Polygon- Xbox One at a glance: Hands-on with the launch window lineup

Last month, Polygon had a chance to go hands-on with nearly the entire launch lineup for the Xbox One at a San Francisco event.

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PS4isKing_821838d ago

So gameinformer called ryse "as fun as dialing phone numbers", 720p in most games at launch, half the cars and tracks in forza 5 that forza 4 had 2 years ago, $100 more that the ps4, among other issues I'm sure will be revealed as the days and weeks go on. It's like the closer the launch gets, the worse the actual console looks. But I digress. I still really want to play forza 5. It looks so wonderful in the latest trailers. :D

snipab8t1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Xbox one launch lineup is miles better. That was one article with Ryse, Gamespot and IGN both had positive comments.
Also, can you give the trolling a rest dude. I mean that name 'PS4isKing'. I can't even...

thrust1838d ago

Only one real exclusive game and not getting titanfall.

there is nothin bad to say about the ps4 because it has nothin but games and most of them are not till next year.

i will enjoy my games from 22nd nov i hope you do as well :)

i cannot wait.

mhunterjr1838d ago

It's very easy to just focus on negative Ryse previews, when so many other outlets gave positive ones. Gametrailers, IGN, Gamespot, and even Kotaku, who was extra critical leading up to launch. Even this very article says "For whatever it's worth, I'll say this: a few days after my demo I finally got around to pre-ordering an Xbox One. I bought the Ryse bundle."

DR3 Forza 5 and Killer Instinct are also previewing very well. I'm not sure why the console looks worse as launch approaches to you, but really, it's gaining steam.

Mr Pumblechook1838d ago

Have you ever wondered why Polygon has been called a Microsoft mouthpiece?
Read this gushing praise of Ryse to find out.

infectedaztec1838d ago

First comment on an xb1 article from a guy called PS4 is King. Give it up Sony fan boys - its getting embarrassing. Let people spend their money how they want and stop being so bitter

Automatic791838d ago


Dude you really that insecure about your purchase that you have to knock the competition. Enough with the trolling.

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mitford1838d ago

and there was me expecting high praise from someone with a name like PS4isKing_82

mistertwoturbo1838d ago

I like how Forza 5 implemented Top Gear

christocolus1838d ago

ms has done an amazing job with their launch line up...cant wait to see whats cooking up later down the line.

NeloAnjelo1838d ago

Polygon talking good about MS? There's a surprise.

Anyways, praise, where praise is due. The preview and comments are good hear.