Ryse's Design Director: Xbox One Can Pull Off 10,000 AIs At The Same Time Because of Cloud Computing

Ryse: Son of Rome has been the center of attention from media and gamers a like ever since it was confirmed to be running natively at 900p resolution instead of doing a native 1080p on the Xbox One.

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ANIALATOR1361662d ago

not 10,000 on screen characters with the actual hardware though.

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MorePowerOfGreen1662d ago

Nope no console can do that hence MSFT using the cloud compute to leave any local console hardware in the dust.

FITgamer1661d ago

Your comments make me feel like you are actually a Sony troll trolling to make Microsoft trolls look bad...or that you just stepped off the short bus.

MysticStrummer1661d ago

@FITgamer - Yeah some people here make me wonder if they actually believe what they say sometimes, and GreenGoggles is one of them for sure.

HammadTheBeast1661d ago

Does that mean if my internet drops for a second, suddenly 10 000 enemies will disappear from the screen?

Irishguy951661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Lol...its funny hearing this, what makes you think cloud computing can give processing power for 'only' ai? I don't think MS cloud is strong enough right now, but Cloud computing can process anything a normal computer can. Ai being one of them.

Use your head. That's all it takes. Ai is processed by local hardware. Ryse and Titanfall are using cloud for Ai so the X1 doesn't have to use it's processing power on it.

Yeah it sucks like God of war does hellz. Crap combat. All graphics. Oh wait...the graphics are usually enough for Fanboys to molest each other over.

MysticStrummer1661d ago

"Ryse and Titanfall are using cloud for Ai so the X1 doesn't have to use it's processing power on it."

Wow so without the cloud, Ryse would have been downgraded even more and Titanfall would be sub-720p. *slow clap for the cloud*

MS can throw as much money as they want at the cloud, but until the world's average internet connection gets much much faster they won't be able to use the cloud to the extent they imply they can right now.

Irishguy951661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I agree MysticStrummer, but all this 'power of the cloud lol' is nonsense, Cloud computing really does have the potential to negate the whole consoles being weak factor. A console can literally gain power as the cloud system is upgraded etc. For the moment it's only Ai that is being used by devs on the 360. I'm also certain Sony can get in on this whenever they want. MS are just the ones who are doing it first. They are doing it too early again, just like kinect. Overhyping something that simply isn't ready.

In the long run Cloud computing will likely take over console gaming, it will negate the idea of one console being more powerful than another. But not now that's for sure.

Also yes they would be worse without cloud Mystic, however we also have to remember, MS were rushed, their drivers are **** right now, if you don't know what this means, a few days ago Amd released new drivers for Batman Arkham origins, the performance of the game increase over 300%, that's how important drivers are. MS have a software problem, their console is not 100% weaker than the PS4(It certainly is weaker though). Although simply take a look at Ryse and see it can make great looking games. Although that's Crytek and Cryengine finally getting decent console hardware to mess around with.

HammadTheBeast1661d ago

Quick question irish.

If the internet of a person were to drop, would the game stop functioning?

LordDhampire1661d ago

its not the cloud what is to weak, internet around the world is to weak...if everyone had gigabit connections no ones would have problems we could all have onlive and play at 4k resolutions on ultra settings

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MestreRothN4G1661d ago

Yup. No console will be able to render 10.000 decent chars. Not over 1 fps at least.

zebramocha1661d ago

For some reason hearing the cloud makes me think of this.

HammadTheBeast1661d ago

Ryse isn't rendering 10 k actual characters. 90% are duplicates. There was a blog about it on N4G, it's a couple months back.

MestreRothN4G1661d ago

Equal or not, they still have to be rendered in real time. Unless they always were showed through the exact same angle, like a Doom sprite.

Smartypants1661d ago

When I was a little kid, a simple can of beans could turn my bathtub into a mighty cloud-powered whirlpool.

cyclindk1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )


Well PS3's (as well as PCs) [email protected] function WAS a form of cloud computing, or rather what's referred to as "distributed computing," and it WAS intended to benefit research in many of the following areas and more:

Alzheimer's disease
Huntington's disease
Osteogenesis imperfecta
Drug design

Magicite1661d ago

da powah of da effin clowd!

Kujii1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Ryse: Use the cloud to Kill 10,000* enemies with one hand!

*number of enemies may vary depending on internet connection

mhunterjr1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Really? Dynasty Warriors had thousands of characters onscreen on Xbox 360. Gears of war had several hundred at times. Lair had thousands on ps3. The problem was, in all these cases they were mindless hordes... And thats because the hardware could tender them, but could not process smart AI. There's no reason xb1 hardware coupled with cloud, couldn't provide the resources to handle this.

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XboxFun1662d ago

No, no, no. I read from the engineers on N4G that cloud computing can't be done. So I don't believe this actual game designer from Crytek.

Xsilver1662d ago you do know saying it and doing it are two different things.

hellzsupernova1661d ago

It can be done, but it isn't viable at the moment, inforstructure isn't capable

MysticStrummer1661d ago

Actual engineers have said it can't be done, but you guys dismissed them too.

T21661d ago

You do know this is a video game forum right ? There are prob plenty of software engineers on here but you wouldnt listen anyway would you , just plug your ears , close your eyes , and yell real loud ... It will seem your point is valid .... To you.

XboxFun1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Oh, and where are they? Kind of hard to distinguish them from all the "MS sux", "powers of da cloudz", "PR dribble" and other troll attempts without actually explaining why people believe it isn't possible.

I guess it goes both ways though right. It's easy to believe a poster on N4G who knocks the cloud and dismiss the actual word of an article about an actual devs working with MS and the Xbox One.


But yea, it's all you.

iceman061661d ago

@XboxFun...funny that you always bring up the N4G engineers, but dismiss actual computer scientist and engineers that actually say that at the moment it's more efficient to do everything that is done in the cloud on the hardware. You bring developers in, as if they are going to admit to the cloud not giving the benefits that it's touting right now. The argument is not about the cloud being FAKE. It's the assumption that the cloud, RIGHT NOW, can magically and more importantly significantly improve the performance of the Xbox 1. At this point, it would be exciting if it could...but due to all of the things that have been repeated ad nauseum it is highly unlikely in the near future.

johndoe112111661d ago

Wow, iceman, be careful, that's way too much logic. Tone it down a bit, you'll fry some people's brains.

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wishingW3L1662d ago

Why do they even try? Is the money bag that big that they are willing to stain their reputation for some cheap PR?

tudors1661d ago

I can see from your comment you are worried! it will work and we will see it, try not to loose too much sleep ;)

Godhimself_In_3d1661d ago

lol this thing is nothing but bad news f%#k xbox