BF4 vs Ghosts: Has Battlefield finally beaten Call of Duty?

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "The rivalry between Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 wasn't nearly as heated as the one we witnessed back in 2011 with Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, but the debate over which first-person shooter can claim dominance is still fairly active."

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fluffydelusions1839d ago

It's been beaten since BC2 IMO

Zuperman1838d ago

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat > ALL BATTLEFIELD + COD GAMES..


NarooN1838d ago

I used to play the SHIT out of BF2: MC. That game was amazing, lol.

PeaSFor1838d ago

lolwut? you never played bf1942 or BF2 on pc?

the console game was garbage, at least BF:BC was funny.

HammadTheBeast1838d ago

Don't kid yourself, it was trash.

BF2 on PC destroys most games, and Bad Company 2 was great for the consoles.

camel_toad1838d ago

You just can't beat the vehicles.

mistertwoturbo1838d ago

Funny I jump into BC2 once in awhile and I enjoy it more than BF3 and BF4.

C0LLAT1838d ago

IMO: COD is for the casual gamers Battlefield is for the REAL gamers. (They obviously know what game is better.)

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brbobcat1838d ago

Battlefield 4 is just a better game. Hands down. CoD is fun, but there's more depth in BF4

DERKADER1838d ago

So who decides when something has won anything if the competition is imaginary?

B-radical1838d ago

Lol ehh let metacritic be the judge aha

Detoxx1838d ago

COD is slowly dying, Activision doesn't care and will milk the franchise untill it's no longer relevant and will then move on to another.

Soldierone1838d ago

I think they know it too. Destiny is going to take its place, and I believe they noted Treyarch or IW will start making a new game which is basically an adaptation of Destiny or something for the "off years" that Bungie doesn't release Destiny.

Detoxx1838d ago

That is also the only reason I'm not getting Destiny, they are going to replace COD with it.

princejb1341838d ago

1 billion sales says hello
Cod is not dying
Until activision can't make a profit on cod they will never cancel it

HammadTheBeast1838d ago

$1 billion worth of games sold to RETAILERS.

Soldierone1838d ago

Sales wise, no. BF4 so far hasn't come close to Ghosts and Ghosts has only been out for two days. (I'm sure both will see a boost with next gen though)

Visually: Sure, but COD never really took pride in that beyond frame rate.

I like Battlefield a lot, but once people start camping the hell out of you it gets old fast. Especially campers sitting in jets or heli's the entire game.

TKCMuzzer1838d ago

I find like all battlefield games, work in a squad, all have different set ups and you can counter all kinds of opposition. If you play it right you can make snipers next to useless in the objective based modes and they will cost their team the victory. The difference with the two games is that battlefield is about working together to achieve victory and COD is all about the player ranking up, in fact in COD people would rather try and get a melee kill on the person shooting you than actually shoot them and save you in the first place.

princejb1341838d ago

That's the thing I love battlefield but I hate when people don't work together
The majority of the games I jump into is me rushing to the objective with 2 other guys
And everyone else in the back sniping...smh

Soldierone1837d ago

It's hard to work together with randoms, and I don't want to sit around waiting for my friends to get online together.

Kingthrash3601838d ago

cod=camping....small maps guy still hides with a machine gun.
if u dont like tanks then just play tdm or dom or infantry mode

Mikeyy1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I don't understand why people don't use the stinger and igla. Why allow some helicopter pilot go 30-0 .

Start using your clases folks. I can hit anything with my first rocket 70% of the time. Instant disable. Most pilots will crash and die at this point. Especially hellies. Free 1-5 kills. Big points.

Do not play on servers that ban stingers, this server will only have coward helicopter pilots that will be untouchable racking up 5000 kills a match. I'll shoot him down and get kicked it pisses me off .

And learn how to make almost every rocket hit. If you used the rocket launcher more then a few minutes it should be obvious how to trick the pilot into wasting his chaff.

Soldierone1837d ago

not always. You hit them, they control it behind a mountain, repair it, then go back at it. Or once the lock goes on, they start diving behind things (buildings, hills, etc) Yeah you are tricking them, but they stay consistant.

You kill them, they sit around the base waiting for it to respawn, and do it again. So if no one else is shooting them down, you are stuck baby sitting the sky the entire game to protect your team.

It gets annoying. You also bring up the stats thing too. I hate that custom servers are still ranked. People turn on 24 hour Metro and have tripled their stats in a day, the only way to keep up is to be bored and do the same thing. It makes ranks and leader boards useless.

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