New DriveClub Trailer Launched By BMW

Driveclub is an upcoming exclusive title for the PlayStation 4. Recently Driveclub was announced that it was delayed to a later unannounced date and would not be a launch title for the PlayStation 4.

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xHeavYx1440d ago

Looking great, can't wait to get more news about the game

pedrof931440d ago

The game is looking better than Forza atm.

DoomeDx1440d ago

Yeah. Only forza has nothing to do with this.

clmstr1440d ago

There was no need in mentioning this, though I agree with you, Sir.

Irishguy951440d ago

Of course there Forza has something to do with this, it's the main competition for Driveclub atm, since Driveclub is Ps4's racing game.

ALso, it does look better. However it runs at a measly 30fps. So their trading off gameplay for graphics. FPS is important in racing games. Which is why GT series(the best racing series) sticks with 60

FamilyGuy1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

It was ALWAYS looking better, it's just more obvious now because of them furthering its visuals. Forza looks good but it doesn't look real, it's more cartoon-like which it always has been. It's their art style I guess but it's never looked photo-realistic to me the way Gran Turismo has. DriveClub, with its next gen visuals, takes a huge step in that photo realistic look.

The background/vistas are almost distractingly beautiful, it makes the game look like a serene experience. I'm going to take a slow lap around every track just to check them all out but with the dynamic lighting and day/night cycles it'll be hard to see every spot, of every track, from every possible day/night/dusk/dawn/weather option.

I'm pretty curious how man tracks will be in this game when it launches.

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Xsilver1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

This Game is just Gorgeous almost photo realistic.

The_Infected1440d ago

The environments and lighting are just amazing! Also the car models are very good looking and shiny in a realistic way.

majiebeast1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Looks better everytime. For god sake do stop using youtube please.

MajorAly1440d ago

I'm pretty glad that the delay has given Evolution Studios the time they needed to polish the game and make it stunning just the type of potential we can expect from the game.

NateCole1440d ago

Feels like an ad for BMW which is a good thing.

THC CELL1440d ago

Was that real? lol or both. Looks better than forZa even tho forza looks good

FamilyGuy1440d ago

I think it was both, clipping back and forth between real and in-game. Just watch the rims throughout the video, sometimes they look more real than others.
I'm not 100% though, DriveClub is photorealistic so it's hard to tell if there are real car clips in there.

Ju1440d ago

There's nothing "real" in this video...rather unbelievable.

xHeavYx1440d ago

Your trolling attempt clocks at 60FPS

Hicken1440d ago

I think he was saying that even AT 30fps, the game still looks great.

And it does.

likeaboss3021440d ago

Why the disagrees? YouTube is locked at 30FPS!

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The story is too old to be commented.