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Xbox One's Phil Spencer on 1080p, Bundled Kinect, and Microsoft's New IPS

The Xbox One arrives in just over two weeks, so Adam Sessler got the chance to sit down with Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, to discuss the launch. See what Phil has to say about the resolution controversy, the inclusion of Kinect, and their software plans at launch and down the road. (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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DeadRabbits  +   606d ago
No 1080p 60fps No Deal!
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Septic  +   606d ago
This was a really good interview and after listening to him and reading your comment, I feel sorry for you. Is that what you base your decision on? Well then, the only platform you'll be happy with is PC.

And a really good interview by Sessler. I would probe more on the resolution thing but I feel very confident with Spencer's answers regarding new IP's and future exclusive content.
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DeadRabbits  +   606d ago
I am not happy with the fact they try to gloss over very important aspects of the upcoming gen that should make it feel and appear gen plus I have completely lost trust in the company!

There is no need to feel sorry for me I am picking up a PS4.
Septic  +   606d ago
"There is no need to feel sorry for me I am picking up a PS4."

Because all games are running at 1080p and 60fps on the PS4 right?

Do you not care for games like DR3, D4, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Ryse, Forza, Project Spark among others?
falviousuk  +   606d ago
Why ar you getting a PS4 if al you care about is 1080p 60fps as not all games can do that, however if you buy a kitted out PC you can have the best graphics experience of all.

Then again, troll away fanboy
DeadRabbits  +   606d ago
If M$ continue to maintain the 180's they did and show no sign of a return to anti consumer tactics then I will buy an xbone and enjoy its great exclusives.

Until then I am a Skeptic Mr Septic!


I care about being valued as a consumer above all else and I prefer the console experience more!
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Boody-Bandit  +   606d ago
"Do you not care about games like DR3, D4, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Ryse, Forza, Project Spark?"

DR3 - nope

D4 - what's that?

KI - I'm one of the guys that has been clamoring for a new KI since MS acquired Rare. So yes I care about yeah but not in it's current form. It's being rushed to the market and doesn't appear to be done yet. Only 8 characters (less than when it launched nearly 20 years ago), still tweaking the engine all the way up to launch, barely any single player modes or an extensive online component.

Titanfall - intrigued but not a big fan of online only and I never really got into any game with mechs. Personal preference but just being honest.

Ryse - Nope

Forza 5 - Yup. HUGE Forza fan but I'm going to hold off for Fanatec to make a compatible wheel for the X1 before even considering getting one.

Project Spark - nope

So for me it's all about KI and Forza but not enough to warrant spending $1600+ dollars just to play those 2 games.
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mewhy32  +   606d ago
really good interview by Adam and awesome nintendo "play the games" dodging and deflecting of the bone's weakness compared to ps4, by Phil. Cudos to the double talk from Phil and microsoft. Man this guy should run for office.
CrossingEden  +   606d ago
Then might as well cancel your ps4 pre-order,
-battlefield 4
-infamous second son
-Assassin's creed 4
none of these games run at a CONSTANT 1080p/60fps, in fact, the only game I can think of that is coming soon to ps4 and runs at 1080p/60fps so is....
have fun
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Dno  +   606d ago
all of those games are 1080p cept battlefield with is still a higher res on ps4.

Lets not be fools. He wants the best multiplatform games on the most powerful console and that's ps4.
Funnymonkey013  +   606d ago
Yeah they aren't 1080p but all of those games run better on PS4.
Ju  +   606d ago
Reaching, huh. Now in upper case. whoa, eh. LOL. Awesome. ;) Fact is, MPs run higher res AND higher frame rate on PS4 - and please, be so fair and put CoD side by side to SF. You'll think you'll play one more generation between the two.

BTW: We'll see what CONSTANT means when DF verdicts come in.
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Anzil  +   606d ago
fuk it i like microsoft right now gunna buy the one
Magicite  +   606d ago
This damn face again...ahhh
ANIALATOR136   606d ago | Trolling | show
come_bom  +   606d ago
I have a feeling heads are going to roll at the xbox division... like Sleepy Hollow.

There are just too many mistakes with the Xbox One and the bad press never stops. A new console with games at 720p/30fps is inadmissible in 2013.

I don't know if Microsoft can save the Xbox One in the future, but at this moment it's one big f**kup. In all honesty i think the best thing Microsoft could do is delay the X1 for another year, and improve the hardware and software of the new console. They would lose money with the delay, but probably make up for it later on.
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Funnymonkey013  +   606d ago
Let's face it everybody knows the X1 was rushed to compete with the PS4 and its futhore prove with what some of the Devs r saying about the X1 with the 720P and 30fps on almost all of their games. PS4 has already won this gen and it's only going to get better 4 it as X1 will be known the the biggest console mistake to release.
IHassounah  +   606d ago
Actually PS3 was the worst console to release , you just forgot everything of the past and denied it
boneso82  +   606d ago
Even though globally PS3 has outsold Xbox 360, in a years less time, with less 2nd and 3rd purchases due to RROD, yea, PS3 is definitely worst console to release! Lol

You must be too young to remember the Atari Jaguar, or the 3DO...
Stick89  +   606d ago
If you mean PS3 was one of the worse console "launches" I'd say you'd have somewhat of a point. But in the end it wound up being besting it's direct competition and I wouldn't doubt if it surpasses the Wii because Sony takes forever to drop support on a previous console.
jeffgoldwin  +   606d ago
Xbox shud have been more powerful from all indications.

However, it's a big fail to say anything about next-gen was rushed. MS and Sony have spent 5-7+ years planning for it. The longest gap in console history in fact. If mistakes or bad decisions were made, it had nothing at all to do with being rushed or not enough time.

You really have to be punch drunkk from the media hype machine troll articles if you really think that.
walkincarpet  +   606d ago
while the resolution is definitely a surprise I don't know why you think X1 was rushed or why you think PS4 already won. Using the same thinking we could say the PS4 was rushed and X1 already won as X1 is superior in every way aside from the graphics.
Cuzzo63  +   606d ago
Cant be serious. Xb1 as a cablebox surely is better than... a cable box. As far as gaming tho... naaaaa u cant b serious
WeAreLegion  +   606d ago
Man, Phil Spencer is so hard to watch.
boneso82  +   606d ago
The guy is a corporate dick who pretends he likes videogames...
christocolus  +   606d ago
you ps fanboys really have no control over your tongues right? what was wrong with the interview?you bring your fanboyism into evrything..you guys barely see or reason straight anymore.
Cuzzo63  +   606d ago

O.o and you xbots do better huh...

You seem upset.
LGM313  +   606d ago
Sony did good on holding the PS3 launch, even with one year of advantage the 360 and ps3 sold the same number of units but 1/3 of the 360s had to be replaced, so with that in mind, Sony sold more systems by far. I think M$ should held the Xbone launch for 2014 to saddle thing out.
jeffgoldwin  +   606d ago
Sony shud never have made the cell processor and there prolly wouldn't have even been a 1 year delay. But adding Blu-ray and many decisions turned to be well made.
LGM313  +   606d ago
As far as I know they held the launch because of the blu-ray security issues or something like that.
StifflerK  +   606d ago
I liked the interview - not too sure about all the negativity on this thread. MS made a mess of it at E3 , but they've come a long way since then and the games look great!
boneso82  +   606d ago
Well to be fair, they have fixed a lot of the policies that people hated, mainly due to lack of preorders when compared to PS4, but they did it anyway. One thing they haven't been able to change, which is more important, is the architecture and components of the box, and now its showing in multiplat games... There is no quick fix for having inferior components and specs.

Unless you absolutely love Microsoft or cannot do without microsofts exclusives, there is no other reason to pick the One over the PS4. It's less powerful, is more expensive and currently harder to develop for so it runs multiplat games worse than the cheaper, more powerful alternative console.

I'm not a big fan of sci-fi shooters (the majority of Xbox exclusives) and that is why I have no interest in the console. I can't say I will never buy one because I can't see what games the future holds for it, but for now, the sensible choice for most should be the PS4.

Ps: people like Phil Spencer do not help win people over, your either with him already as an Xbox fan or you think everything he says is "meh".
KingTrash  +   606d ago
Exactly...that was a great interview.
xkevmandc  +   606d ago
What Dose Ps4 Do That's The Ps3 Don't Do?
infectedaztec  +   606d ago
It has better graphics, a share button and a touchpad
jaren92  +   606d ago
Lol 😂😂😂 28514;
GrandTheftZamboni  +   606d ago
It overdoses. On greatness.
vitullo31  +   606d ago
am i the only person who feels like punching phil spencer in the face...
LGM313  +   606d ago
Nop, me too. smash a xbone on his head would be better.
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Robearboy  +   606d ago
ooooh you're hard!!
AaronMK  +   606d ago
Of course people are ultimately playing the games for fun, and not the pixel counts, but all other things being equal, higher resolutions give meaningful benefit to the experience.

And of course developers are going to make decisions on how to balance the amount of and quality of game visual effects vs the hits on resolution and frame rate, and that will be driven on a game by game basis. The question to ask Phil would be why, given the same game, the PS4 is hitting higher pixel counts than the XBox One, and what they are doing to address this going forward.
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BattleTorn  +   606d ago
LMAO @ the "muscle" at the back left ready to put Sessler in his place if he says the anything wrong.

Very good interview so far though, I'm at the 5minute mark - and i'm eagerly awaiting 1080p being brought up..
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from the beach  +   606d ago
Nice interview.

Teased more reboots..
ma1asiah  +   606d ago
That Ryse single player footage looks friggen wicked so cant wait to play this game.

Great interview well at least I thought so

I would like to address a few things in the comment section:

"I'm not a big fan of sci-fi shooters (the majority of Xbox exclusives)"

Dead Rising 3
Ryse Son Of Rome
Forza 5
Sports Rivals
Zoo Tycoon
Killer Instinct
Quantum Break
Crimson Dragon
Powerstar Golf
Project Spark
Fighter Within

The only 2 Sci Fi shooters are the next Halo and Titanfall now how is that the majority????

"PS4 has already won this gen"

Neither console has even launched yet how has the PS4 already won, you do realise that both are going to be competing for close to 10 years. I would say it is far to early to say the PS4 won.

"No 1080p 60fps No Deal!"

Umm not every game on the PS4 is 1080p 60 fps.....It may have a higher ratio of games that are BUT still the point is not every game is native 1080p 60 fps.

"am i the only person who feels like punching phil spencer in the face"

Umm why are did you even bother clicking on the link or bother watching the video is the dude irritates you so much???

"Teased more reboots"

He also teased new IP's that he was not able to talk about as well.

Well have a great day people, so looking forward to the 22nd November 2013, and would still be this excited even if I was the only person alive who thought that the X1 is going to friggen cool.

If you prefer and love SONY's PS4 you know what awesome good for you aint nothing wrong with that it's a great console at least on paper. But for me its X1 all the way and at this late stage I seriously dont care if you disagree, call me a fan boy, an xbot, a troll or whatever else you can come up with. Its my money, I worked hard for it and it is soley up to me as to what I buy no one else is going to change that.

Not weaker specs
Not the whole $100.00 cheaper (which in NZ by the way is not actually the case.)
Not 1080p vs 900p and 720p
Not buggy OS
Not Kinect 2 spying on me (which we do realise you can just unplug it right.)
Not nothing
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   606d ago
Im getting a ps4 and am a Sony fan
But even I can say that you make more sense than most sony fanboys here

I want you to have a good time with your XB1, 400 or 500 euro is still a heavy investment!

I will also not deny, Microsoft made alot of mistakes with the reveal, but hey, so did Sony with the release of the PS3.

Xbox 360 had problems, but still had great games and sold alot. PS2 had problems, but still had great games and sold alot.

PS4 and XB1 will both have problems, but also great games. I will admit, one of the reasons i buy a ps4 is Naughty Dog. I luved all their games and can't wait to see what they'll bring. People who luv halo, will want to play the next halo as well and that'll be one of the reasons they buy an XB1.

Let's try put it bluntly. I couldn't give a fuck about the tv features but maybe you do?
Absolutely fine by me. It's not going to offend my honor, is it? Maybe you just, I dont know, are a different person who wants different things?

Competition is good for the consumer to push companies to give us a better deal, but this
fanboy-isme I've seen, specially from the playstation camp, i just feel emberrased when I see stuff like that.
Microsoft did something wrong? If you plan to buy an XB1, you can call out on it. I come here because I'm always interested in news. If you are a fanboy who just gets a hard dick because you can make fun of this, then avoid all these articles! If the xbox fans dont like it, they will call out on it!

So thank you for your honest opinion, ma1asiah.
A like (agree) a bubble and I hope you enjoy your XB1!
ma1asiah  +   606d ago
Thanks for that TheGrimReaper0011 and have a bubble back at you.

Really hope .....No I know you are going to love your PS4 bring on the Next gen consoles and let the good times begin.

So later on this month once both are out, I really hope we can go back to discussing the games and the great features both will have.

May not ever happen but hey one can only hope
jaren92  +   606d ago
You couldn't have said it more perfect sir
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christocolus  +   606d ago
phil great guy...great interview
KILLERAPP  +   606d ago
If MS brings out a game where you can punch this guy in the face, they would have a killer app...
Dread  +   606d ago
I like the idea, but instead of punching that guy you could punch stupid sony fanatics.
xkevmandc  +   606d ago
What Dose xbone Do, That's The xbox360 Don't Do?
Dread  +   606d ago
full server support for all games.

full indie support with no cost for development tools

improved kenect.

imrpoved video sharing.

improved voice commands

blue ray player

improved graphics

better online and TV services.

Imrpoved operating system.

#17.1 (Edited 606d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GW212  +   606d ago
Dude, come on. I'm getting a PS4 but to even suggest that the Xbox 360 and X1 should be compared in terms of what they can or cannot do is simply ridiculous. In your world, I could ask you the same thing about the PS3 and PS4 and it would be just as viable of a question.

That's like asking what a 2014 Ford can do that a 1980 Ford cannot. Yeah, they both have four wheels and take you places but that's about where the similarities end.

Just accept that we have two next-gen machines that are largely the same but do have some key differences. If you want the graphical powerhouse, get a PS4. If you want the all-in-one multimedia device for your living room, get the X1. I prefer to have the best console graphics available and like the PS exclusives more so that's why I'm going that direction. Others have differing opinions and that's cool too. Just relax a little bit and remember this is supposed to be fun.
Drekken  +   606d ago
PsylentKiller  +   606d ago
SEGA does, what NintenDon't

That slogan didn't work for SEGA, and it doesn't work now.

I will agree that the leap in graphical fidelity is not as great as we would like to see. PS4 is showing its power straight away. We want the XB1 to do the same but I have no doubt that devs will get the hang of it sometime next year.
AaronMK  +   606d ago
"full indie support with no cost for development tools"

If I understand this correctly, this means you can use an off the shelf XBox One as a dev box, debug on the console, and use the same tools that Microsoft distributes to AAA studios?

That would be awesome, and as a PS4 buyer, something I would envy.
Return_of_the_Mack  +   606d ago
OMG why don't they go into another room? Is Phil so busy he cant walk 30 feet into another room where it's quiet? It makes listening to this feel like nails on a chalkboard.
i8urCAKE  +   606d ago
LOLOLOL now xbox fans saying that 1080p and 60fps doesn't matter LOLOLOL STFU PLEASEEEE THIS IS NEXT GEN NOT 2006 LOL PS4 >>>>>>> One ohh and it appears that even dead rising is 720p what a fuckin joke seriously....
#20 (Edited 606d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SpinalRemains138  +   606d ago
Yeah specs don't matter as long as the game is fun.

So would you buy a console that only plays fruit ninja games or angry birds? Those games are fun. Where do you draw the line?

Denial is a powerful thing. A next Gen machine which is incapable of pushing 1080p on its exclusives is unacceptable.

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