Joystiq - Dead Rising 3 and the stuttering car conundrum

Mobility has always been an issue with the Dead Rising games.

No entry in the series until Dead Rising 3, the upcoming Xbox One launch game, has created a big enough sandbox for vehicles to be a crucial component of the experience. There have been cars before, but their use was limited by confined spaces and the lack of a real street system.

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MRMagoo1231838d ago

Well who would of thought that there would be frame rate issues in an exclusive xbone game running at 720p with 30fps.

I guess frame rates dont matter tho.

thorstein1838d ago

Didn't even need the sarcasm tags! Dying Light might be a great alternative (and it is available on both systems).

rdgneoz31838d ago

Still skeptical about Dying Light. I want to believe it'll be good, but the devs behind it did make Dead Island and that was not the smoothest (stable) game around.

1838d ago
InTheZoneAC1838d ago

this is what happens when M$ panics and decides to release the xbox sooner to compete with the PS4, the games simply aren't ready...

MRMagoo1231838d ago

by the sounds of the bottlenecks and the fact the xbone wont be any good when games start using gpu compute, it wont get any better for MS in the near or far future lol.

1lawrence1838d ago

Damn still frame rate problems n its only 720p n 30 fps

SpiralTear1838d ago

I know it's going to be the beginning of a brand new generation of gaming, but seeing a low frame rate in a 720p/30fps game isn't representing the new tech in the generation very well.

matrixman921838d ago

if this game really was a current gen game being ported to next gen, that kind of makes it even worse

Chaostar1838d ago

I'm not the kind of guy who expects next gen games to all be 1080p 60fps but being unable to maintain a solid 30fps at 720p should be the worst case scenario.

DR3 was on my list of reasons to buy an Xbone next year but now it's looking like I need more announcements. Don't disappoint me MS I like owning all consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.