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CoD: Ghosts on Xbox One Has Frame Rate Issues And Is The Main Reason Not To Buy says Ex IGN Editor

Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts suffers from nasty frame rate issue, according to Jeremy Conrad.

Conrad further went on to add that FPS drops from 60 to 50 FPS and is reason to not buy it (PS the 720p game has worse drops) (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Xbox One)

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Lukas_Japonicus  +   706d ago | Well said
If true then shocking considering it already runs at a lower frame rate 1280x720p as opposed to 1920x1080p. How could IW mess up so badly?


Yeah i heard even the PC version is suffering from framerate drops. Another stellar job on IW's part /s.
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fluffydelusions  +   706d ago
Game is not very optimized on PC compared to previous versions so I'm not very shocked that both PS4/XB1 also suffer from this issue. Random FPS drops for no real reason.
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Eonjay  +   706d ago
My prediction - IW wants to move on from Call of Duty but Activision wont let them. So, they figure if they can botch it up enough, people will stop buying it and they don't have to make it anymore. I kid; but imagine how non-inspired the IW developers must feel.
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cleft5  +   706d ago
So many smoking guns, yet people will ignore them all. Well, hopefully this can just be attributed to it being a launch game for the console.
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ravinash  +   706d ago
Are the people at IW the same people who were there back when the Modern warfare games had come out?

How is it that dispite hardly updating the engine, their having such problems.
I could unstand if hey were trying to push the graphics, but they are not.
mewhy32  +   706d ago
It's amazing the amount of spin that I'm reading in these comments. Blaming the devs LOL. It's the same ol' argument that the PS3 camp used to use. Wow talk about a flip flop. At 720p the PS4 could run this little game at 120fps.
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Death  +   706d ago
The PC, PS4, and Xbox One allegedly have frame rate drops. From what the former editor states it is from 60 to 50 fps. Is it safe to assume the games goes from running at 60fps steadily down to 50fps? I can't see a 10fps drop being very noticable. Shadowfall isn't locked either. It has a range between 30 to 60fps. Why is this an issue then?
Deividas  +   706d ago | Well said
This has nothing to do with hardware sunshine, this is a dev issue through and through. I play it on PC with my R9 280X which gets a steady 60fps without a drop on Ultra for Battlefield 4, but I get random drops to like 31-40 fps on COD? This is a dev issue. Its not just a console problem.
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thehitman  +   706d ago
@death framerate drops are very normal especially on pc because the stronger gpus that most people and I stress most, fall in the range that they can hit 60fps on max settings but its not sustainable. When you have frame drops from 60-50 its not a huge deal but it does cause screen tearing. Even being able to play at 80 fps and it drops to 60 or 70 causes tearing. That's why ppl use v sync to cap the fps. More fps is not better if its not stable. Now that people are caring more about fps they are seeing the normal issues with it. Those issues been around forever and nothing new all games that are demanding have them. Unless you have a gpu that gives you minimal performance at that rate it will never be stable. Those gpus cost 300-1k dollars and out price consoles themselves.
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nirwanda  +   706d ago
This is what happens when a dev get forced into releasing.
Activision are going to learn the hard way when cod loses ground to its rivals.
If thet have another weak year it will get everyone talking an may damage the series for most of the next generation.
Boody-Bandit  +   706d ago
I don't think it's IW wanting to move on from COD since GHOST 2 has already been confirmed. That's 2 years away.

Maybe it's time Activision opens up the purse and invest in a newer engine for their top money making franchise.
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black0o  +   706d ago
I saw this one coming ... and I was called sony fanboy for it, but now it all on the devs LoL

karma is a sweet thing for sure
Computersaysno  +   706d ago
WORSE framerate dips on Xbox One at 720p than on PS4 at 1080p.

Dear god, it sounds like it needs to be sub HD on Xbox One to run properly.

At least if worse comes to worse they could shave off 10 percent resolution on PS4 and it'll run much smoother and hardly make much difference, if they do that to Xbox One it would be sub HD.
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Autodidactdystopia  +   706d ago
Can confirm PC Version Is VERY stuttery, Am doing a playthrough for shits and giggles for my yt channel, Its not unplayable but the framerate really never leaves 60FPS but it Consistently has "Spikes" like milliseconds long that make the gameplay stuttery as hell.

Also theres a graphical glitch on the water in one of the levels.

The Loading videos cut out sound regularly and it takes you out of the experience completely as it stutters over and over whole seconds.

But one thing I will note about this game. JESUS the texture resolution is VERY HIGH, the shaders aren't that great but the texture resolution itself is up there with the crisis games. Way High.

Can still tell it was designed for consoles though.

Game is something like 40 gigs. There are low res things here but overall they did a nice job on texturing.

No doubt they would look 10X better on an actual nextgen engine.

Speaking of that. The tessellation in this game is pretty sweet too, the underwater scenes really stand out the geometry on some of the objects is just ridiculously detailed.

In conclusion the game sucks, its fun for about the first 3 hours, I have taken a break because I got bored of the mobs of enemies.

Story, 5
Gameplay 3
Graphics 4
Tesselation 9
Textures 10
Shaders 2

overall 4.5
JokesOnYou  +   706d ago
A rush job is a rush job. No way these devs put their best effort into next gen versions. Karma.
FITgamer  +   706d ago
We won't see the usual suspects commenting on this thread lol. I love Karma.
NatureOfLogic  +   706d ago
$500 for lower resolution(720p), and still having frame rate issues. Xbox One is just weak. Premium price for the worst next gen format. The worst COD version is the only next gen(Xbone) version running at 720p. That's just sad.
Angels3785  +   706d ago
From the article: "Conrad further went on to add that FPS drops from 60 to 50 FPS and is reason to not buy it (PS the 720p game has worse drops)"

Looks like its much more noticeable on the xbox one version.....and at a lower resolution.
DragonKnight  +   706d ago
@Death: What does Killzone have to do with this article?
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   706d ago

i wish treyarch would quit too, they have too much potential for other games. one of my favorite games from them years ago was spiderman 2. theyre better than this cod bs imo
gaffyh  +   706d ago
Georgeenoob where are you now?
Maddens Raiders  +   706d ago
Just imagine for one minute if Naughty Dog were making this this game simply for the ps4 and what it would look/play like. I know it's a total hypothetical, but damn this product is totally unacceptable for "next gen" systems. What a revelation this article is smh...
PhantomT1412  +   706d ago

Those at IW who wanted to move on from Call of Duty went away and started Respawn to make Titanfall. The current Infinity Ward is just a shadow of its former self and is fully loyal to Activision.
starchild  +   706d ago
It runs like crap on all three systems. Just a very poorly engineered and poorly optimized game.
mikeslemonade  +   705d ago
That does it! I'm canceling my perorder right now and getting Killzone
pixelsword  +   705d ago
@ Jokes


Good call:

mcstorm  +   705d ago
Are people not bored with playing modern warfare fps games now? Ive not been excited by cod or bf4 as its just the same as the last game but with shorter sp games. There are far better games out in the next few months imo so I hope people start to look at other IPs so we can stop getting this type of game every year.
keabrown79  +   705d ago
I wonder if things like this will start to become more common. I mean at this point you are making "in same cases" as many as 5 different versions of the same game - 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, WiiU. All of which have different development tools and tricks to get them to run well. I'd have to think this is going to mean that games will be tested for bugs less and more issues will slip through the cracks. Kind of scary if you think about it.
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ChrisW  +   705d ago
With Jeremy Conrad making such comments, no wonder he's an "Ex-Editor" for IGN.
fenome  +   705d ago
The sad part is, they already confirmed one for next year and this one just "released".


Take your time guys and optimize like prime does, hey, that rhymes huh?
dexrei7  +   705d ago
@ ravinash

The guys that were in IW when the first MW came out are the guys making TitanFall, they left a while back now
UltimateMaster  +   705d ago
And the bad news just keeps poring in.

F*** COD Ghost, I'm getting Killzone Shadow Fall.
UltimateMaster  +   705d ago
The game isn't optimized period.
hakeem0996  +   705d ago
All the versions suffers from Framerate issues .It was previously confirmed that the PS4 and PC had the same issue .
pyramidshead  +   706d ago
All I can say to this article is, wow.
tawak  +   706d ago
720p game has worse drops = we all know which is 720p. =D
ABizzel1  +   706d ago
That's what happens when you spread yourself to thin. Running on 6 platforms is challenge for anyone.
Eonjay  +   706d ago
LordMaim  +   706d ago
And yet Ubisoft managed a multi-platform multi-generational release with Assassin's Creed IV. Heck, they almost did it twice, until they realized they were competing with themselves with Watch_Dogs and delayed it.
azshorty2003  +   706d ago
Plus, you can only optimize an engine for so many years before your vision outpaces its capabilities.
PhantomT1412  +   706d ago
@Lord Maim

Frame-rate is less important in AC than in COD. I don't think that justifies Call of Duty Ghosts' "poor" performance though.
bjmartynhak  +   706d ago
With the money they have? Hire more people!

It is totally unacceptable that PCs with f** Titans can't play this game smoothly. And then the PS4, XB1...
Gosh, it is just a poor port from the 360!

I'm still buying the PS4 version though... the local co-op is still a nice one, specially with squads.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   706d ago
I bet all the Xbox fans bashing the PS4 for "not being powerful enough to handle CoD at 1080p 60fps" feel pretty silly now seeing that all platforms are suffering from this problem. I said it was a developer issue from the start, there's no way a game that looks that crappy would have problems maintaining 60fps on next gen consoles and PC.

Edit: Are current gen consoles experiencing this issue, or is it next gen and PC exclusive?
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tudors  +   706d ago
360 and PS3 are both fine apparently.
black0o  +   706d ago
^^ CoD was build on PS360 engine to began with, and they poorly ported to next-gen/PC
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   706d ago
Could the drop in fps be fixed with a patch tho?...need to know before I buy it.
black0o  +   706d ago
^^ some times a simple patch can fix it and sometimes no ""skyrim on ps3 for example""
2cents  +   706d ago
when it comes to consoles, all of these cross generation games are going to have problems on the xbox one especially.

Once we are past the ported games things will get much better. The new gen hasnt even started, yet people love to claim they know the outcomes already.
(Not you Lukas) I agree with what you say. I'ts just sad.

Im the least bit interested in these cookie cutter games. I want games that have been made for the platform. ie. Second Son, Shadowfall, Ryse, Sunset overdrive etc.

Not these mass market annual turds.
Considering they tried to make this game for 6 platforms concurrently, is impressive in its scope, but crap in its execution.
Visiblemarc  +   706d ago
It's just that people are speculating. You yourself are speculating, in predicting things will improve beyond cross generational titles.

What stands out for most, is just simply the power gap. Sure games will probably perform better when they don't spend time on older console versions, but it's also safe to assume the performance gap between consoles will carry over too. So if xb1 suddenly starts hitting improved resolutions, you can bet ps4 will have enough left over power for them to add features, and actually, that may widen the visual gap between them for people who claim resolution isn't noticeable.
LonDonE  +   706d ago
ryse was not made for next gen x1 from the ground up! it was originally a xbox 360 game for kinnect LMAO! hence why the game play reveal looked like a quick time event mash up! its in no way a game made ground up!
2cents  +   706d ago
I'm basing my comment of what I have seen with the games that are designed for the Xbox one, I've played Ryse and Forza and they look and feel like next gen games. Kinect sports felt like a next gen game.

Cod, bf4 assasins creed, etc are not next gen games. They are cross platform. This is where the problem lies, the games are ported to, not developed for.

When you look at the spec difference of the two generations there is no way that there won't be an increase in quality across the board. 512mb ram to 8gb ram
Tricore to 8core processor etc.

I'm not making up a pipe dream speculation. I'm making an educated prediction.

If your concerned that I'm trying to say the Xbox is going to be as powerful as the PS4, don't worry, I'm not. PS4 has a very comfortable journey ahead of it and will reamin the more powerful console when it comes to specs.


Yes it was a 360 original, but it was shifted to be developed solely for the X1, so technically it is a x1 game. All resources have been focused on getting the best from a single platform, that being the X1. I'm glad your laughing your ass off about this, it just proves to me that you are a fanboy. It's ok though, my enjoyment of Ryse is no way effected by your snobbery.
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bicfitness  +   706d ago
While the Xbox faithful were salivating at the last "PS4 Has CoD FPS Issues" article, the sensible among us knew that clearly the X1 version would suffer the same or worse fate. No way weaker, more complicated hardware would run that code more efficiently than a PS4 would.

I guess the faithful are back to chasing clouds and fapping over MisterXmedia's drivel for the time being.
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avengers1978  +   706d ago
There are problems with this game across all of the platforms. They just keep remaking the same crap the same way and they can't get it to run right... I won't be buying this COD
Dehnus  +   706d ago
So now both have frame rate issues as well? Well how much more proof do we need that this game runs on an old engine that basically is not at all optimized for either machine.

Oh well maybe now the fans of either platform will choose to "move on" from this series and check out the wonderfull experiences the consoles have to offer in other exclusive games! From Ryse to Killzone to Wonderfull 101 :). We do not need COD to have fun :).
-Superman-  +   706d ago
400 us dollars - 1080p and 60fps
500 us dollars - 720p and frame rate drop
Mosiac77  +   706d ago
you forgot to put frame rate issues on the PS4 also. Read the PS4 reviews.
GurlPleaseBye  +   705d ago
are you purposely looking for dumb **** to throw out there? Clearly both suffer from the same problems. Idiot...
Bathyj  +   706d ago | Funny
It's not IWs fault. MS demanded they put framerate issues in the Xbone version because ps4 has them. They're taking this console parity to far.
GuruMeditation  +   706d ago
They should have worked harder and made frame-stuttering a timed-exclusive.
thereapersson  +   706d ago
Hayabusa 117  +   705d ago
Best comment ever.
Mosiac77  +   706d ago
That's why he is an ex editor, because he is full of lies. What I just heard from my nephew who played the disc version at an event, said that it runs good. And that previous COD had worst frame issues than this one. So this guy is full of sh***T.
starchild  +   706d ago
I guess we'll see once Digital Foundry does their analysis and once the next gen console versions of the game are out.
IRON883  +   706d ago
Dear god xbone isn't even out yet and all these problems keep coming up! If even call of duty a heavy hitter for xbox can't get it right? Then how can there be hope for any other game or the system itself????
bomboclaat_gamer  +   706d ago
did you even read to see that the problems are on the ps4 as well

how is this xbox ones fault
people are so stupid
im sorry, but i had to say it
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   706d ago
doubt its the x1 man. its not a very demanding game for the hardware. i mean how could it be? looks the same as the 360 version to me with some fish or whatever
SilentNegotiator  +   706d ago
"Conrad further went on to add that FPS drops from 60 to 50 FPS and is reason to not buy it (PS the 720p game has worse drops)"

Wait...so the controversy (with ps4 version) was over a 60fps game dropping less than 10 frames?

Wow. Such pettiness.
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assdan  +   706d ago
Welp, looks like what I was saying about cod suffering from framerate issues on x1 was right...
Brazz  +   706d ago
to be fair... PS4 and PC version are having some FPS problems too... this is a problem of the game, not the console.
Shame on you IW
SilentNegotiator  +   706d ago
Shame on IW over 10 frames or less dropped in a 60fps game? Are you guys joking or just looking for the latest reason to hate COD?
PS4isKing_82  +   706d ago
But the xbone version is only 720p so shouldnt that version be easier to get to 60 fps?
djtek184  +   706d ago
They were too focus on the dog and ignored everything else. Hey at least the dog still maintains a steady 60 FPS.
mistertwoturbo  +   706d ago
Safe to say at this point, PC/PS4/X1 versions are having framerate drops.

Too bad for you Xbox fans who kept trying to act like it's an isolated issue for the PS4.
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MRMagoo123  +   706d ago
I as i was telling all the xboners yesterday not to get too excited about the ps4 having frame rate drops because i know a few ppl that review and they told me the xbone version is worse and at the same time looks far worse. They all look like idiots now lol especially GGJ ,KNWS,Belking,Corvusmd and morepowerofgreen
r1sh12  +   706d ago
interesting how a different news site site the 1080p game has the exact same frame drops :/

Me thinks its the game dev and not the hardware
showtimefolks  +   705d ago
MS scored the exclusive DLC a while back but forgot to tell Activision to not make the ps4 version better

seriously this system is suppose to be next gen,
Pogmathoin  +   705d ago
Terrible, just terrible... Runs like shit on X1, and on the superior PS4, runs like a little less shit..... But fanboys do not see it like that.... Lets just talk about X1 version, divert away from our precious PS4.....
Mr mcgoo.... That was some good trolling....bubble up!
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AO1JMM  +   705d ago
PS4 version is apparently having the same issues as well.
sweendog  +   705d ago
On a more important note. Is the fish A.I doing ok
TruthInsider  +   705d ago
So let me get this straight:

X360 = 720p @ 60

Xboner = 720p @ 50
Chrischi1988  +   705d ago
Wii U version runs smooth and that in Multiplayer, one on the gamepad and one on the TV, so the Wii U basically renders 2 screens at the same time. TV runs at native 880x720 and the gamepad at 852x480. Count that up, it is actually more than Xbox1, in Multiplayer.

But ok, thats just Pixeltalk, nothing about the other settings, which make a lot more, than most pixelman on here believe.
RumbleFish  +   705d ago
Whatzzz the buzzz??? I must admit that my CoD history began with CoD 4 and ended with CoD W@W, and I am far from praising anything what happened to the series since, but come on! The game has not released yet on the new consoles. BF4 Beta ran on my desktop struggeling to achieve stable 40 fps and now I have 60 fps allmost all the time.
When you are insecure if you want to buy the game on either platform, wait until it's released, read the media AFTER release, ask your friends who bought it and mak your decision.
It's not like we're junkies, are we?

And one further thing: It's CoD! It will be nothing to measure the new gen of consoles. It's not meant to intruduce the new gen. It's meant to be played MP like there was no tomorrow and it has it's crowd that is not even reading one single word on this site.

Don't get me wrong! I would love to see the crowd of gamers to be informed, being able to vote with their wallets, but it's not like this at this moment.
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tigertom53  +   705d ago
I head from lots of sources that the software is shit the game is shit, and has nothing to do with the xbox. even on the highest end pc it runs like shit.....
RumbleFish  +   705d ago
Ok, i didn't know that.
dennett316  +   705d ago
All versions of this game suffer from problems, it's poorly optimised no matter the system. There's no talent left in Infinity Ward, they're all off doing Titanfall. I'd suggest that CoD fans wait for that game on 360, PC and One.
As for PS4 owners like myself, we'll just have to make do with Killzone Shadowfall, which looks LEAGUES ahead of CoD already. Destiny also is one to look forward to.
eezo  +   706d ago
this is really shocking infinity ward really messed up this game completely on xbox one, they have a pretty good hardware at their hands but failed miserably to utilize its true potential and power, just look at Ryse and Forza 5 and compare it with CoD: ghosts
asyouburn  +   706d ago
Not only is it a launch game, but is a port. I'm sure the next cod, next November will be quite a bit more solid
eezo  +   706d ago
by that time don't you think, many cod fans might shift their loyalty to battlefield series?

its seems like Loss-Loss situation for Call of Duty
asyouburn  +   706d ago
Maybe, only time will tell. But in the grand scheme of things, dropping 10 frames to 50 isn't all that bad to me. I didn't buy call of duty this year, but with the ground work that has been laid I'm confident that the next one will be a bit more optimized
MRMagoo123  +   706d ago

I dont think ppl will move loyalty to BF, they arent the same kind of game, BF is about giant open wars, COD is about fast paced small fights, I will prob play both but i prefer BF because thats more my style but other ppl like the twitch shooters more.
sweendog  +   705d ago
Dropping 10fps isnt that bad? Screen tear nightmare. Most T.V's come in refresh rates that fit 60 and 30fps 120 480 600 etc. So if you have frame rate that isnt 30 or 60 it tears. Thats why KZ runs at 60 in SP but when things get taxing it jumps straight to 30. I think many will follow this technique. I used to have a 200hz tv for upstairs but swapped it for a 180 for that reason alone
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sigfredod  +   706d ago
Boom even at a lower resolution 720p the frame rate issue is present on the xbone, like the video show: http://youtu.be/teejnxOa9jg
GmIsOnPt360  +   706d ago
LOL where were you when everyone was bashing the ps4 frame rate issues? PC frame rate issues, now the xbox one version is unplayable because of it ? meh not buying it
sigfredod  +   706d ago
Thats why i post it, because yesterday when the post inform that some reviews report fps drops, you can check all the replys stating: 1080p by a price, or i will take locked 60fps over 1080p anyday, now even at lower resolution you have tha same issues
GraveLord  +   706d ago
Obviously. Whoever thought the Xbox One version would be better in any way is seriously delusional.

Get back to reality.
iceman06  +   705d ago
It was the usual XBDF out in full force. Yes they were delusional. Yes, they were told so. No, they didn't stop with the delusion!!! LOL
Walker  +   706d ago
Poor Xbone :( !
BobBelcher  +   706d ago
yes- Call of Duty isn't working right on the X1... oh no.
cleft5  +   706d ago
Considering how plain CoD looks, this is a significant indicator of a much larger issue. It's not like CoD has a ton of bells and whistles going off so they should be able to run this at a complete stable framerate no problem. But they can't do that. It's fine to get a next-gen console, but don't bury your head in the sand about the truth of the limitations and problems developers are encountering.
#4.1.1 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report
Dehnus  +   706d ago
All platforms seem to have framerate issues. So really lets just move on from that crappy franchise and to "greener pastures" that grace each console. Killzone, Forza, Wonderfull 101, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Driveclub, Project Spark,... the list goes on..

All very creative fun games to come, so lets finally put this blasted BroGamer crap game to rest:). Let COD DIE! So it can join the ancestors of a WW 2 Shooter that it once was :).
#4.1.2 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
Visiblemarc  +   706d ago

Ubisoft's Sylvain Trottier:

"And to be really honest, Sony fixed all the issues that could have been there on the console and right now I think it's up to us; like we have a perfect jewel in our hand. It's up to us to push the bar and make it shine."

IW is the cause of all the issues found on all the platforms they are found on. However the reason for 720 on Xb1 is lack of power but the reason for framerate drops on PS4, XB1 and PC have nothing to do with power, there are clearly bugs in their autosaves and in the way they coded the effects.
True_Samurai  +   706d ago
Poor all platforms
FrigidDARKNESS  +   706d ago
Its even worse on Steam.
Ketzicorn  +   706d ago
This game seems to just be crap period.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   706d ago
the main sinner when it comes to the frame drops is the DOF you have when you ADS.
its sad really. something simple as a blur filter and the mess it up.
looks like they are drawing the scene twice.

Shnooze  +   706d ago
Shame on you, Infinity Ward!
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_LarZen_  +   706d ago
Even the PS4 has frame rate issues in this game...google it.
#8 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(20) | Report | Reply
DrRobotnik  +   706d ago
Every version does. That's why I'm skipping this one. To many other and better FPS out there. Infinityward lost me after MW2. I'll stick with trearch and wait for BO3. Till then, battle field and kill zone will satisfy me.
#8.1 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tontontam0  +   706d ago
ps4 version is being bashed for a while now
xbox fans are saying "I rather play at 720p with smooth framerate than 1080p with choppy framerate"
something like that.

turns out xbox one version also have these issues.
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MRMagoo123  +   706d ago
"Even the PS4 has frame rate issues in this game...google it." yes thats the whole point, xboners where bagging the PS4 yesterday talking about how it cant run cod at 1080p and that the xbone version will be smooth and perfect cos its 720p, one xboner even went as far as to say Sony paid IW to make it 1080p even tho they knew the frame rate would be worse...............but it turns out the xbone version running at 720p actually looks worse and runs worse lol. I think you are just a bit late to the party.
VENOMACR1227   706d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
Niv  +   706d ago
Fps drops in multiplayer is a no no.

A sad day...
ambientFLIER  +   706d ago
Um, EVERY cod game has fps drops in multiplayer when there's a lot going on. Especially smoke grenades on COD4.
ufo8mycat  +   706d ago
Why optimise when people buy it anyway?
Why change the game at all when people buy it anyway?

Save $$ that way

Blame all goes on those stupid casual gamers who buy this game, which make up the majority of the sales.
svoulis  +   706d ago
This game proves that InfinityWard had been stretched too thin.

I am currently playing on PC. There is so much wrong with it

There is no FOV adjustment in it

Netcode makes it feel like you often die in one shot.

The FPS is terrible I mean sometime for no reason at all it dips to 20 FPS

When you use a sight with blur around it, it causes the game to lock up sometimes for a second or 2.

Just really bad...a few step back from Black Ops II
warczar  +   706d ago
They have been going backwards for awhile now. When the real infinity ward left to form respawn the innovation and talent went with it.
svoulis  +   706d ago
Ya, I just meant in terms of the PC port of it. I enjoyed Black Ops II very much. This so far has been a nightmare performance wise on a very expensive gaming PC.
Visiblemarc  +   706d ago
Woah, I didn't realize it was that bad. Yikes!
DoesUs  +   706d ago
Even at 720p? WOW! Where POG? Anyone seen him? LOL.
Supermax  +   706d ago
The problem is to be next gen you need a next gen game engine to run the game this is why ea gave us frostbite 3.iw stayed with a last gen engine on a next gen game that dosnt work at all it was a big mistake on there part and in turn activision is responsible as well.when you release a game every year that also is a problem I'm glad that bis oft is ending assassins creed there's way to many.who knows though ghost made a ton of money on launch day was on par with gt5.what do you guys think I stopped playing cod back on cod 2 on PC.
HastaLaVista  +   706d ago
Its launch games. The same problem exists on the other platform. Every generation which comes around the 1st batch of games are rushed to reach launch and graphics are poor compared to latet games. Its gonna happen. If ppl moan dont buy a next gen console, wait. Its to be expected considering hardware and software change to launch.
asyouburn  +   706d ago
No one seems to understand this simple point. Regardless of any platforms strengths or deficiencies, the will find ways to optimize their code on both systems. Launch games are launch games.
malakar  +   706d ago
People are acting as if this is new.COD as always been horribly not optimized on PS3 and decent on xbox. Its the same but the other way around. Now they can't do it right on xbox 1 and is decent on PS4. Anyway even if it sucks on PC modders still can patch the game to make it a bit better. Still, why the hell would I buy a copy pasted game.
HastaLaVista  +   706d ago
Ps4 has the same problem. Its old news
strickers  +   706d ago
But less severe. Did you read the comment??
flunkers  +   706d ago
Mines bigger than yours!!!
ELCUCO  +   706d ago
I'm sure Digital Foundry already has his Xboxone vs PS4 comparison video ready. Just waiting on the embargoed embargo to lift.
#17 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mhunterjr  +   706d ago
I'm sure we all can agree that COD:ghosts should not be used for any benchmarking. The game runs/looks like shit on all platforms, despite being technically in unimpressive in every sense of the word. There are so many reasons NOT to buy, regardless of what your console of choice is.

If people would stop handing ACTIVISION money, despite their insistence that IW regurgitate entries into this tired franchise instead of making a decent engine, this wouldn't be happening. I don't see how COD fans could endorse this kind of behavior.

I can't for the life of me understand why this game is getting more preorders than both BF4 and Killzone SF.
#18 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mep69  +   706d ago
This is what happens when you try to over use an old engine
Reaper9937  +   706d ago
I guess next gen isn't ready for fish AI yet...Oh how i dream of the day when a game can implement fish AI and run at a buttery smooth
XboxDone  +   706d ago
Who was honestly shocked? The XboxOne is weak hardware sold to the devout sheep at a premium price
Kuse  +   706d ago
All systems are affected, not just Xbox One...
XboxDone  +   706d ago
Yeah with xbox @720p. Garbage
strickers  +   706d ago
Again. Did you read comment? Worse on 720 p version
LogicStomper  +   705d ago
To all the non-believers and those that are just outright ignorant:




Using your logic, you may as well be PlaystationDone too cause it's also having problems for being such a powerful console. Oh, you might as well also be PC done cause it's having problems on PC. Well look at that, not going to be gaming anymore are you?

Seriously, what sort of mentality do you fanboys have?
#21.1.3 (Edited 705d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
TruthInsider  +   705d ago
For the millionth time, its less than half the pixels and has WORSE frame drops on Xbone!
Fishy Fingers  +   706d ago
Who'd of thought juggling so many platforms with a limited development cycle could lead to problems.
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   706d ago
id say delay it 3-4 weeks if that is the cause. can this be patched? i mean lets say its broken (unfinished)and cant be fixed what then?
tigertom53  +   705d ago
they should of spent another billion and another year of development as well as get a whole new game engine, maybe it would be fixed
XabiDaChosenOne  +   706d ago
Where all them X1 fans at from the PS4 article? But seriously this was expected if the PC and the PS4 version were suffering than the Xbox one was pretty much guarented to suffer the same fate. I was expecting this news to come out when the X1 version released but I guess fate wanted the Xbones to eat crow alot sooner than that.
KNWS  +   706d ago
Yet it was reported by IGN, Polygon, and others the only versions so far that had issues. Was the PS3/PS4 and PC.

X BOX 360 is fine according to those gaming outlets!
#23.1 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
XabiDaChosenOne  +   706d ago
Where in my comment did you see mention the Xbox 360?
deadfrag  +   706d ago
Played the 360 version all run smooth like the other Cod games.Go guess!
WeAreLegion  +   706d ago
I seriously doubt the frame rate on either version is so bad that it's unplayable.
asyouburn  +   706d ago
For real, right? I've played (and thoroughly enjoyed) many many many games that ran way less fps.
jackdaniels  +   706d ago
So some ex-editor (probably lost his job (and rightly so) for spreading fictitious rumours, spouts some more rubbish and you lot gobble it up without questioning the legitimacy of this article? good grief!
Death  +   706d ago
I'm with you there. Usually when someone is an "ex" anything they aren't the most reliable source of information. He went from editor at IGN to writer for Furious Fanboys. Not sure how much info he has that the rest of us don't have access to. What build is he basing his opinion on? According to his Linkdin profile he is a former Sony Customer Service Rep at Sony Online Entertainment and former IGN DVD editior. That doesn't instill much confidence as far as his access to anything relevant is. Also makes him appear a little bit biased. Funny how those little details were left out. I wonder why?
tiremfej  +   705d ago
Thank you for bringing sense into this debate. Or hullabaloo, whatever you want to call it. This guy is the only one saying it. I'll prefer to let the professionals handle it.
Loki86  +   706d ago
This guy, wow does he have an agenda against MS, Conrad give it a rest.
Ko_Uraki  +   706d ago
I follow him on Twitter. Every day he has only bad words for Microsoft. Not interested in what he says anymore
#27 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
KNWS  +   706d ago
Why do people listen to this guy? He clearly is anti-Microsoft. I've never seen a positive comment about the xb1 yet from him. If he was guy who never took sides, I'd be more willing to listen to him.

Anyways Cod ghosts is dropping frames like crazy on the 1080p versions-PS4 and PC

So it not an issue with the xb1, Cod is just badly optimised and rubbish.
BigShotSmoov007  +   706d ago
This is the main reason why I'm skipping this game. IW not only is just rushing a game out just to be on next gen, they are trying to get is hype about an inferior product on both systems. I don't get how a game you got to run 1080p 60fps has serious frame rate drops when I'm sure it has enough power and memory to handle the game. Even a game that's running and lower res isn't having frame rate drops? That's just unacceptable and lazy on IW part.
InTheLab  +   706d ago
Ok so this company makes Billions off the games and their insanely overpriced dlc and where is that money going? It damn sure isn't being funneled back into the game for improvements..
asyouburn  +   706d ago
Well, when you launch a 60fps multiplayer shooter across 6 platforms, be sure to come back here and comment so we know how smooth it went. Thanks
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