quality!

Roccetarius1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

That's not really a viable option. The average Joe will enjoy anything given to them. Just look at people enjoying Aliens: Colonial Marines.

See where i'm going?

WeAreLegion1835d ago

Then Aliens: Colonial Marines is a quality game to those people.

AlexFili1835d ago

One problem I have with reviewers is that sometimes they get fixated on how much the game is similar to the previous game and have a heavily biased review as a result. Sure the Dynasty Warriors and Call of Duty games do this all the time, but should that really detract from the game score?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn't suffer from being similar to it's predecessor. All games should be considered on their own merits rather than constantly being compared to the one that came before.

Roccetarius1835d ago

Comparing the game to a previous release is just fine, because of improvement / questionable decisions with game mechanics etc.

stavrami1835d ago

by the quality of the game

BLAKHOODe1835d ago

I think the fun and entertainment factor are the most important. I'm spoiled to the best possible graphics, but it doesn't matter how amazing a game looks if it's dull and boring. It also depends on your personal taste as a gamer. Some people love Call Of Duty, while others prefer Word Search, so one person's definition of "quality" could be completely different from another person's.

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