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Ryse is a game designed for looking at, not for playing. You run around, follow orders and try not to think too hard about the absurdity of it all.

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Pintheshadows968d ago

'Ryse is a game designed for looking at, not for playing.'

The warning signs were there for a while but I thought it turned a corner a few months back. This game, this series if it becomes that, has so much potential. The concept is so good.

GarrusVakarian968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

"Ryse is a game designed for looking at, not for playing."

It looks like one of the best looking games ive ever seen, the facial animations during executions are amazing, as are the graphics overall but from gameplay videos we've seen, the combat looks clunky and repetitive. Apart from the stylish slow mo executions, the vanilla combat doesn't impress me.

Not hating (i plan to buy this game with my own money), just giving what i think is fair criticism.

Kingthrash360968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

i called it. i always said it looks pretty and boring at the same moment. it brought nothing new to the hack and slash genre smh. over hyped. its a pretty game tho.
im sure it will sell well.

Septic968d ago

Yeah there's a distinct danger of style over substance with Ryse. Lets see how it turns out.

AutoCad968d ago

I dont have a problem with that, i enjoyed Heavy Rain and all you did was QTE.

Deividas968d ago

Yea thats what a lot of people have been saying when they got their hands on it, they really do enjoy watching someone play it, just not actually play it themselves

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tdogg968d ago

I played it and I'm buying it!!! day one

True_Samurai968d ago

obviously there are people who are mad at what you do with your money

Zool 08968d ago

This games having a crysis moment.

christocolus968d ago

im going to be keeping a close eye on this...i hope it turns out good atleast.

hello12968d ago

No offensive, but being a woman doing this review, this may not have been a game she could have liked, if it was good.

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