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New DriveClub Trailer Launched By BMW

Driveclub is an upcoming exclusive title for the PlayStation 4. Recently Driveclub was announced that it was delayed to a later unannounced date and would not be a launch title for the PlayStation 4. (Driveclub, PS4)

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xHeavYx  +   287d ago
Looking great, can't wait to get more news about the game
pedrof93  +   287d ago
The game is looking better than Forza atm.
DoomeDx  +   287d ago
Yeah. Only forza has nothing to do with this.
clmstr  +   287d ago
There was no need in mentioning this, though I agree with you, Sir.
Irishguy95  +   287d ago
Of course there Forza has something to do with this, it's the main competition for Driveclub atm, since Driveclub is Ps4's racing game.

ALso, it does look better. However it runs at a measly 30fps. So their trading off gameplay for graphics. FPS is important in racing games. Which is why GT series(the best racing series) sticks with 60
FamilyGuy  +   287d ago
It was ALWAYS looking better, it's just more obvious now because of them furthering its visuals. Forza looks good but it doesn't look real, it's more cartoon-like which it always has been. It's their art style I guess but it's never looked photo-realistic to me the way Gran Turismo has. DriveClub, with its next gen visuals, takes a huge step in that photo realistic look.

The background/vistas are almost distractingly beautiful, it makes the game look like a serene experience. I'm going to take a slow lap around every track just to check them all out but with the dynamic lighting and day/night cycles it'll be hard to see every spot, of every track, from every possible day/night/dusk/dawn/weather option.

I'm pretty curious how man tracks will be in this game when it launches.
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Xsilver  +   287d ago
This Game is just Gorgeous almost photo realistic.
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The_Infected  +   287d ago
The environments and lighting are just amazing! Also the car models are very good looking and shiny in a realistic way.
GiggMan  +   287d ago
This game looks so realistic to me. Cant wait.
majiebeast  +   287d ago
Looks better everytime. For god sake do stop using youtube please.
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MajorAly  +   287d ago
I'm pretty glad that the delay has given Evolution Studios the time they needed to polish the game and make it stunning just the type of potential we can expect from the game.
NateCole  +   287d ago
Feels like an ad for BMW which is a good thing.
THC CELL  +   287d ago
Was that real? lol or both. Looks better than forZa even tho forza looks good
FamilyGuy  +   287d ago
I think it was both, clipping back and forth between real and in-game. Just watch the rims throughout the video, sometimes they look more real than others.
I'm not 100% though, DriveClub is photorealistic so it's hard to tell if there are real car clips in there.
Ju  +   286d ago
There's nothing "real" in this video...rather unbelievable.
likeaboss302  +   287d ago
Looking good at 30FPS!
xHeavYx  +   287d ago
Your trolling attempt clocks at 60FPS
Hicken  +   287d ago
I think he was saying that even AT 30fps, the game still looks great.

And it does.
likeaboss302  +   287d ago
Why the disagrees? YouTube is locked at 30FPS!
Majin-vegeta  +   287d ago
BMW=Beautiful Mexican women

Man this looks so fkn great.
SonyWarrior  +   287d ago
there's no such thing as a beautiful mexican woman your acronym falls apart there
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   287d ago
where im from all the mexican gals are shaped like potato sacks. but one or two round here,,,,dayum!
travelguy2k  +   287d ago
Miss Universe 2010 says hello. Guadalajara is chock full of great looking women.
ANIALATOR136  +   287d ago
always thought it was black mans willy
Irishguy95  +   287d ago
beautiful mexican willy
MethCupcakes  +   287d ago
Pintheshadows  +   287d ago
The environments are pretty jaw dropping to behold.

Drive Club keeps getting better looking by the week.
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Ravenor  +   287d ago
I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but Gran Turismo 6 makes both Drive Club, Forza, and NFS Rivals look so incredibly incremental.
torchic  +   287d ago
after those facebook Driveclub videos, GT6 looked really old for me. NFS Rivals has these insane particle effects that GT6 doesn't have.

Driveclub environments feel so so alive and that's where Driveclub leaves GT6 far behind.
torchic  +   287d ago
I hope Evolution throw in some hot hatches (GTI, Focus RS, Abarth 500)

otherwise the game is looking great ^.^
RevXM  +   287d ago
R32 please!
Scrumptious  +   287d ago
Very impressive. I don't mind a delay to make a game better and add polish, and DC looks more beautiful every time we see it.
NateCole  +   287d ago
Love the dynamic lightning btw.
one2thr  +   287d ago
I second that
Destrania  +   287d ago
Third ;-)
MasterCornholio  +   287d ago
The shadows look fantastic.
iceman06  +   287d ago
and the reflections of them!!! Daaayuum...can't wait!
one2thr  +   287d ago
Yeah, this pretty much confirms that Im going to be completely zoned out while playing this.

Time to create a Drive Club music playlist (:
Lboogieskells  +   287d ago
Hopefully Sony will have the MP3 feature set by time this comes out. I would love to listen to some smooth jazz while playing this game.
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one2thr  +   286d ago

And something dramatic, like "Two steps from hell" or "Reqiuem for a dream"

I have faith in Sony, on patching the mp3 music feature in.
sweendog  +   287d ago
One thing that has annoyed me with Sony in the run up to launch is lack of direct feed videos for all their games. Just had scraps of youtube footage to look at. Just been on official driveclub web site and this video is nowhere! Also why isnt their a PS4 Videos section on psn? AC4, watchdogs and destiny videos were on their (and looked awesome) why not 1st party games
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FamilyGuy  +   287d ago
Go to the driveclub facebook page.
Maybe sony didn't upload them because they were so short but those 6-11 second ones are direct feed videos.
sweendog  +   287d ago
Yeah seen those on facebook but this BMW videos isn't on it. Just think it wouldnt be hard for sony to stick the videos on psn. Like the 4 ways to complete a mission in Shadow Fall video, was a great video but would have been better in 1080 on my TV

Edit: also it would entice a lot of PS3 gamers who havn't pre-ordered to jump to PS4
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Destrania  +   287d ago
Amazing. So excited for this game!
jhoward585  +   287d ago
Drive clubs looks incredible.

off topic:
I've finally got a chance to play Forza today and it was a great experience. The X1 control/force feed back really add a level of immersion I had never experienced before in any racing game. Of course, Drive club will probably look and play better than Forza, but the x1 controls/force feed back is really hard to pass up.
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Lboogieskells  +   287d ago
So when are the fanboys going to start admitting this is looking better than Forza? Those dynamic enviroments are second to none, not to mention the cars look way amazing.
iceman06  +   287d ago
Probably NEVER!!! But, why wait for their approval. You know what you see...you know what you like...you know what the game is really doing vs. that other one. Just reward Evolution for their hard work when the game releases. That's what I plan to do!
Lboogieskells  +   287d ago
Oh definitely, but where is the fun in that? ;)

I' down to one bubble, but I'm up for a friendly debate.
iceman06  +   287d ago
No debate here! I agree with the idea...but I just think it's a fruitless pursuit. Fanboys, by their very nature, lack the logic to SEE beyond the rose colored glasses of their console of choice.
A7XEric  +   286d ago
Dat steering wheel texture.
FamilyGuy  +   286d ago
Not sure if real or in-game though.
This trailer is a mind f..
'm pretty sure they're switch back and forth between in game and reality but I'm not positive and I'm not sure which is which in some cases.
Sevir  +   286d ago
This game blurs the lines of photo realistic visuals and video games... The visual details in the game is insane!
Ju  +   286d ago
"The first-ever BMW 2 series coupe". Says it all, doesn't it? This car doesn't exist, yet. There is no "going back and forth" between real and game...simply because there is no real version of this car just yet. Quite a feed.
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