Ryse's Design Director: Xbox One Can Pull Off 10,000 AIs At The Same Time Because of Cloud Computing

Ryse: Son of Rome has been the center of attention from media and gamers a like ever since it was confirmed to be running natively at 900p resolution instead of doing a native 1080p on the Xbox One.

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XboxFun1836d ago

No, no, no. I read from the engineers on N4G that cloud computing can't be done. So I don't believe this actual game designer from Crytek.

Xsilver1836d ago you do know saying it and doing it are two different things.

hellzsupernova1836d ago

It can be done, but it isn't viable at the moment, inforstructure isn't capable

MysticStrummer1836d ago

Actual engineers have said it can't be done, but you guys dismissed them too.

T21836d ago

You do know this is a video game forum right ? There are prob plenty of software engineers on here but you wouldnt listen anyway would you , just plug your ears , close your eyes , and yell real loud ... It will seem your point is valid .... To you.

XboxFun1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Oh, and where are they? Kind of hard to distinguish them from all the "MS sux", "powers of da cloudz", "PR dribble" and other troll attempts without actually explaining why people believe it isn't possible.

I guess it goes both ways though right. It's easy to believe a poster on N4G who knocks the cloud and dismiss the actual word of an article about an actual devs working with MS and the Xbox One.


But yea, it's all you.

iceman061836d ago

@XboxFun...funny that you always bring up the N4G engineers, but dismiss actual computer scientist and engineers that actually say that at the moment it's more efficient to do everything that is done in the cloud on the hardware. You bring developers in, as if they are going to admit to the cloud not giving the benefits that it's touting right now. The argument is not about the cloud being FAKE. It's the assumption that the cloud, RIGHT NOW, can magically and more importantly significantly improve the performance of the Xbox 1. At this point, it would be exciting if it could...but due to all of the things that have been repeated ad nauseum it is highly unlikely in the near future.

johndoe112111836d ago

Wow, iceman, be careful, that's way too much logic. Tone it down a bit, you'll fry some people's brains.

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wishingW3L1836d ago

Why do they even try? Is the money bag that big that they are willing to stain their reputation for some cheap PR?

tudors1836d ago

I can see from your comment you are worried! it will work and we will see it, try not to loose too much sleep ;)

Godhimself_In_3d1836d ago

lol this thing is nothing but bad news f%#k xbox

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