The Division "Intelligence Annex #2: The Gear"

An article about Tom Clancy's The Division in which various types of gear are explained in detail and how the player can customize them to gain extra bonuses in game or to just add their own personal flavor. Also goes into basics about weapon customization and skills.

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MethCupcakes963d ago

I wonder how the division would look on the Xbone? lol

ArchangelMike963d ago

probably only be able to run 30fps at 720p 0.o

BallsEye963d ago

Or maybe like the so far best looking next-gen title, Ryse?

slimeybrainboy962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

@meth @arch Lol you guys got burned. You were being dicks and then you got burned. You know Ryse looks good and you don't want to admit it.

There's no need to bash XB1 every chance you get. This article is about The division. At no point is XB1 brought up. Burned.

ArchangelMike962d ago

Yeh maybe, but you know it's tru tho. The game is coming out on PC, PS4 and Xboxone. Which of the three is the weakest console?

theDivision961d ago

Eh I disagree about Ryse being the best looking next ten title. It looks good but not that good. Also I'd prefer great gameplay than graphics and after looking into Ryse a bit it's pretty disappointing. They could have just done a combat system similar to dark souls and knocked it out of the park but Quick time events get super boring for me really fast.

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KimoNoir962d ago

I want that smart watch. The rough carbon material looks beautiful.

theDivision961d ago

I for sure want that smart watch too! I am praying that there is a collectors edition that comes with it. All Ubi will have to do is partner with some watch company. Either way it would be really sick.

medman962d ago

I'm "all in" on this game.