Review: Batman Arkham: Origins [XLC Gaming Network]

XLC Gaming Network writes:- When it was announced that a new team would be making the next game in the Batman Arkham series it was met with a lot of raised eyebrows from dedicated fans. After all with two highly successful titles already released and winning multiple awards, it is a hard track to stay on. Taken from the reigns of Rocksteady Studios it was down to Warner Bros. Games Montreal to deliver another hit title in the Arkham series. Now this could go one of three ways really. It could turn out to be a rabid bat that needs a trip to the vets, or they could play it safe and more or less make it a carbon copy of the first two, or it could be the next killer hit in the series. Join me as I tale a stroll through Gotham on a snowy Christmas Eve and see what lies in store.

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