The Nerves Of The Next Gen Are Settling In

Rich Drummond of Richie D Rants says:

"If you ask any of my close friends, they’ll tell you that I’ve been buzzing about the next generation of gaming consoles. I’ve been talking about them every chance I get to anyone who will listen and sometimes to those who won’t. All jokes aside though, I can’t wait for November 15 to get here. I’m beyond ready to get my hands on what the next gen has to offer....."

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Godmars2901839d ago

More like rubbed raw from where I'm seeing things. Its become impossible to ask a question without it turning into either a flame war or personal attack.

xHeavYx1839d ago

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! You dare have a different opinion that doesn't match mine??? I'll insult you with no facts! /joke
OT: I do know people getting that butterflies feeling as we get closer to the 15th

darthv721839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Respect to all those who are lucky enough to get a next gen system on launch day. i will have to wait till the first part of 2014 to jump in but until then i look forward to reading the reviews (both journalistic and individual) of coming games.

If there is one request, please remain on topic for the review at hand. No need to bring comparatives of one game into another. (ex drive club vs forza) unless the point of the review is directed at comparing the same game on different platforms (ex bf4 xb1/ps4).

Its a tough request but if we can show just a hint of objectivity it can make for less animosity this gen. After all, we are all gamers at heart and are in the same hobby for the same reasons. We enjoy what gaming has to offer.

so to everyone who is on the verge of next gen happiness, I salute you and wish you the best in online competition until i get in on the action and own all your asses.



go on with that shit.go hug a kitten or something fluffy

darthv721839d ago

@dead-devil. When i think of fluffy i think of this:

stavrami1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Yea tell me about it if you have a positive opinion your a fanboy.a negative one you're a troll,seems to get anywhere in life you need to be plugged into the main grid :-/

Grave1839d ago

I agree. I hope this trend of negativity and the "us vs them" BS ends soon. We are ALL gamers and should equally enjoy one of the greatest hobbies ever.

LOGICWINS1839d ago

The "US vs THEM" mentality will only get more profound and stupid as the years go on. Just like PS3/360.

Boody-Bandit1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The "Us vs Them" mentality is mostly a gaming site / youtube thing. Most of the gamers I know, regardless of age, could care less about it. I would wager that less than 5% of those that game mainstream give a hoot either way. I know is I could care less about it.

I just want the games, a kickass display and sound system, an internet connection, a room to myself with nobody interrupting me, and I'm golden.

On topic:
If by nerves they mean sitting on the edge of my seat, staring at the clock and the calendar, counting down the days, minutes and seconds until I get my mitts on a PS4? Than they would be correct. I just have to make sure I get a good nights sleep on the 13th because I doubt I will go to bed after I pick up my PS4 at midnight on the 14th.

11/14/13 11:59:59am GET HERE ALREADY!

MazzingerZ1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I guess it's just payback time for PS users after all BS in the beginning of last gen...and it seems Xbox gamers can't handle it as well as PS fans did then, they stayed and endured all the bashing rather than trying to hold hands and bring peace LOL

...Xbox owners just quit the site I guess, otherwise a pro Xbox comment would at least have a closer number of agrees-disagrees

OR maybe they are just more objective and just switched sides as unlike with the PS3 it doesn't get any better for X1...we know SONY's big guns are yet to release and more surprisea to come (games) from PC side exclusively to PS4

Ketzicorn1839d ago

So true you can't say anything without being labled a fanboy.

IRetrouk1839d ago

I say let the fanboys have at it, only probs is i have to wait till the 29th, not fair :-( really getting hyped now though :-)

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Goro1839d ago

Who the hell gets nervous about it?

Budz_McGr33n1839d ago

Fanboys are getting nervous that their machine's launch will be worse than the other's. It's quite silly.

monkey6021838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I'm getting very nervous! I'm working in retail and the lack of information on both sides so close to launch has me very anxious. Particularly with Sony still no confirmation on a 2nd delivery and with retailers reporting delays on the killzone mega bundles I am petrified it'll happen in my place too. I have a mega bundle ordered too so on a personal note I'll be well P'd

Edited some spelling mistakes

TheEnigma3131839d ago

The wait is killing me. Next week is going to be a long week. Hopefully it's there when I get home. UPS runs late in my area :(

chito1016d1839d ago

I know what you mean. The ups guy told me my house is always the last one on his route even though I'm the closest home. Which is why I'm picking it up at bestbuy

TheEnigma3131839d ago

I'm the last stop also. I usually get packages around 6pm. So I will be home after work peeking out the window. I ordered online to avoid paying sales tax.

FullmetalRoyale1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Yeah I ordered online to avoid going to the store on release day. I'd rather sit here watching netflix, and be tearing my hair out waiting for it, than to have to deal with the craziness at the stores.

That's also why I ordered ACIV through and pre-ordered BF4 on PSN.

EDIT: As far as the topic at hand goes, I'm definitely on the anxious side of things. My first console was the Genesis, and I've been late to the party every since.

I figure in eight years I might not be in a position to spend this much money on myself, so I just went for it. It's very exciting!

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iplay1up21839d ago

I am not "nervous" excited yes. Already playing Nintendo's next gen system and really like it. Now I am ready for PS4. Gonna have a nice Holiday this year.

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