Nintendo Acknowledges Wii U is Secondary to PS4/Xbox One

This quote gives the impression that Iwata does not see the Wii U as a competitor to the others, but a supplement to what the other systems have to bring to the table.

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Neonridr1836d ago

PS4WiiU all the way baby!

Can't go wrong with that combo..

TheVideoGamHer1836d ago

I agree. Great third party and the best exclusives!

KingOdin891836d ago

That's my combo of choice as well!

luisvideogames1836d ago

PS4/PC/Wii U

Add PC because of mods and texture packs, sometimes free DLC.

triforce791835d ago

He is just saying we do are own thing it doesn't mean wiiu isn't powerful enough to compete ?? Windwaker HD,Pikimin3,NFS wiiu,Trine DC,Nano assault,Mario 3D world,AC4,BO2,Wonderful 101,Toki tori 2,ect all say hello.....and 2014 wiiu games look superior to anything on ps4 so take a breath loosers......

Do you think when gamers see MK8 and Bayonetta2 in 1080p native 60fps and Project CARS ect they will say oh these graphics look last gen get a grip wiiu graphics so far even with old devkits are superior...

Neonridr1835d ago

Those are all really great looking games, but there are lots of really great looking games on the XB1 and PS4 too.

For example PS4 is getting the full Trine 2 experience with things that the Wii U owners weren't even able to enjoy. So they are taking an already great game and making it even better.

Many of us know that the Wii U is powerful enough to display some truly awesome games. Other people just see numbers and automatically say that since 4>2 then that makes 4 better. Which we all know is definitely not the case.

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DejectedJeff1836d ago

People will call this an acknowledgement of defeat or some BS. I think it's nintendo accepting the role theyve had since the wii, that of a secondary console or one perfect for their fans.

iamnsuperman1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Except their price doesn't reflect that. We are talking about £250 here in the UK. No way is anyone putting down 250 on top of another system. It needs to be sub 200 or even less than that. I agree they took that role with the Wii (nothing wrong with that) but their pricing strategy is all wrong if they want to replicate that role

SuperBlur1836d ago

Feeling the same way here in Canada . I was really hoping nintendo would hold out til the ps4 and xbox1 are announced to come back on top with a much better system spec wise.

triforce791835d ago

WiiU is equal to xbox1 and ps4 in graphics it has more 1080p native games at 60fps......

MadMen1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

WiiU is dead, Let it go.

Theyellowflash301836d ago

Especially since sales were up near 100K in the NPD last month, and sales jumped to 38K in Japan for the Week. Yup, the system is dead

Concertoine1836d ago

i dont care where it lays on this invisible spectrum, all i know is it's a kickass system ;D

mcstorm1836d ago

I agree and for me I'm more excited at the line up of wiiu games than the Xbox one and ps4 line up at the moment. I do think the wiiu sales will pickup coms this holiday season with the games they have to offer but only if Nintendo start to show off the console more.

XboxFun1836d ago

This is definitely a defeatist attitude to have. Nintendo just needs to show some awesome games on par with Ryse, Watchdogs and other next gen games to get people excited about.

Mario World 3D is a step in the right direction but ..and I hate to say this, lets see some games that target the 21 and up more mature crowd. Like a serious Metroid, or some other not so cute and friendly game.

weekev151836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

You realise Watchdogs is coming to WiiU right? Not to mention x, Bayonetta, COD, assasins creed and batman.

KonsoruMasuta1836d ago

Shhhh... Fanboys don't like when you make them look stupid.

R00bot1835d ago

They're also showing Zelda at the next E3. Even if the game isn't a blood and gore-fest it should still pull in the over 21's because of it's intriguing level design and gameplay.

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