Gamespot- Preview: Ryse: Are You Not Entertained?

GS:Marius Titus was once a family man, but it's only a few minutes into Ryse: Son of Rome when all that he loves is forcibly ripped away from him. Barbarians are at the gates, and Marius' mother and sister are slaughtered before he and his father have time to draw their swords. Marius' father, too, is not long for this world. After Marius watches his beloved mentor succumb to a bloody death, he cries out in vengeance. His thirst for blood has been activated, and yet I suspect it shall be difficult to quench.

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Pintheshadows1839d ago

'Marius can leap and climb when the game wants you to, but he can't step over a single fallen beam if it isn't what developer Crytek had in mind'.

Next generation. Same trends.

Xsilver1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Sounds like a On rails game to me
@izumo_lee that would explain why it was filled with so much QTE's :/

izumo_lee1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Remember it was originally a Kinect game which is not a good sign for the game. Kinect is a great piece of tech but as a game play peripheral it is definitely not.

Microsoft is using this tech in the wrong way unfortunately. It should be primarily used as an interface device...leave the game stuff out of it.

JokesOnYou1839d ago

"Murder is at the forefront of Ryse, yet in its finest moments, there's an undeniably satisfying rhythm to the hacking. I am more curious than ever to see whether Ryse: Son of Rome can vary this rhythm enough to avoid tedium, or to at very least allow players to take some deep breaths and clear their heads. This is the kind of audiovisual assault I might enjoy in short spurts, rather than by the riverful that flows from Ryse."

-We'll see, I hope it gets better than these last few previews, or I guess I'm going to really take a hard look at ALL the reviews before I make my purchase.

MightyNoX1839d ago

It was a Kinect title. On-rails sounds about right.

wtopez1839d ago

This game sounds terrible. Back to Path of Exile.

Nodoze1839d ago

Kinect title, that was expanded. Sure it looks good, but that is the end of it.

christocolus1839d ago far gamespot and ign seem to like it but the other previews aint too good...keeping my fingers crossed cos i actually want to play this game so bad....

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