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Was not expecting that...It oustold everything but the 3dsxl! wow!

abzdine1867d ago

that's cool, proof that it's exclusive games that are missing.
PS4 needs some competition in Japan, glad to know Wii U can still breath.

darthv721867d ago

isnt there a new wii-u sports coming out soon?

RAFFwaff1866d ago

whats ps4 got to do with facts about wii u sales? ps4 isnt out until next year in japan anyway. its the 3ds that is dominating sales and will continue to long after ps4 is released. you sound like a sour sony fanboy who gives nintendo a bit of credit with one sentence, and takes it and takes it away with another, by strangely bringing up a console which has at this time NO relevance to wii u sales.

abzdine1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

competition is good in this world. so if PS4 could have some competition from another home console that would be good for gamers.

let's see if Wii U confirms next week nd for the months to come. I Really hope it does.

Knushwood Butt1866d ago

Wii U got a new bundle last week too. That's the main reason for the HW boost.

Neonridr1867d ago

Holy crap balls, what a week for the Wii U finally.

Who knew that it wouldn't be Zelda, Sonic, or Pikmin that would drive sales over there, but instead a zany, minigame collection... go figure.

weekev151867d ago

Ive just made the same point on the other media create thread. Did not see that coming, great news for WiiU though.

Has there been some other bundle that has caused this? Surely its not just WiiPartyU. If it is....imagine what 3dworld is gonna do for it.

Ol_G1867d ago

it was just that bundle

Crillvirus811867d ago

That's great now lets see what Mario does to boast sales

leemass241867d ago

best buy and target have reported that they are sold out of wii u mario/luigi bundles itl be interesting to see the total sales for this week and next week.

Neonridr1867d ago

I think he was referring to Mario 3D World later this month, but those bundles you mentioned should do well to help boost sales too.

eagle211867d ago

Nintendo's on fire this week. :)

JackieCruise691867d ago

Ah, finally some good stuff. I'm kinda surprised it was Wii party U that seemed to boost the sales so much, but hey, even though it's not my thing, it's popular.
Now this, plus the SMBU+LU bundle being sold out in Target and Gamestop should be a great boost as well. :)
I hope to see similar results with SM3DW!

_QQ_1867d ago

similar? i expect great resulsts from 3D world.

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The story is too old to be commented.