NBA LIVE 14 - LIVE Season & CourtQ Trailer

EA Sports shared a new trailer for NBA LIVE 14.

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PirateKing1863d ago

Come on 2k fans tell us how much it sucks and you hate it.

aCasualGamer1863d ago

It sucks and i hate it.

Look at the visuals and stiff animations. This is a joke compared to 2k14 for nextgen.

I really don't get why some devs and publishers aren't fully committed in bringing us true nextgen games.

This NBA Live trailer looked like PS3/360 visuals.

johnniejay1863d ago

It looks interesting will be getting it on the xbox1

curtis921863d ago

Yeah that combo sounds like it goes together.

Godhimself_In_3d1863d ago

Bad enough your getting a Xbox one but nba live also sounds to me like you hate yourself. So sad smh

johnniejay1861d ago

Im getting a ps4 as well already have 2k14 for it bro I just love bball games and didn't want to have to 2 basketball games on the ps4 so naw I dont hate myself that was funny though

310dodo1863d ago

Ok this is making me feel better from that earlier trailer thing lol

I really want this to be the "FIFA" of basketball.
I hate 2K controls

spaceg0st1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I agree. I enjoy these controls over 2k... It's tough though when the 2k trailers are incredible graphically. If this holds up enough though, I'd pick it up

310dodo1863d ago

agreed lol

2k has phenomenal presentation.
But those controls ruin it for me.

I truly hope Live has smooth gameplay.
Gameplay trumps graphics on this for me.
Id be content with a "solid" EA basketball game at this point

iceman061863d ago

Aside from the added shot stick, the controls seem to be pretty similar. Various waggles of right stick for moves seems about standard now...after Mike Wang pretty much developed both (first for Live then on his return to NBA 2K).

miklo841862d ago

Haven't bought NBA 2K since Jordan was on the cover on 11. Every time I have played it since 11 it has pissed me off that my opponent seems to hit every freakin three no matter how tight the d is, double teamed, etc. But give me a wide open three and I can't make ish. Graphics had me pre order 2k on ps4 but I had to remind myself how much I hate it on this Gen and been liking some of the features Live is showing so I canceled 2k and therefore made the jump to Live. Wish me luck.

310dodo1862d ago

I will be buying Live as well.
Yeah I havent bought a 2K since 10, but play newer versions with friends or family.

Players move like tanks, and they switch controls every year it seems.

iceman061863d ago

Gotta say, this looks miles better than the crap they have released thus far. I still can't quite get a total feel for the way the game will play out. These chunks were carefully selected. But, it looks like it could be decent. Maybe a year from now it will be back to competition standards.

PirateKing1863d ago

They've already said the goal is by year 2-3 from now, they feel they will be able to compete with other games (*cough* 2K sports) and hopefully give the fans what they want.

iceman061863d ago

Well, then I welcome the competition and choice. Hopefully, they deliver.