Call of Duty Ghosts VGA graphics performance benchmark review

Guru:For todays article will benchmark Call of Duty Ghosts. Join us in this preliminary article where close to 20 graphics cards are being tested with the new Call of Duty Ghosts. As such we'll take the more popular and modern graphics cards today and have a look at DX11 performance with the newest graphics cards and technologies. The new and popular title is looking great from a graphics point of view.

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kB01865d ago

so demanding for soo little...

GentlemenRUs1864d ago

Could not have put it better myself.

xPhearR3dx1864d ago

It's no demanding at all. It's extremely unoptimized. Let's just say I've played it max settings on PC, and I can run BF4 max settings 1080P with no issues. The second you shoot someone in this game and the horrible low res blood texture squirts out, the game drops from 60 frames to about 20 instantly.

IW dropped the ball on this one, bad. false specs PC specs, unoptimized, misleading sales PR trying to spin that they did bigger numbers than GTA V in 24 hours. Acitivison knows they're about to hit rock bottom and they have no idea what to do. COD is the next Guitar Hero, just drawn out far too long. I'm calling it now.

TedCruzsTaint1864d ago

Well, it is demanding. Pretty much nothing runs this game well.
I don't think anyone believes it's because the game should require it. It is obviously the fact that performance simply isn't where it should be . . . by a long shot.
They more than dropped the ball this time around. It's pathetic.