Xbox One: How the launch games are shaping up before release

VideoGamer: "The Xbox One drops into the world on the 22 November. After its fair share of criticism, especially in terms of visuals, how are the first-party games shaping up? Here's everything you need to know."

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Zack_attack1838d ago

Nice preview. That screen of dead rising was absurd though lol.

Pogmathoin1838d ago

Countdown not fast enough!!!


Stoll undecided on getting DR3 or Ryse. Somebody help me!!!!!!

Bennibop1838d ago

By the previews coming out neither of them, invest in ac4, b4 or ps4


what makes you think i dont already have a ps4 on order? how do you no i didnt buy KZ4 yesterday? what makes you think i dont have bf4 on pc already? and what makes you think i like AC4? I asked about Ryse or DR3 not about any of that other stuff you named...

Bennibop1832d ago

As I commented the previews dont look that great based on the type of games you are comparing AC4 would be a natural fit. You asked a question I answered!

Pogmathoin1838d ago

I was dead set on Watch Dogs, but now leaning very much toward Dead Rising... Think I will wait till Ryse drops in price... Or see what people say about it when its played properly...


Hey if you go to they have a 20 min play thru of DR3. Unseen footage. I'm glad I chose DR 3 over Ryse.