NBA 2K14 To Have Exclusive Content For PS4

During it’s latest round of trailer releases for the PlayStation 4, Sony revealed that its console will have exclusive in-game content from NBA 2K14.
It’s unclear exactly what the exclusive content will be, but what is clear is the fact that it’s Sony’s way of counteracting EA Sports’ “strategic partnership” with Microsoft and the Xbox One. If one had to guess, however, it’s likely to be exclusive MyTeam content for PS4 users in the same way that FIFA 14 players get exclusive Ultimate Team content on the Xbox One. To see anything more than that would be a, pleasant, surprise.

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abzdine1866d ago

not even PS2 was this lucky a week before it came out

AngelicIceDiamond1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I thought nobody liked it when MS or Sony withheld content?

Sayai jin1866d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond, Only fan-kids (both sides) complain about stuff like this. The whole us vs them is childish. It's cool to have brand loyalty, but some of the arcade-rambos are straight ridiculous.

On topic, my son will be interested in this content.

bjmartynhak1866d ago

I still don't like.

I'm getting the PS4 version and think it is simply ridiculous to pay to delay the content to another platform or to avoid being released.

If paid on demand to produce exclusive contend as an afterthought (not on the devs pipeline), then it is fine. Other than this I think it is disgusting.

Ezz20131866d ago

i hate that too

Guwapo771865d ago

I hate it and I hate DLC! The worst sh!t ever created to nickle and dime last generation of gamers.

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strigoi8141866d ago

i think M$ really had a good bargain deal from EA..but the downside is it is EA

iceman061866d ago

So, you're saying a deal with the devil is still a deal with the devil!?!? LOL

MRMagoo1231866d ago

I guess thats a good thing for the Americans getting the PS4, i dont really like basketball games much, i must admit i did enjoy the and1 basketball game, but the last game before that was nba hangtime on the megadrive lol.

Sayai jin1866d ago

Good for those getting a PS4 and like B-Ball!

I am not really into sports games...Madden, NBA Live, FIFA, etc nothing wrong with them. I always laugh at my kids and their friends when they are playing against each other...we used to play these games outside more as kids...

mistertwoturbo1866d ago

Are you implying only Americans like Basketball?

MRMagoo1231866d ago

No but im pretty sure its where the game is most popular the same as baseball and American football, if it was fifa i would have said It would be a good thing for europeans and ppl in the UK.

nevin11866d ago


"I always laugh at my kids and their friends when they are playing against each other...we used to play these games outside more as kids... "

What your trying to say?

thehitman1866d ago

I think NBA 2k14 is like the biggest franchise next to CoD here in NA. If the extra content is enough to differentiate between versions then this could be a huge blow to MS that nobody will take into consideration.

Guwapo771865d ago

Until Madden monopolized the NFL. I can't wait for that contract to expire.