Wii Sports Club Launches Tomorrow with Free 24-hour Trial | Watch Iwata Play Online

Begin your warm up routine in preparation for a new round of competitive action as Wii Sports Club – presenting remastered sports from the original Wii Sports – releases exclusively on Nintendo eShop, for Wii U tomorrow, November 7th, with the sports Tennis and Bowling available from launch.

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link2Dpast1837d ago

Can't believe I'm saying this but sort of excited for this. I mean when the Wii came out I was hooked on these game bowling, the tennis ect... the WiiU has been so scarce with games that I'll probably pick this up. The time can't pass fast enough. Pateince is the game when it comes to Nintendo

mcstorm1837d ago

I have to disagree about the wiiu being scarce with games since September I have bought pikmin 3, splinter cell, wonderful101, winwaker HD, Wii party U and sonic lost world. But a I'm kind of excited about this too as it would off been nice to have Wii sports online as it was fun playing Kinect sports online.

link2Dpast1836d ago

There are games but I'm basing it on my n opinion , I did get Wwaker HD and it is gorgeous but just not interested in many games. Wonderful 101 wasent bad but just not my type, it was like if i was playing seizure. And pikmin looks beautiful but not everyone has the same interest. The games that are being discussed and are coming out in the future are what I'm looking forward to.

DarthZoolu1837d ago

Nintendo only cares about easy money. Lets make cheap easy games for casuals. Wind Waker HD? Whats up with remakes? I can still find the old WindWaker for like $8 why and a gamecude or wii for like $30. Plus all nintendo games are linear and have zero replay value IMO. The only game they should remake is SSB Melee ONLINE! I am fine with the kid games, but Metriod and Zelda need to be games made for (in Nintendo's own words) "skilled players". Competition makes eveeything better. Nintendos cconstant claims of not competing with MS and Sony show that they don't care about getting better or making Record shattering software. Nintendo has no ambition they are stale and complacent with their hardware and software.

link2Dpast1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

That's just the biggest cop out people say who are not fans of Nintendo use"make games for casuals". There are people who play chess and there are people who play sports, don't make them Any different just have a differrnt interest. Nintendo has to do a little of everything, not everyone wants to play Games with kids cursing online blazing guns left and right now that sucks. And there is no competition like I always say if people think logically then there won't be all this BS. There no such thing as console wars there no competing, is lts all made up threw the media, all these companies make plenty of many and could care less about what you say and we all say. Nintendo is the mountain top of gaming, the Chuck norris of gaming, the Damn Holy grail of gaming, the freaking Disney of gaming. They don't compete with no one but them selves. The only day there would be a console war is of Nintendo ever went 3rd party then gaming would go bat sh×t crazy, because the other Companies would fight over nintendos assets., many people complain bit nintendos libraries of games are down right biblical, the manifesto of gaming. That day will never come because Nintendo just out lasts and gaming industry needs them, gaming survives because it feeds of the success of Nintendo not Sony or Microsoft

O yea and Windwaker HD was perfection for it being an HD remake. now that is the new band Wagon of ssying Nintendo just makes remakes now. Open your eyes and wake up, Nintendo schooled and showed what an HD remake should be.

1837d ago
bobsmith1837d ago

will it work with non motion pluss wiimote

Rockefellow1837d ago

It wasn't made to use Motion Plus. This is just an HD port of the original game.

Rockefellow1836d ago

I just got finished downloading it. I didn't know they improved the controls for Wii Motion Plus, so my apologies for saying otherwise. The only updates I had read about included the "club" aspect and online multiplayer.

This is actually awesome news, because the original non-Plus controlled ones inspired my friends to do little more than sit on the couch and shake their wrists.

TripC501837d ago

Idk. But it was made for the motion plus just like Resort and it's not just a port, it also has Online Multiplayer and extra mini games.

andrewer1837d ago

haha seeing iwata playing it is funny, I mean, he really enjoys it

jubilijordan1837d ago

@DarthZoolu- Nintendo only cares about easy money? What the hell are you talking about? Nintendo. A company that has everything to loose because they only make games and hardware has thought outside the box more times than Microshit and Phony combined. If they only wanted easy money then Mario 3d world would become annualized along with other Nintendo Ip just like the 7th iteration of C.O.D that you probably bought this gen.

TheEvilWithin1837d ago

Totally agree with you! GOD FORBID they think about selling products that everyone can use. I'm going to use the free trial. Iwata hinted at this becoming an actual retail copy. Would LOVE to own an HD,ONLINE version of Wii Sports so I can add it to my collection.

AWBrawler1837d ago

its not on the shop yet

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