Forza 4 vs Forza 5 Graphics Comparision - Bernese Alps

IGN - A side by side comparison of the Bernese Alps circuit from Forza 4 on Xbox 360 and Forza 5 on Xbox One.

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I didn't really notice the differences, until they went full screen from one version to the next.

GarrusVakarian1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Same here, i was like "not much" then it went fullscreen and i was like "oh ok maybe i was wrong".

abzdine1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

normal there isn't much difference, F5 was a 360 game originally..
i'm getting GT6 until Drive Club comes out.

EDIT: X1 games are falling and failing one by one everyday... daamn!

darthv721866d ago

@abzdine. it isnt uncommon for launch games to be ones that were in development on the previous platforms.

At some point they get shifted to closer development hardware that is akin to what would be available at retail.

Kameo is a good example of an original xbox game that got switched up to the 360. I believe KZ-S was in development on the PS3 not long after KZ3 was released.

Give it about a year but no more than 2 and we will really see the games built specifically from the ground up for the next gen platforms.

aceitman1866d ago

@darth kz shadowfall was built from ground up on ps4 not a ps3 to ps4 game it was for ps4 only

badboy7761866d ago

Not looking to good Forza.

abzdine1866d ago

@darthv72: it wasn't a critic, just don't expect heads to be blown with this game.

Computersaysno1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

It DOES look better, but not like leaps and bounds better. This is a proper old video though. I saw something like it a couple months ago.

So much of the performance is swallowed up by more than doubling the native resolution.

It isn't blowing my mind but I do think back to how much better Forza 3 looked than Forza 2. So Maybe Forza 6 will be a better leap.

Boody-Bandit1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

5 looks more detailed but it's not as much as a jump as I would've thought they would be able to do on next gen hardware.

FamilyGuy1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )


Cartoon with flat 2D trees along the roadside
Cartoon with super shiny paint and JJ Abrams lens flare

Yeah, it look better, but with half the tracks and half the cars it's far from actually BEING "better". Maybe it'll have some new game modes, extra customization options and better physics or something though? Who knows, fans won't care and will buy it day 1 regardless of any of this stuff.

Boody-Bandit1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )


"Who knows, fans won't care and will buy it day 1 regardless of any of this stuff"

You would be hard pressed to find a bigger Forza fan than me and I'm not buying it. Forza is the only reason I would get an X1 at this time and I'm passing on it for the very reasons you mentioned along with MS and Turn 10 not supporting my existing FFB combo which cost me $1.2k.

This is NOT a true sequel to Forza 4 when you cut, not add but cut, tracks and have half the car roster. That's pathetic. Most likely they are doing so just to milk fans for season passes and additional DLC. Turn 10 is one of the greediest devs in the industry. Go on Forza forums and see all the complaints about it. A lot of people are fed up with them and have since moved on.

Not only are they not supporting existing wheels, which there is literally no excuse for other than them wanting to make even more money off of FFB fans, but Forza 5 doesn't support triple panels anymore.

That is a massive downgrade to anyone that plays this series on 3 screens at once. There is nothing like it. Yet watch the gaming media give it an insane / over the top ratings that it does NOT deserve. But we all know $$$$$ talks and nobody spends more on advertising than MS.

No matter how pretty or accessible Forza 5 is it won't deserve high marks when it's less of a game than it's predecessor with them stripping away major features and having less content than the previous version.

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LackTrue4K1866d ago

They need to make a car list comparison too....

Gamer6661866d ago

And that will sum up the problem that this next gen faces...

X360 and PS3 both had good visuals.

Now we are going to great visuals...

But the naked eye that is playing a game probably won't see much difference between them.

When I look a the details... Trees, lighting, buildings, tunnels, etc. you can see a difference... But who is going to notice the details when you are speeding at 150+ mph on a racing track against a bunch of other cars?

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Visiblemarc1866d ago

Looks nice tbh. Not mindmelting, but definitely better.

JAT23041866d ago

The feel of speed is much slower in Forza 5. Forza 4 feels and looked true to the speed. Granted the video shows the speedo at lower mph or kph.

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