PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Artwork and Information, Promises More on Dungeons Next Week

Capcom just released some new artwork and information on the upcoming PS4 free to play exclusive Deep Down, that will begin its open beta in Japan around the local launch of the PS4.

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Sokol1779d ago

I would like to know more information regarding the free to play model. I was hoping the game would be a traditional single player RPG.

Inception1779d ago

Nice and somehow reminds me a bit of enemies from Dead Space. Now i get more interested to see what the other enemies design.

DanielGearSolid1779d ago

The sword and shield make me happy

Spears arent my thing... Ironically it was my main weapon in dark souls... Lol

D_RoyJenkins1779d ago

Im with you on that, im a sword guy

PoSTedUP1779d ago

i like swords and spears, but im a bow guy (turok's on N64) : )

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