The Death & Rebirth of Social Gaming

How online killed local multiplayer, and why we need it back.

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pricklypete3859d ago

This weekend actually I had a buddy over. And the only games we could play were Warhawk, COD4 - (just the 2 of us) and wii games.

He was like... meh, no wii

I'm still waiting as i bet many are for the Splitscreen MP Epic promised for UT3.

And Why can't COD4 be split screen online multi like warhawk?

And then the news that there is NO splitscreen in GTA. Blech. The online sounds awesome but

Why can't they just slap in the Split screen modes!?

CurlUpAndDie3859d ago

there's been only a couple games such as GoW and CoD3 that can do online LIVE multiplayer splitscreen. which really sucks because I think it's alot of fun when you got your hommies right there next to you, kickin some but on LIVE. hopefully things will change, if not, then I'm already used to it :(

BrotherNick3859d ago

I just want more splitscreen 4 player multiplayer.