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'Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F' Headed to North America and Europe Next Year

8CN: SEGA has confirmed that the PlayStation Vita version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F will be arriving in North America and Europe early next year. The game will be available for digital download. (Hatsune Miku Project Diva F, PS Vita)

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izumo_lee  +   666d ago
Even though i already own the Japanese version this is absolutely great news for Vita owners to experience this game. Funny thing is i've tried the PS3 one & i sucked at it but playing on the Vita felt comfortable.

Very proud of the Hatsune Miku fans & Vita owners having their voices heard to bring this version over. Bolds well that we may get the sequel as well.
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snitch_puck  +   666d ago
all I could say while rolling my eyes was "FINALLLLLY..." .. this was a surprise and I was dying to play this anywhere, anytime. After all my hate on Sega, I give them my thanks.
nidhogg  +   666d ago
O_O omg. can I-- can I hear that again. Like f*ckin' chorus that in my freakin' head?!! Localizing it finally for the Vita where I would absolutely play this kind of game! SEGA, you have earned at least 1% of my respect! damn you, that was unexpected.
dcj0524  +   666d ago
FINAAAAAAAAAALLLLY. I wanted this since I got my vita last october.
FogLight  +   666d ago
All hail Hatsune "The Idol" Miku!

That is good news, especially for Vita owners. If you guys checked the comments in the PS3 version of Miku's game from PS Blog then you know that many people were begging for Vita version and now here it is :D
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tiffac008  +   666d ago
Well this is totally unexpected. Hopefully, Sega changes thier minds on Yakuza 5 and VC3 and localize those games too.
Inception  +   666d ago
Amen to that. I just replay Y4 because i really missed punching street punks & yakuza on kabukichou street. So, if they listening to our prayers, than i will gladly give them my respect and money again with a heartbeat.
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SeraphimBlade  +   666d ago
Somebody at Sega read my blog!

Hell yes, I'm buying this even though I have the PS3 version!
Cirehpsa  +   666d ago

[edit] I didn't have enough I's
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Sanquine90  +   666d ago
I can die happy! Major vocaloid fanboy so this is right up my ally.
nigelp520  +   665d ago
Phantasy Star Online 2 plz

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