Xbox 360 Drops Below £100

In the approach to the launch of the next-generation Xbox console from Microsoft, the Xbox 360 was more than likely to see some added value bundles arriving in time for the holiday period. However, a major change of pace has occurred with the Xbox 360 4GB Console now available for just £99 GBP.

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Mikelarry1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

you know next gen is round the corner when current gen drops below £100. 22 more days uk, i cant believe it 22 MORE DAYS!!!. to those picking up from the shops be safe and go with friends as there be some shady characters lurking to swipe your precious console from your cold dead fingers

thrust1839d ago

It is 16days till the 22nd nov :/

Mikelarry1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

@ fal & trust

I didnt want this to turn into a ps4 vs xbox one because i am buying the ps4 first thats why i didn't mention "22 more days till ps4 launch"

falviousuk1839d ago

Well thats very confusing, considering this posting is regarding a story about the Xbox.

fossilfern1839d ago

Might pick up another one just to softmod it.

falviousuk1839d ago

What are you on ;=/

Its only 16 days until the xbox one launches in the UK

DeadRabbits1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Might pick up one just to play Titanfall, saves on having to pay 500 squid on a xbone

Idba1839d ago

Misleading title. Should be changed to "4GB Xbox 360's price dropped to 99€

mathsman1839d ago

Title is fine. It's still an Xbox 360 and it's £ not €!

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