Is the PS4 Really Leaps and Bounds Beyond the PS3?

Clickonline writes "convincing us to fork over $399/€399 for a new Sony console, especially when the one in our living rooms is so impressive and reliable, WILL BE an uphill struggle.
Or that’s what I thought…"

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hollabox1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I've questioned this argument for awhile now. According to Sony own specs the PS3 and PS4 TFLOPs are about the same and the PS3 is still more powerful than the XB1. I know Sony has a history of being full of crap regarding specs but I really don't see a jump in visual fidelity. If either PS3 or X360 had 8 GBs of ram they both could match about 70% of the titles I've seen on next gen so far. Granted most of next gen titles are either ports or indie developed titles.

Next gen just seem like MS and Sony wanted to make their systems more developer friendly and load each system up with RAM. Both systems couldn't even do Battlefield 4 at max settings at 1080P! I hear COD has framerates issues on both platforms and with the XB1 being at 720P. Don't even get me started on the Wii U, probably the smallest bump in performance since well moving from the Gamecube to the Wii. Unlike the monsters Sony and MS released in 2005/06 I can't see this generation lasting longer than 6 years with outdated hardware at launch. Sony built a low/midrange PC, while MS built a mid range laptop, and Nintendo built an mid to high end tablet, WTF?

mistertwoturbo1865d ago

That was theoretical output. In reality it was only 250-400gflops. Who knows maybe the rsx could do 1.8tflops but was limited by its 256mb vram.

Yep1865d ago

On paper, yes. Off paper, no (at least not from what I've seen).

GarrusVakarian1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Yeah because the PS3 could run Killzone SF at 1080 60fps easily!......./S

Launch games aren't the best games to judge the power gap between generations, but from what we gave seen from both consoles so far is very impressive compared to current gen in my opinion.

Yep1865d ago

You are, indeed, entitled to that opinion. I was simply expressing mine.

The games look impressive, but they are not leaps and bounds impressive.

Heisenburger1865d ago

Imho you need to compare ps3 launch games to PS4 launch games.

Compare the original Resistance to Killzone Shadow Fall.

Or compare Resistance to The Last of us. Then perhaps people can realize how far we've come, and how far we will be going with Playstation 4

Belking1865d ago

Not at all. no real evidence of that.

Norad61865d ago

It's not much difference, surrrrrrrrrre...

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