Child Pornography Arrests Related to Nintendo’s Swapnote Suspension

Sometimes speculation happens to be right; though this time people will wish the speculation was wrong. It was reported earlier that Nintendo suspended the Swapnote SpotPass sharing services due to vaguely labeled “offensive materials” being shared over Nintendo’s systems. It didn’t take long for reports of nefarious happenings by predators using this service and other Nintendo online offerings began springing up around gaming forums. Unfortunately it seems that they weren’t just rumor, and in at least two major cases has turned out to be very true.

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LOL_WUT1836d ago

Oh wow! How come I never hear about this on any other console? I still think Nintendo should go by their parental controls instead of trying to be the world police. ;)

TekoIie1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Oh them friends codes really kept the kids safe -_-

So can we have real screen names now Ninty?!?!?!

AWBrawler1835d ago

wii u does have screen names

TekoIie1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )



Do people read articles here? Screw it, do they read the titles?!?!?! Since when was swapnote available on Wii U and when was this article Wii U related?

We're talking 3DS here dude...

I'm very sorry if it reads as though Im flipping desks, throwing chairs or raging but this happens too often on this site and its frustrating.

AWBrawler1832d ago

i know what the article is on, but i misread your comment as real screen names on Ninty, and thought you meant all their systems

Beetey1835d ago

I hadn't thought about this yet, but that's a good point.