Oblivion Celebrity Look-Alikes

A user by the name of Chimera has edited the faces of characters in Oblivion to create celebrity look-alikes. He has done everything from Catwoman to the Stargate SG-1 Team.

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yesah3765d ago

what the hell, if someone posted an article every time a new oblivion mod came out....

TheIneffableBob3765d ago

Yup, TES IV's face generation is still terrible.

ParaDise_LosT3765d ago

Lmao, the third pic looks like my sis, albiet alot older.


Lucreto3765d ago

I didn't know there was a Stargate mod. I must have it.

dxmnecro3765d ago

There is no stargate mod sadly. Chimera makes these celebrities just for the fun of it. None of them are for any particular mod.

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