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Hitman Reborn, Beelzebub Confirmed in J-Stars Victory VS

Tsunayoshi Sawada (Reborn!) amd Tatsumi Oga (Beelzebub) join the game. (J-Stars Victory Vs, PS Vita, PS3)

tayz  +   447d ago
pure freaking awesome!!!
Cloudberry  +   447d ago
I hope Hilda would be next Beelzebub character.
Hilda >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >> Kunieda.
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Baka-akaB  +   447d ago
Not convinced much by the game's gameplay yet ... but between Hunter X Hunter , YuYu Hakusho and Hitman reborn chars ? I'm forced to buy it lol .

All that's missing for my nerdgasm are some D grayman .
jonatan221  +   447d ago
yes they have reborn! I need this now!
Nereo  +   447d ago
YES Tsunayoshi was a must have.
thejigisup  +   447d ago
Oga confirmed! I'm feeling like the guys who are doing this are truly genius. So far everything seems so right. I haven't been this excited for a character roster since SSBB!
noxeven  +   447d ago
Oga yes ^^. Just gotta import this if we don't get it state side.
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Kanako  +   447d ago
OMG, they also have Kagura and Sadaharu, YES!
vergilxx3  +   445d ago
waiting for yoh asakura but goku?? for real??
its all over guys...

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