Rockstar To Pirates: "It's Difficult."

WhatIfGaming writes: "We were waiting and waiting on a reply from Rockstar Games in relation to the recent PAL and NTSC leaks of the GTA IV, and finally we have an answer."

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Fishy Fingers3883d ago

Whats wrong with people. You'd think GTA was the first game put on torrent.

gamesR4fun3883d ago

ya pirates are dl'ing the game for their modded 360's but it will still sell in the millions...

Fishy Fingers3883d ago

Thats not my point. EVERY game of any quality is available on torrent before you know it. Why do we have to publicize GTA so much?

I personally don't care about sales, but if you do, these stories just advertise the torrent and that has probably resulted in them lossing more sales.

UnasFortuna3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

FishyFingers: ... it isn't just GTA that is getting attention for pirating. That is a dimmed view of the problem as a whole. GTA is getting current publicity because it is a huge title that wasn't even released yet and a copy was available on the net. This is a Global problem that will in the end affect everyone. The countries that safe-harbour these websites due to lack of governmental regulations should be ashamed. Oh, and that little regulation everyone was so behind after 9-11 that allows the government to spy on every little communication there is should be exploited to enforce our country's regulations regarding this matter which is fines and jail time. It is a simple matter for ISP's to log who accesses certain illegal websites... and this matter is not covered as any freedom in the constitution. They monitor child porn websites.... why not this. People keep breaking the law to a certain extent and think that there will be no repercussions... keep on doing it.... the government always steps in to restrict us when the corporations start complaining enough.

Time Lord3883d ago

should be shot by the firing squad.

Fishy Fingers3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

You take things far to personal. It doesnt need to get that deep. People steal games, movies, music etc, yes it's wrong but there are bigger things going on in the world. Things that might actually effect you.

Maybe its wrong of me, but personally, I couldn't give two hoots about the developer losing some money, they should have made coping the games more difficult in the first place, its not like they didn't know the problem existed.
Im sure the top brass at R* hardly mind when they're driving home to their mansions in their Farrari's.

3883d ago
UnasFortuna3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Oh that's convenient Fishy.... yes what is wrong with stealing a game here or there when there are people dying over oil and the country harbouring all that oil isn't paying a cent to defend it. That is the beauty of logic... you can twist it to justify anything in your mind. Could care less if you download the game, movies, etc... but it is wrong and you are wrong trying to say it doesn't affect us who actually pay for the game. We are the ones who will in the end have to pay higher prices. And you know as well as I do that it is virtually impossible to copy protect a game, movie, etc forever. Everything is hackable with current tech. And by the way, I didn't get my Porsche by stealing it.

theKiller3883d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

ps3 is not hacked yet, but with the 360 already hacked some years ago i think many people will download it, were ps3 owners will have to buy it,i was reading an article today about how pirating games can massively damage the industry but also the original game r expansive, especially for the not rich countries! well i think now developers will focus more on ps3 since it hasnt been hacked yet!
i think this game deserves every cent spent on it, but i will never buy a game in this gen that is less than 10GB in size, maybe GTA4 is the only exception!


i didnt know it was on torrents until i saw it here, well if i had a 360 i would really hold on buying the game and see if the torrent one is perfect or not! its always nice to have free games no??

Lotto3882d ago

So Time Lord I should be killed because I downloaded fallout 1 (11 years old) Today? Isnt that a litte harsh ?

Violater3882d ago

Fishy Fingers, you obviously have no comprehension of the Take Two financial situation. Yes piracy is rampant...

edit: never mind opinions mean nothing on this site.

Fishy Fingers3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

No, I get what you and others are saying, but I'll put my financial situation before R*'s, a company offered 2 billion only to turn it down. Yeah I can see why me not being sympathetic is being frowned upon.

I'm actually buying the PS3 version, and are not even considering DL'ing it, I've got MGO tomorrow so I dont mind the wait. But I really think some people really are blowing this out of proportion, I don't remember people getting upset about Halo 3 being on torrent, or Gears, or any other 360 game.

ravenguard883882d ago

I has been ages since I've read something as ignorant as "I won't buy any games this generation that are under 10GB" considering 95%+ of the games that are out/will be out this generation--not to mention most of the good games--tend to take less than 10GB of space.

theKiller3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

let me tell u something before calling what i said arrogant, the last time i bought a game was several years ago, i think it was onimusha 2, so am not hardcore gamer, and i think 60-70 Euro per game is f**king expansive for a game that will last some hours of game play(with the exception of GTA4) and when i finish a game i never play it again even metal gear sold thats the type of person i am, so if i am going after many years to buy a game it better be a game that is FULL of data!! DVDs dont work on me, i can get these games on PC on torrents, but if the game was so big and worth of days of non-stop gameplay then it is worth my money, GTA4 is bigger than GTA san andreas only in 2GB?? what the hell am i paying for?? i dont work yet and still a student i get enough money for living from my parents!
before telling people how arrogant they r think of all type of people that exist on this planet! i think i will wait for PC version of GTA4 to come and get it from torrents since its a small game!!

"considering 95%+ of the games that are out/will be out this generation--not to mention most of the good games--tend to take less than 10GB of space."

well for u to know i didnt buy any of these 95+% games!!

yesah3882d ago

They shouldn't worry to much, I'm sure many people will wanna buy this one.

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RandalCG3883d ago

But there's like 18k leechers of it, and probably more by now. It's a little over excessive.

dsolomon8183883d ago

I can't even comprehend that many people having modded 360's. Thats a huge number. Conservative estimate of 36,000 people downloading, and no way to play without mod chip... daaaaaaammmnnn

TrenchaunT3882d ago

I really doubt that there's that many modded 360s, too. I bet a lot of people are downloading it just because they can (because they are, like all of us, waiting impatiently for the release date). Others are probably downloading it not realizing that they need a modded 360 to use it. In the world of computers, you can always expect plenty of n00bs.

dsolomon8183883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

1,079,100 dollars = 18,000 X 59.95...... thats a lotta dimp

Expy3883d ago

Try like * 49.99 or something around that, for licensing fees and stocking fees, etc.

dsolomon8183883d ago

I'm talking total revenue lost, game stores r* etc

gamesR4fun3883d ago

thats just one tracker m8 there are hundreds sharing the game right now...

Expy3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

"It's difficult"... That's right.... And guess who you're making downloadable content for? The same people who are ripping you off right now. Sad world isn't it?

Sad how the 360 game gets leaked so fast, and onto Torrents no less, so much earlier than expect, we're practically a week away from the street date.

crunchie1013883d ago

no, modders get banned from Xbox Live, so they won't be able to download the additional content.

UnasFortuna3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I find it amazing that anyone who loves games could do this to the developers who put so much time and money into making a piece of art that brings enjoyment (usually) to so many fans. I have read on many sites how some allegedly admitted downloaders rationalize their stance on downloading the game... some from just being cheap and wanting to steal a copy to some who actually try to rationalize it by stating that the game companies charge too much and are still making a fortune. How much money they make off a game is of no consequence to us for they are putting a lot of effort into these projects and they cost millions to produce and some take years to develop. People are free to do as they do as they always will... but this is a portion of society that I just cannot understand. And before you start griping ... no I have never copied a song, movie, etc that I have paid for the actual medium it is on and given it to others. Such items are for my home alone as they should be. Granted ... it is very tempting to just cop a copy of something without paying for it... but it is wrong. What if you were a programmer and worked a year on developing a game.... and right before release a copy was stolen from you somehow and spread like a virus over the internet. How pissed would you be? MS and Sony need to get off their butts and try to find a way to detect these copied games and modded consoles and shut them down.