NBA Live 14 is Real, and I Played It - IGN

Yes, NBA Live is actually coming out this year. For real, this time. And yes, I got to play it (on Xbox One in 1080p, for what it’s worth).

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Whitefire1838d ago

The reveal trailer they had for this game was awful. The game looks and plays better than that. Though it's no 2k.

Ketzicorn1838d ago

Still very underwhelmed for how long it took them to develop this game.

MadMax1838d ago

Not that big on basketball, but love playing basketball games! I dug on NBA Live 10, great gameplay. Been playing Live series on and off since the super nintendo and genesis days!

I never liked the NBA 2K series, gameplay never felt right to me. I like how Live mixes arcade style with simulation. Hyped for this!!!