Microsoft weighs in on Valve's living room strategy (interview)

GamesBeat: When game publisher Valve originally announced its plans to create a console for the living room space, Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison said the company would “be watching what they do with great interest.” Now that the company behind the Steam digital distribution platform and community has shown off Steam Machines, Steam OS, and Steam Controllers -- a platform based on the open-source operating system Linux -- we went to Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer to see what the PC giant thought about this challenge to not just to Windows but the Xbox as well.

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JeffGrubb1744d ago

Man, trying to go head-to-head with Steam seems like a bad idea.

ATiElite1744d ago

Yeh because you will only end up being "STEAM-Rolled"

kenthegreat11744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Anyone remember those leaked internal Xbox/Kinect/Windows documents from last year about the Xbox roadmap through 2015?

Who wants to bet that's still a thing that's happening?

jounceman1744d ago

Valve is very smart and Steam is a tough customer to crack. Not even Origin can compete. They had to forcefully pull their games just to get people to join.

kenthegreat11744d ago

Also, Half Life 3 isn't real.

Sadie21001744d ago

I'm surprised anyone from Microsoft addressed this at all!

jounceman1744d ago

If someone asks about it, they have to respond.

It's like an underdog talking about his overpowered/favored you're going to say anything, you better make sure you say something nice.

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