Top 100 Games of the Generation 60-41

Hardcore Gamer: All week long, we're counting down the top games of the generation leading up to the release of the PS4. There was months of bickering, fighting, hurt feelings and even a bruised ribcage, but we finally came up with something that we truly believe is the definitive list.

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gillri1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I would have had Dead Space, Alan Wake higher and especially Arkham City and AC2 much higher

AC2 and Arkham City would be in my top 10 and Dead Space Alan Wake close to it

Also for their unfluence on the industry COD 4 : Modern Warfare and Gears Of War could easily be in the top ten...five even, although they wouldnt be in mine but considering their importance to this gen im surprised there so low

admiralvic1784d ago

Well, going off influence isn't always the greatest indicator. For instance, you could call CoD 4 one of the worst games this generation, since it killed a lot of creativity. It's all perspective in the end.

ForgottenProphecy1784d ago

I wouldn't say CoD 4 killed creativity, I'd say every CoD after that set a president where you can copy and paste the same game and still make a lot of money.

caseh1784d ago


You can't hold a great game responsible for all the sh!t games that came after it.

admiralvic1784d ago

@ Caseh

I fully agree, which is why I said it is all perspective.

mikeslemonade1784d ago

1. COD4
2. Uncharted 2

If a game influenced every other game then wouldn't that be the best game!? The two most influential games this generation. If you disagree then you're just saying the developer was stupid for copying a not so good game.

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1784d ago
3-4-51784d ago

this list is funny.

compare this list to past gens and it looks pretty weak.