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Submitted by Festano 752d ago | news

Ready at Dawn: PS4 more powerful than most computers

Ready at Dawn developer is mostly known for its previous work on the PlayStation Portable, where they released games like God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, although their last released game is God of War. (PS4, Ready At Dawn, The Order: 1886)

Alexious  +   752d ago
Well, considering many computers aren't really used for high-end gaming, they might be correct.
decrypt  +   752d ago
Well my Grand Pa has a net book, that passes of as a computer too :P forget the PS4 even the PS2 is more capable compared to that thing.

On another note anyone half serious about PC gaming could get a 200usd GPU that will easily outperform the PS4.

Anything such as the following:

R9 270X would far surpass the PS4. This GPU comes packed with 2.7 Teraflops. I would think it can easily handle games like BF4 in 1080p perhaps even 1600p. PS4 is no where near that level of performance.

On another note think just 1 year down the line, PS4 is a static system. Meanwhile PC power doubles every 12-18 months. Meaning more for your money. No way the PS4 can compete.
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I_am_Batman  +   752d ago
You can't play a game on the GPU alone though. Add the other parts.

Hard drive
Blu-Ray drive
PC Case
Operating system
Mouse and Keyboard.

Look at the price again.
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decrypt  +   752d ago
Price would still be in the neighborhood of the consoles after you all all that up.

Later look at the hidden costs of consoles:

Pay to go online (reoccurring cost),
Pay more per game (reoccuring cost usually 10-20usd per game),
No discounts as seen on GMG or Steam,
No BC,
No mods in favor of DLC,
Higher maintenance costs(console fails must throw entire box get replacement, PC part fails just replace the part),
No user choice aka no MP3 DLNA always at console makers mercy for what they think is right.
Expensive accessories,
List goes on.

Consoles have too many hidden costs. Once you add those up, you get the idea.

A platform backed by corporations looking to make profit will never be cheaper than an open platform.

Edit: Most of the costs you refer to for the PC are one time costs, 1 of my rigs is sporting x58 motherboard a I7 920 CPU from 2008. That setup only requires a GPU upgrade to beat PS4. PC gamers dont need to change Casings, DVD drives, HDs, Operating systems, Mouse keyboard whenever they do upgrade. These parts are used for many many years.
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Grap  +   752d ago
Blu-Ray drive who use that? lol
Magicite  +   752d ago
GPU alone isnt enough.
kwyjibo  +   752d ago
If you're talking about price, the GPU is enough.

Everyone needs a PC for work, the only thing you need to turn that into a PC for play is the GPU.
mewhy32  +   752d ago
Well I don't know about being more powerful that most computers but it is certainly at least 50% more powerful than the xbone. Comparing a 399.99 console to a 1200.00 gaming PC isn't really fair. But comparing console to console is. That being said, comparing the resolution of the games, specs, and multiple developer interviews very clearly demonstrates that the PS4 is much much more powerful than the bone and costs 100.00 less. Who in their right mind would want to give 100.00 more for less?
OsirisBlack  +   752d ago

Please stop using the same copy and paste answer to defend PC on every article. I myself happen to be a pc gamer but there are a few points in your C&P that are just blatantly wrong.

Pay to go online, Yes PS4 has their own service but they give you "Free" Games with said service. It pays for it's self over time. Also I have to pay every time I decide to go online seeing as comcast wont let me slide on my bill.

Maintenance is much higher on my PC than it is on any console I have ever owned. My 20+ year old NES still works as does my Genesis,Snes,Dreamcast hell the list goes on when taken care of they just about never die. X box 360 was an anomaly and may be the worst hardware launch in the history of ever. However if I want my PC to stay relevant I have to drop at least $500usd every few years because of the constant E peen race between Nvidia and Radeon.

Expensive accessories goes both ways but that's a given. You can get a cheap pair of headphones for the pc for $20 or you could get a pair that are actually good and pay around $100 or more.

I understand that a legit "GAMING" PC will "ALWAYS" be better than any console but they still have their merits.

Last thing

If you just look at the pre order numbers for games(Take Cod or BF4)then it is obvious to see exactly how much consoles actually rule the market and that PC while superior in many ways are the minority.
Pintheshadows  +   752d ago
'If you're talking about price, the GPU is enough.

Everyone needs a PC for work, the only thing you need to turn that into a PC for play is the GPU.'

I just started headbutting the wall next to me. If you really think that kwyjibo you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Do you honestly not consider a CPU able to handle the card and RAM important either?
worldwidegaming  +   752d ago
Most computers? You mean and work,and for school!
PC gamers upgrade their rig.
The casuals and people without funds just use what they got.
TekoIie  +   752d ago

"Pay to go online, Yes PS4 has their own service but they give you "Free" Games with said service. It pays for it's self over time. Also I have to pay every time I decide to go online seeing as comcast wont let me slide on my bill."

It's a great deal but your misusing the word "free". Stop paying and see what happens.

"However if I want my PC to stay relevant I have to drop at least $500usd every few years because of the constant E peen race between Nvidia and Radeon."

No you don't. Just buy a GTX 760 which hasn't even been available for even 6 months yet. You don't need to go big every time y'know -_-

"If you just look at the pre order numbers for games(Take Cod or BF4)then it is obvious to see exactly how much consoles actually rule the market and that PC while superior in many ways are the minority."

Yes but there's a difference between sales and revenue. Read this and you'll see what I'm talking about:

Overall the PC is the platform where the money is currently ;)
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black0o  +   752d ago
Dear decrypt I feel sry for U ... u act as the next gen console are worthless yet I find u on every news crying about how PC vs console

is that a little pathetic
Somebody  +   752d ago
@ I_am_Batman

If you're buying a new PC or upgrading from a very ancient one thus requiring a big overhaul then, yes, those would certainly be the list to follow.
If you're upgrading bits and parts of your PC then, no.

Why would you buy those stuff all over again if you're just upgrading a component or two? My PSU broke the other day so does that mean I have to throw away my current PC and buy a whole new one just to fit my new PSU? I'm still using my old PC case from 2003 to house my current hardware.

Your list is like saying that you need to buy another HDTV when the next gen consoles arrive.
Autodidactdystopia  +   752d ago
Come on guys, stop telling me pc is some crazy thing that's too expensive etc.

Benefits far outweigh the costs.

Game consoles are great until you are old enough to buy yourself a pc, or if you want something for your kids to play, Or if you want to connect with your buddies on live or psn.

Pc's are great too, They just happen to be for people who are a little more into graphics or performance and are willing to learn a little and spend a little more to get into it. (not that you cant get into it over time and on a budget)

They both have their little worlds that go along with them.

A ps4 right now if you don't have a pc capable of High end graphics etc is a hell of a bargain. It looks nice and is 100 bucks cheaper and .33 faster than the competition.

I use my pc for work so it makes sense for me to have the system I do. I haven't upgraded anything but my gpu in about 2 years (because the old one broke). my psu is 4 years old

My only upgrades in the future will be my cpu/gpu/motherboard or ram. (never at the same time)

My psu/case/monitor/HDD's (4TB)120GBSSD) Bluraydrive/Tvtuner card/ fans/wires/controllers/Keyboar d/ mouse/Heatsink Will continue as long as I want to use them. when im done ill gift them to friend's builds

I like my pc because of that; I can keep what I want and climb the ladder whenever I want.
UltimateMaster  +   752d ago
The current PCs that are in the market for gaming are just as powerful or around the same power of that of the PS4.
Will PC be more powerful in the future? Yes they will.

Let's not forget that the PS4 can be enhanced furthermore, they are using 3.5Gb of Ram just for the OS, if they cut that to 1Gb or 0.5Gb, then you got a shit ton more power for the games.
And BF4 would easily be 1080p 60fps on the PS4 because currently almost half of it is for the OS.
mabreu  +   752d ago
Graphics is NOT important. PC gamers had the privilege to play a very enjoyable game but has the worst graphics ever and having a powerful gaming rig does not make the experience better. Can anyone guess what that game is?
TekoIie  +   752d ago

"The current PCs that are in the market for gaming are just as powerful or around the same power of that of the PS4.
Will PC be more powerful in the future? Yes they will."

GTX 770
AMD FX 8350
16GB ddr3 RAM
750 PSU

My RIG is from... TEH FUTUREZ :3
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ZBlacktt  +   751d ago
Yes or no, does it cost $340 for the whole tower with ALL parts? That's what a PS4 is without the $60 Dual Shock 4.
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come_bom  +   752d ago
Yep. It's likely that only 5% or 10% of PC's are used for gaming, so the Ready at Dawn developer is correct.

I'm curious to know what he thinks if he compares the PS4 with a average PC gaming rig.
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PeaSFor  +   752d ago
seeing how in bf4 its pretty much on par with high settings and 2x AA in BF4, thats pretty powerfull for a 399$ machine.
thehitman  +   752d ago
I think my PC is probably better than 50% of the 5-10% of gaming rigs out there. I have a 2 gb HD5850, i7 930 cpu, 12gb ddr3, 120gb SSD for the o/s and some games (wish I had more). Now I think the ps4 would be able to push games at higher frame rates at the same max setting than my PC by another 5-10 fps judging of specs and performance seen so far. If it was anything else besides gaming ofc my PC runs circles around the ps4, but ps4 is just meant for gaming while my PC is meant for gaming + other things work related.

You have people returning CoD on steam because they cant even play it because of the ram requirement so that says a lot about the state of the PC gamer. PC elitist try to come here like they ALL have these mega rigs that can play ANYTHING at 1080p @ 60fps. Its all BS and propaganda to make console gamers feel insecure, but they are the ones being insecure.
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Cuzzo63  +   752d ago
Never fails. Mentioning pc and consoles in same sentence....
The PCPR (Pc Power Rangers) to the rescue...
Mohlest   752d ago | Spam
Edsword  +   752d ago
Here we go again. Why cant people be content that consoles and PC serve two different audiences?
come_bom  +   752d ago
It might not serve two different audiences in the near future, if Valve's Steam Box is a success.
Edsword  +   752d ago
Not really, I buy consoles for the exclusives. If I only bought games that were on PC and consoles I would get a PC.
OsirisBlack  +   752d ago
That's what I thought at first until I found out that they are making several different versions of their machine. One actually has a Titan in it, Hopefully I am wrong but it looks like they are just targeting PC gamers as console gamers for the most part arent about to fork over 1k+ for a system.
elweon  +   752d ago
then why are the games so ugly?
PeaSFor  +   752d ago
time machine, can i borrow your?
BobBelcher  +   752d ago
Tell you what- let this comment come from a PC exclusive Dev or even an Xbox One Dev-- and THEN i'll start nodding my head in agreement. Too many devs trying to defend their investments.
kratos_TheGoat  +   752d ago
DCfan  +   752d ago
You make it seem like everyone has a dedicated gaming PC
kratos_TheGoat  +   752d ago
real fans knows no console can top pc only fanboy like you thinking is possible.keep dreaming buddy
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Furesis  +   752d ago
easy there tiger
Sephiroushin  +   752d ago
lol ... Yes, the PS4 is stronger than the average PC, no one mentioned a gaming PC/rig; or do most PC now are able to play next gen videogames ?! ... Do you even know what most PC has for GPU? Integrated Intel HD Graphics so yes the PS4 is stronger ... Now if you compare the PS4 to a Gaming Rig that's another story!
Rodent85  +   752d ago
say someone with Kratos avatar
g-nome  +   752d ago
More powerful than a C64 I hope.
jeffgoldwin  +   752d ago
To be fair, most pc users don't own gaming pc's. So in that case, yes ps4 is way more powerful.

However, any high end gaming pc in the last 1-2 years is gunna be faster than next gen consoles. To minimize the emo trolls I guess I'll put the following disclosure: there's optimization, the price, exclusives, I must be a pc elitist, hmmm think I got most covered, but bound to be a few more insults I didn't think of at the top of my head, etc, etc.
noorbert  +   752d ago
Lets see when the game comes out. But what i saw so far in the trailer, if that were actual visuals, it looked better than any game i have ever seen.
sigfredod  +   752d ago
I´m just want more info about the order, day one!
shivvy24  +   752d ago
Well its far more powerful than my pc lol
ibrake4naps  +   752d ago
I'd hope so since most computers aren't built for games, duh!
theXtReMe1  +   752d ago
This is not going to go over well with the PC people who feel they have to justify their $2000 rigs at every turn. The simple fact of the matter, that they tend to overlook, is the PS4 isnt using off the shelf parts. It is using those designed around Sonys own specifications. The CPU and GPU have direct and simultaneous access to the 8GBs of DDR5 RAM. Speaking of which, most PC graphics cards only have 1-2GBs of memory. The high end cards, which are $500 plus, may have more...with the highest end at 6GBs. Most PCs only have 2-4 core processors, and while they are generally running faster, you still have more on the PS4... Able to compute 8 separate tasks at the same time. Software that truly takes advantage of multicore processing, where most PC software only takes advantage of 2 of the 4 cores. Then there is the GPU, whos compute units can be used to offset CPU calculations if they aren't being used for GPU tasks. Giving the system even more CPU power for tasks like physics and AI. Not to mention, custom CPU and GPU extensions to better optimize direct access to system hardware. But the PS4s biggest advantage over PCs, is the lack of bottlenecking. Every part in the PS4 is designed to work in harmony, Whereas PCs have to work around the motherboard, which loses precious clock cycles to the inherent lag.

Then you have the background streaming play, while installing(caching). Standard hardware, which makes development not only easier, but better over time as developers learn to code to the metal. Less CPU overhead, with the lack of a bloated OS running unneeded tasks in the background.

It all adds up to an extremely powerful system, that can output visuals and gameplay on par with $1000 plus PCs... At $400. I think even PC people are going to be amazed in year two and three of the PS4s life. Visuals will be astonishing and lifelike and animation, smooth as butter... With effects generally only reserved for high-end PCs.

It's a great time to be a gamer. The future starts soon. Are you ready?
Shnooze  +   752d ago
I think this article went right over your head.
AndrewLB  +   752d ago
The APU in the PS4 and Xbone is not a true 8-core processor. It's a 4-core, with each of those containing two modules. It's technically somewhere between Intel's Hyperthreading technology and a proper processor with full processing capability. It's also much closer related to a mobile AMD APU than a far more complex desktop CPU.

And your comment about the PS4 not having any bottlenecks is foolish. The PS4's bottleneck is the GPU itself. What were they thinking when they decided to have as much bandwidth in the PS4 as you'll find in a gtx 680 which pulls 3.5tflops
Ju  +   751d ago
Not true. 8 real integer cores, 4 shared FPU cores (2int+1fp per module), and who knows how the decoders work. Probably some shared stages or split. Hyperthreading does nothing for memory intensive applications. Physical cores are physical cores, hyperthreading is not.

And please, get off your high horse. 2+TF is not a majority in the market and won't be for a while. I'd say everything above that mark declines exponentially in market share.
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Onehandband1t  +   752d ago
Yeah...and so is my Samsung Galaxy S4 along with a shed load of other devices. The point being?
WeAreLegion  +   752d ago
I have a decent gaming PC. It can't run Battlefield 4 as well as the PS4 though. And it certainly can't make anything look as good as Killzone: Shadow Fall.
Kinger8938  +   752d ago

Most computers, ofcourse.

Most computers built/used with intent on gaming, not so much
Tontus  +   752d ago
It's true, most people I know have PC's that just barely can play the latest games.

Also I remember reading that a PC needs to be twice as powerful as a console to output similar visuals at a similar performance, only a tiny amount of gaming PC's are that powerful so only a minority of gamings PC's produce games that look comparable to the PS4.

PC games won't start looking better for a couple of years and by then Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog will have their games out which will look so stunning people will feel stupid for talking resolution or framerate and just appreciate how far games have come.
The_Truth_24_7  +   752d ago
iistuii  +   752d ago
True. But PS4 a country mile behind a GAMING PC..Fixed.
EXVirtual  +   752d ago
Console mainly guy here.
I think he means the average computer. Gaming PCs with better specs are more powerful than the PS4. Can't deny that.
But I'm very happy with the power of the PS4.
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jgrigs09  +   752d ago
Can anyone say Thank You Captain Obvious to this guy? Most computers you buy at a local store aren't really "gaming" computers.
mysteryraz11  +   749d ago
hardly anyone has high end pcs, pc fanboys brag about graphics and power but the pcs most popular games are mmos and free games like league of legends that have outdated graphics

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