Free Xbox One Email Is Legit States Microsoft

Quite a few Xbox account owners have received an email today stating that they have been give, yes given, a free Xbox One console.

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DeadRabbits1836d ago

When you see the word FREE in the same sentence as Micro$oft you can only come to the conclusion it is a scam!

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Strikepackage Bravo1836d ago

What? Microsoft gives away more free sh%t than its two biggest rivals Google and Apple combined, wtf are you talking about, even you dont know do you?

NewMonday1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

now this is the right way to win people over, not PR and spin.

darthv721836d ago

i have been using my bing points to try and win an xb1. Must have entered over 20 times. If I did win AND got one of these emails as well, one of them is going on craigs list.

mikeslemonade1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

It's not at all a win. Since very few people are getting it and it sounds "too good to be true". When someone here's that on the news they thing it's not true or they put a negative connotation with it typically.

But anyway.. if you get one of these you should resell it for money and get a PS4 instead.

phallusitator1836d ago

I wonder if they count these in their "sold" numbers...

mikeslemonade1836d ago

Won't matter because it's a drop in the bucket to them. Unless they give away 50,000 consoles it won't matter. It's not a meaningful number in the law of very large numbers. 39,9950,000 compared to 40,000,000 is not a big difference.

badz1491836d ago

FREE? I'd take it! damn lucky bastards!

UltimateMaster1836d ago

I keep getting telemarketers telling me that my windows PC doesn't work and that the guy works at Microsoft.
I would not trust any of those emails, or at least be skeptical.

Either way, I guess they can afford giving the console to you for free given they'll resell all of your private data anyways.

Like mikeslemonade said, take it, and then sell it for a PS4.

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Convas1836d ago

Conclusive proof that no matter what ...

... you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

Godmars2901836d ago

Like pointing out something for being what it is...

nukeitall1836d ago

Only if you are MS!

If you are Sony, then everything is God's gift to man!

rela82me1836d ago

Haha, wow... I cannot see how people see this as a NEGATIVE! Microsoft is literally giving you an xbox one ($500 value!) for FREE... Not a game (which they also are), not some DLC (which they also are doing), but the actual friggin console. Beats the free PS+ game rentals by a mile. Please send me this email, I would actually appreciate it unlike some lucky sony fanboy that will do nothing but complain that he got a free console.

Biggest1836d ago

What does this have to do with PS+? Are all Xbox Live subscribers getting free Xbones?

pixelsword1836d ago

It's NOT a negative; That's good marketing to help spread the word.

I gotta admit, good job, Microsoft.

BattleTorn1836d ago

When you see the word Microsoft in a comment spelt Micro$oft you can only come to the conclusion it is a troll.

DeadRabbits1836d ago

It's a visual expression of how I and others feel M$ puts the $ ahead of it's Product and Consumer!

BattleTorn1836d ago


It's a visual expression of how you are incapable of viewing MS unbiasedly.

JeffGUNZ1836d ago

@ Deadrabbits. Really? So Sony isn't in the game for money? If you think money is not the most important thing Sony cares about then you are more delusional then you think. Every company everywhere cares about one thing, profit.

XboxFun1836d ago

Battletorn, I agree.

$ony gives away free games and N4G bows down in respect. MS gives away free consoles and it's a scam or MS is desperate.

Gotta love the two face nature of this site.

rainslacker1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

If people actually got one of these free consoles, I'm sure they would be singing a different tune.

I used to think Windows phone OS was kinda meh, until MS gave me one for free a few years ago. I still don't like MS, mostly due to recent activities, but the WP-OS is pretty good.

mcstorm1836d ago

Rainslacer good to here someone liking windows phone. I have used it from day one and I relly enjoy the os and what Microsoft are doing with it.

Alot of people still think of Microsoft as the bulling company and they are wrong as they are no longer the dominant force in the IT world as Apple and Google have now managed to get a grip on some markets which for me is not a bad thing at all as having competition is better than none and having a choice is what technology should be about.

I do think its funny how this site has now become so for Sony and against Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony have made some bad mistake over the last few years and did with the ps3 and the vita. Microsoft and Nintendo have also made mistakes but that is because no company is perfect and never will be.

In the gaming world it should never be about the console power etc it should always be about the games is this is the reason above everything else we buy a console. The fan boys should be talking about what games they are looking forward to playing and the games they have pre ordered rather than I had such a console or company because of something.

We do really live in a sad time where people wan to tell everyone what they have is better than what someone else has and it is really sad imp as we are all different and have choices for a reason.

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Pogmathoin1836d ago

Got to love you Godmars, you say you always contruct an decent comment, but its always, let me repeat ALWAYS, the same bitter crap. Maybe they will throw in Kate Upton wth the X1, will you still complain? I am sure she is 1080p...

LordMaim1836d ago

They can afford to give away Xbones since they're gouging all their actual customers for $500 a unit.

GarrusVakarian1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I just checked my emails and ive been given Killer Instinct for free, apparently.

The email reads: "You're a fan of ours and we're a fan of yours.
Thank you for your dedication to Xbox. We want to show
you our appreciation, so we're giving you: KILLER INSTINCT"

Nice. I guess having over 103k gamerscore and paying for Xbox Live gold since 2009 paid off.

RedSoakedSponge1836d ago

haha seems your in the same position as me! the free game is nice huh? i was unsure about buying killer instinct and now i dont have to worry! :D

GameSpawn1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Legitimacy aside, what is more concerning about this is that Microsoft is so quick to give away Xbox Ones so willy nilly.

I know for a fact that something like this takes away from your pre-order allocations/initial shipment. If it is a small percentage of the initial consoles (0.01% - 0.1%) then who cares.

I don't know how many total consoles are being given away, but if Microsoft has resorted to this because they still have excess even after the pre-orders allocations I would question their stance and success in starting this new generation. Even the crappiest of consoles (or any newsworthy product) should be selling through initial shipments.

BattleTorn1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

You guys have amazing spinning skills.

Could you imagine Xbots saying "Sony giving away free games with PS+ is "concerning" and "what does it say about Sony that they have to give software away so willy nilly"

Xbox fans can now literally say - "Microsoft could give their entire next-gen console away for free, and Playstation fans will still turn it into a negative"

schubacca1835d ago

Dude, they probably gave out 1000 of these systems to loyal individuals that probably already paid for their Day Ones....

As a recipient of a console, I can tell you that I am not complaining.

CrossingEden1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

Omfg...... okie dokie gents, please logically explain how this is in anyway shape or form a scam and the repercussions of receiving a free $500 next gen console. Oh wait you can't because you and EVERY OTHER PS4 FANBOY on this site are completely and utterly delusional and will do everything in your (very miniscule) power to try and turn every piece of positive xbox news into a negative because guess what, you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING better to do and are just trying to compensate for some nonsensical insecurity or problem that you have in real life by accessing the internet on your parent's computer so that you can take your frustrations out on companies, all of this trolling time could be spent doing something productive!!!!

Mystogan1836d ago

You do some research before you start spitting out dumb shit like that. Microsoft always has a tendency to give away free shit at most of their events. Have you forgotten that everybody got a free Xbox 360 slim at E3 2011?.. Also they regularly give away free devices to developers like Surface and Other windows tablets.

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ziggurcat1836d ago

@ holyduck:

"Don't you have to... pay for a PSN subscription to... you know... get the most out of your playstation?"

no. because you don't need a PS+ subscription to access everything that would be behind the XBL pay wall. and if you don't care about multiplayer or aren't concerned about free games/discounts, then there's no need to pay for a PS+ subscription.

tigertom531835d ago

am not sure I have gold from the original xbox and pretty high gamer score and rewards member and have not seen anything from Microsoft.. I dont buy a lot of content so it might because of that...

Sayai jin1836d ago

Nice. Would be nice to get one for free. I have two of these pre-ordered.

Off topic, man some of you people are trying to spin this into a negative is utterly ridiculous!

memots1835d ago

Free but it's behind a pay wall amiright....

Sayai jin1835d ago

@Memots - Did not know any console was behind a pay wall. On XBL is a payed subscription (pay wall), but the console is not. Wow, really. You can play Xbox, 360, and XB1 games without XBL (not MP though)...but I am figuring you already know that.

memots1835d ago

i was being sarcastic Sayai jin.

I felt burn with my 360, Explaining to my wife she could not use netflix on it and she had to move the ps3 to our bedroom when she needed netflix, I have not used my 360 much , Forza horizon is the last game i used it for. Without gold there is no point in even having one if you have both.

schubacca1835d ago

@Deadrabbits: I got a free X-1. If that is your definition of scam, then yes.... I got scammed.... I wish that Sony would scam me also :P

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mark134uk1836d ago

very desperate from ms to get the spy machine into your home

Mystogan1836d ago

Jealousy is a cruel thing.

MatrixxGT1835d ago

Yeah. I came here and saw MS having free email on xbox one, over 1000* wth? Hasnt email always been mostly free. Lol.

I know I wont get an email. Stopped paying for live years ago.

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