CoD: Ghosts on Xbox One Has Frame Rate Issues And Is The Main Reason Not To Buy says Ex IGN Editor

Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts suffers from nasty frame rate issue, according to Jeremy Conrad.

Conrad further went on to add that FPS drops from 60 to 50 FPS and is reason to not buy it (PS the 720p game has worse drops)

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GarrusVakarian1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

If true then shocking considering it already runs at a lower frame rate 1280x720p as opposed to 1920x1080p. How could IW mess up so badly?


Yeah i heard even the PC version is suffering from framerate drops. Another stellar job on IW's part /s.

fluffydelusions1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Game is not very optimized on PC compared to previous versions so I'm not very shocked that both PS4/XB1 also suffer from this issue. Random FPS drops for no real reason.

Eonjay1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

My prediction - IW wants to move on from Call of Duty but Activision wont let them. So, they figure if they can botch it up enough, people will stop buying it and they don't have to make it anymore. I kid; but imagine how non-inspired the IW developers must feel.

cleft51379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

So many smoking guns, yet people will ignore them all. Well, hopefully this can just be attributed to it being a launch game for the console.

ravinash1379d ago

Are the people at IW the same people who were there back when the Modern warfare games had come out?

How is it that dispite hardly updating the engine, their having such problems.
I could unstand if hey were trying to push the graphics, but they are not.

mewhy321379d ago

It's amazing the amount of spin that I'm reading in these comments. Blaming the devs LOL. It's the same ol' argument that the PS3 camp used to use. Wow talk about a flip flop. At 720p the PS4 could run this little game at 120fps.

badz1491379d ago Show
Death1379d ago

The PC, PS4, and Xbox One allegedly have frame rate drops. From what the former editor states it is from 60 to 50 fps. Is it safe to assume the games goes from running at 60fps steadily down to 50fps? I can't see a 10fps drop being very noticable. Shadowfall isn't locked either. It has a range between 30 to 60fps. Why is this an issue then?

Deividas1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

This has nothing to do with hardware sunshine, this is a dev issue through and through. I play it on PC with my R9 280X which gets a steady 60fps without a drop on Ultra for Battlefield 4, but I get random drops to like 31-40 fps on COD? This is a dev issue. Its not just a console problem.

thehitman1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

@death framerate drops are very normal especially on pc because the stronger gpus that most people and I stress most, fall in the range that they can hit 60fps on max settings but its not sustainable. When you have frame drops from 60-50 its not a huge deal but it does cause screen tearing. Even being able to play at 80 fps and it drops to 60 or 70 causes tearing. That's why ppl use v sync to cap the fps. More fps is not better if its not stable. Now that people are caring more about fps they are seeing the normal issues with it. Those issues been around forever and nothing new all games that are demanding have them. Unless you have a gpu that gives you minimal performance at that rate it will never be stable. Those gpus cost 300-1k dollars and out price consoles themselves.

nirwanda1379d ago

This is what happens when a dev get forced into releasing.
Activision are going to learn the hard way when cod loses ground to its rivals.
If thet have another weak year it will get everyone talking an may damage the series for most of the next generation.

Boody-Bandit1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I don't think it's IW wanting to move on from COD since GHOST 2 has already been confirmed. That's 2 years away.

Maybe it's time Activision opens up the purse and invest in a newer engine for their top money making franchise.

black0o1379d ago

I saw this one coming ... and I was called sony fanboy for it, but now it all on the devs LoL

karma is a sweet thing for sure

Computersaysno1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

WORSE framerate dips on Xbox One at 720p than on PS4 at 1080p.

Dear god, it sounds like it needs to be sub HD on Xbox One to run properly.

At least if worse comes to worse they could shave off 10 percent resolution on PS4 and it'll run much smoother and hardly make much difference, if they do that to Xbox One it would be sub HD.

Autodidactdystopia1379d ago

Can confirm PC Version Is VERY stuttery, Am doing a playthrough for shits and giggles for my yt channel, Its not unplayable but the framerate really never leaves 60FPS but it Consistently has "Spikes" like milliseconds long that make the gameplay stuttery as hell.

Also theres a graphical glitch on the water in one of the levels.

The Loading videos cut out sound regularly and it takes you out of the experience completely as it stutters over and over whole seconds.

But one thing I will note about this game. JESUS the texture resolution is VERY HIGH, the shaders aren't that great but the texture resolution itself is up there with the crisis games. Way High.

Can still tell it was designed for consoles though.

Game is something like 40 gigs. There are low res things here but overall they did a nice job on texturing.

No doubt they would look 10X better on an actual nextgen engine.

Speaking of that. The tessellation in this game is pretty sweet too, the underwater scenes really stand out the geometry on some of the objects is just ridiculously detailed.

In conclusion the game sucks, its fun for about the first 3 hours, I have taken a break because I got bored of the mobs of enemies.

Story, 5
Gameplay 3
Graphics 4
Tesselation 9
Textures 10
Shaders 2

overall 4.5

JokesOnYou1379d ago

A rush job is a rush job. No way these devs put their best effort into next gen versions. Karma.

FITgamer1379d ago

We won't see the usual suspects commenting on this thread lol. I love Karma.

NatureOfLogic1379d ago

$500 for lower resolution(720p), and still having frame rate issues. Xbox One is just weak. Premium price for the worst next gen format. The worst COD version is the only next gen(Xbone) version running at 720p. That's just sad.

Angels37851379d ago

From the article: "Conrad further went on to add that FPS drops from 60 to 50 FPS and is reason to not buy it (PS the 720p game has worse drops)"

Looks like its much more noticeable on the xbox one version.....and at a lower resolution.

DragonKnight1379d ago

@Death: What does Killzone have to do with this article?



i wish treyarch would quit too, they have too much potential for other games. one of my favorite games from them years ago was spiderman 2. theyre better than this cod bs imo

gaffyh1379d ago

Georgeenoob where are you now?

Maddens Raiders1379d ago

Just imagine for one minute if Naughty Dog were making this this game simply for the ps4 and what it would look/play like. I know it's a total hypothetical, but damn this product is totally unacceptable for "next gen" systems. What a revelation this article is smh...

PhantomT14121379d ago


Those at IW who wanted to move on from Call of Duty went away and started Respawn to make Titanfall. The current Infinity Ward is just a shadow of its former self and is fully loyal to Activision.

starchild1379d ago

It runs like crap on all three systems. Just a very poorly engineered and poorly optimized game.

mikeslemonade1379d ago

That does it! I'm canceling my perorder right now and getting Killzone

mcstorm1379d ago

Are people not bored with playing modern warfare fps games now? Ive not been excited by cod or bf4 as its just the same as the last game but with shorter sp games. There are far better games out in the next few months imo so I hope people start to look at other IPs so we can stop getting this type of game every year.

keabrown791378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I wonder if things like this will start to become more common. I mean at this point you are making "in same cases" as many as 5 different versions of the same game - 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, WiiU. All of which have different development tools and tricks to get them to run well. I'd have to think this is going to mean that games will be tested for bugs less and more issues will slip through the cracks. Kind of scary if you think about it.

ChrisW1378d ago

With Jeremy Conrad making such comments, no wonder he's an "Ex-Editor" for IGN.

fenome1378d ago

The sad part is, they already confirmed one for next year and this one just "released".

Take your time guys and optimize like prime does, hey, that rhymes huh?

dexrei71378d ago

@ ravinash

The guys that were in IW when the first MW came out are the guys making TitanFall, they left a while back now

UltimateMaster1378d ago

And the bad news just keeps poring in.

F*** COD Ghost, I'm getting Killzone Shadow Fall.

UltimateMaster1378d ago

The game isn't optimized period.

hakeem09961378d ago

All the versions suffers from Framerate issues .It was previously confirmed that the PS4 and PC had the same issue .