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FIFA 14 free on Xbox One for selected gamers

GR-UK writes: "Since the end of last month, gamers have been receiving emails from EA offering them a free copy of FIFA 14, a £15 digital code and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold. It comes at the same time as similar emails are being sent out by Microsoft, this time for Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct." (FIFA 14, Killer Instinct, Xbox One)

Comnnsence  +   162d ago
Didn't they said that it would be free for ALL pre-orders? Well nice to know it's a catch towards it!
badboy776  +   162d ago
Why not All Gamers Micro$oft!?!?!
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SmokexFFx  +   162d ago
You answered your own question, 'Microsoft'.
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B-radical  +   162d ago
I get it by pre ordering xbox one

Some other countries got forza i believe

So this may be for people that didn't pre order and or pre ordered one that wasnt day one edition
DeadRabbits  +   162d ago
Better Lube Up, Xboned Again! Shock Horror who would have thought it!
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n4rc  +   162d ago
Only the UK was getting FIFA for free... Na was getting squat
MMEHTA  +   162d ago
the EU countries are getting Fifa 14 on all launch day xbox one's.
B-radical  +   161d ago
Im in Aus and im getting fifa with my X1
n4rc  +   161d ago
No kidding?

Damn.. I'm getting screwed up here in Canada.. Lol

Still excited beyond words.. But freebies are always nice

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