New Killzone: Shadow Fall build shows improved character models

Killzone Shadow Fall has gone gold for quite a while now. We have also gotten our hands on a ultra quality multiplayer footage from the game that not only looked stunning, it also seemed to be running at 60 fps. Now it seems like the character models have also gotten an upgrade over the original unveil back at PlayStation Meeting Conference in February.

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GarrusVakarian1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Nice, the Helghast outfit looks more detailed and clear.

GW2121835d ago

Killzone launch bundle arriving at my front door on 11/15.

Bought a new 27" Asus monitor.

By coincidence I have a two week break before starting a new job on 12/1.

I'll say it again, can someone be my Butters and freeze me for 9 days?

GW2121835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

@NewMonday - I could be your Butters if you'd like. I don't really have any cryogenic experience per se but I could give it a shot. My freezer is pretty nice.

NewMonday1835d ago

I wouldn't fit in it, it would have to be a meat locker.

abzdine1835d ago

while x1 games quality goes backwards since E3, PS4 shows improvements.
glad i've chosen the darkside!

mewhy321835d ago

This game looks amazing. Not having to worry about parity certainly is showing here.

GW2121835d ago

@mewhy32 - It would appear we aren't having to worry about parity elsewhere either ;)

sobekflakmonkey1835d ago


I just bought a new 50 inch Sony Bravia, and I don't work during the winter due to the fact that my job doesn't permit it, soo uhh yeah...midnight launch...HERE I COME!

GW2121835d ago

@sobekflakmonkey - that's awesome. I have a 50" Panasonic plasma that I bought a few months back. I was all excited to have that bad boy ready for the PS4 but then I read an article that my model (ST60) has terrible input lag.

After telling myself repeatedly that's the reason why my quick-twitch skills had deteriorated (and not my advancing age or declining eyesight, I hope), I decided to grab a very nice monitor with low input lag to make sure that didn't happen. Ended up getting the Asus MX279H to put in my home office. Needless to say, not much work will be getting done in said office for quite some time.

You won't have to worry about lag with that Bravia though as they are very good when it comes to that. That'll be a lot of fun. Enjoy and just remember to get some sunlight once in a while.

Autodidactdystopia1835d ago

Im not even gonna act like I can tell a difference besides the Lighting on the face as well as color grading.

Both of them look good, but the last screenshot is confusing me Which is which?

mp12891835d ago

killzone has gone gold for a while, in the meantime other developers (cod) are struggling to get their act together before the launch date

ambientFLIER1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

abzdine + 4h ago Bubble vote added
"while x1 games quality goes backwards since E3, PS4 shows improvements.
glad i've chosen the darkside!"

Wow, even though Ryse looks better and better every time they show it, and Forza 5 keeps getting glowing reviews from those that are playing the latest build, apparently X1 games are getting WORSE through development. Ok, troll...

Cernunnos1835d ago


They pretty much halved the polys in the character models for Ryse a little while back, and lately it was confirmed 30fps and less then 900p, so I dont know...

UltimateMaster1834d ago

PS4 games. Each time a news comes out, the games continues to look better than before.
Xbox One games news means some kind of downgrade, every time.
If people aren't cancelling their X1 pre-orders, they're crazier than I am.

Khajiit861834d ago

I got the 14th-20th on this month off. Oh yeah and I get paid. Gotta love ps4 vacation time.

ambientFLIER1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

"They pretty much halved the polys in the character models for Ryse a little while back, and lately it was confirmed 30fps and less then 900p, so I dont know...

Um, they went from 150,000 simple polygons to 85,000 polygons with much more detail on them, which made the game look BETTER. There are many comparisons proving that fact. And since when is Ryse BELOW 900P??? And when did they ever say it was going to be 60fps??

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IRON883 1835d ago

Looks really good man don't know if I'll be able to pick it up cash is tight got ghosts and bf4 and the ps4 and low on funds :(

GarrusVakarian1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I would replace CoD with KZ ;)

BABY-JEDI1834d ago

I would also replace Ghost with Killzone all the way.

THC CELL1835d ago

they done same with old killzone

Enemy1835d ago

Unless you meant something else, I'm not sure why you got disagrees. It's true that Killzone 2 and 3 looked more and more improved each time they had new footage.

RevXM1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

One aspect of Kz3 IMO changed for the worse.
Early in engine shots had more KZ2-ish colours and lighting which I fancy a lot more than the cartoonish contrasty Kz3 look. Hope it just isnt me though.

Cant deny that Shadow fall looks sweeter than ever now though.
These new screens are promising.

Whenever I pick up a ps4, SF will be the game Im getting first.
Id like to get it at launch but Im not joining the boat atleast until any solid official statements are made regarding the ps4's media features. Yoshida better make it happen or I might be on the fence for a while. Fingers crossed!

Maddens Raiders1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

RevXM - I always hear this low drone of some ppl saying that KZ3 doesn't look good or is "worse" in some regard. Let me tell you - I still play the hell out of this game with a group on my PSN and it still looks oh so good man. C'mon stop hating on Kizzy 3! It's just as fun today as it was in 2011.

Just saying...

RevXM1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )


Not hating Kz3, was rushed made some mistakes. It is a really good game, but no one in their right mind can say it is a better game overall compared to Kz2.

And Kz2 lighting is better to me, that is all I said.

Regarding Kz3 gameplay I loved the brutal melee, sliding and overall better mobility being able to fluidily slide to vault and run over cover for example feels satisfying.

Kz SF improves a mile in this regard saw some gameplay and you really can jump to grab a ledge or anything like that and climb anything that looks like you should be able to climb.
The player jumped and grabbed on to the side of some stairs, to one of the steps and just pulled up... FREAKIN STAIRS!

webeblazing1834d ago

they wiil disagree with anything that seems negative towards ps even if theyre not sure lol

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BABY-JEDI1834d ago

Sort of. They reworked the lighting filters on KZ 2 & 3. However, character models/skins here seem to have been improved.

DoomeDx1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

What exacly is ''improved''?

All I am seeing is different lighting. Maybe I should see this on my computer instead of my phone..

SpitFireAce851835d ago

You need at least a 40in display to see the
difference kind of like 720p and 1080P...s/

Godhimself_In_3d1835d ago

If you have under a 50 inch shoot your self.

Utalkin2me1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )


Ideal situation for gaming is to have nothing larger then a 30", ideally a 24-27". And sit close to it.

Now movies that's a different story.

elhebbo161834d ago

because pass 40 inches you start getting slower reaction times and input lag. thats why monitors are best for gaming.

Utalkin2me1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )


Well past 30" the refresh takes a big hit. Anything lower 30" i can see everything on screen without looking around the screen, just look dead center.

Of course you're not going to post why playing on a big screen is better, you just assume it is. Another videophile thinks he knows something.

Here lets do this you play on your 50" and i will play on my 27", best to 10. Then we can post results here. I have a 120", 65", 40", 27", and by far it is better to game close on my 27" plain and simple.

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Xsilver1835d ago

are you serious you don't see a difference :/

MasterCornholio1835d ago

Look at the background. That to me is the most noticeable difference.

DoomeDx1835d ago

Where did I say I dont see a difference?

I just dont see an improvement.

Visiblemarc1835d ago

Thanks for the link. Though I too saw a difference but but not a improvement on my phone, your link made the comparison easier in landscape. Night and day. New build = better.

IRON883 1835d ago

Man the second pic makes the helgast look so real and scary!!!!

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abzdine1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

yeah maybe it's time you upgrade from that Nokia 3210.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1835d ago

i personally like the old version better when he gets out of camo and then his eyes start to illuminate and lighten up and give off that burning ember glow around the face it gave a more cool badass dramatic effect. kinda like the before suit better also but thats what i like personally.

thehitman1835d ago

I actually got to agree the ember glow makes him look more badass but the new build it just looks more real life. This is where I think games try to approach realism that the artistic parts of games are diminished and doesnt look as great. The new helghast looks scary real like somebody is doing a cosplay costume. The other you can tell its a game. Which is better is all subjective I think both look amazing.

wishingW3L1835d ago

don't you guys think that when trying to be stealthily that the glowing eyes would be disadvantageous? Well, GG finally did something about it!

isarai1834d ago

well if you watch the actual video, the eyes do com one just like before, just a bit later

FPSRUSSIA1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

greatness awaits in Killzone: Shadow Fall