Beyond Good & Evil Was a Mistake, Says Ubisoft

"Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil cost the company some big money, and for that reason, it's been seen as a mistake."

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KentBlake1749d ago

The best mistake they've ever made. Gotta love that game.

Lionheart3771749d ago

One of my favorites from last gen. Sad it didn't make money.

brich2331749d ago

It was a game from the first xbox then ported to 360.

WeAreLegion1749d ago

Read the article. It's a little easier to swallow in context.

-Gespenst-1749d ago

Ubisoft have completely lost the spirit of experiment. They just churn out modish crap these days.

LoaMcLoa1749d ago

Well ,to be honest, they can't really be that motivated when their unique games (Like the new Rayman-games, Red Steel 2 and this) sell like crap. But yeah, would be cool to see something new from them that isn't a mission-based open-world game...

Roccetarius1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Well, Ubisoft have been a mistake for some time now, so that's understandable. Better stick to what prints money, right?

dasbeer881749d ago

How have Ubisoft been a mistake? As far as I'm concerned, they're incredibly hard workers by pumping out multiple new and diverse games every single year.

sonicsidewinder1749d ago

There are many 'great' games that were commercial failures.

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