Square Enix outline their horrible new approach that may kill both them and Eidos

"Here is a PDF that does not make good reading if you like Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex, and/or good RPG releases."

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majiebeast1839d ago

Yeah they lost it.

Lets all thank the new ceo. Who is behind this genius approach, of going after the 2 most unstable markets in gaming, mobile and online.

I never thought i would say it, but could we have Wada back please?

HelpfulGamer1839d ago

PS3 partly to blame, While most Japanese Game Developer ran away from PS3 complexity on to Wii, 3DS, X360. SquareEnix stayed years to get running on PS3, costing them billions. Yoichi Wada stayed loyal for years to SONY in getting FFXIV:ARR running on PS3.

Thankfully, now Sony tries to repair the damage they done with the PS4.

itBourne1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

What? Their downfall has nothing to do with the ps3. Its the same downfall all the other Japanese devs have had, they didnt transition with the times, have failed to evolve. Eidos has kept them afloat. Hence why Nintendo is failing with their console. Same reason Level 5 has failed with consoles. The mobile is literally keeping all them jap devs alive(handheld included in mobile). With out the ds, professor leyton, and mobile all these japanese companies lose. You can throw Sony japan in their too.

HarryMasonHerpderp1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Well for one thing nobody but Square made them spend ridiculous amounts of money making their games. Not really fair to blame that on Sony.
And two, Square (objectively) made mostly bad games this gen regarding the Final Fantasy series. How is that Sony's fault?. And three FFXIV was a complete mess to begin with and they've been spending a ton of cash over the years to make it an acceptable PC game, nothing to do with the PS3.

itBourne1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Sony Japan takes 16 years to make Last Guardian (TeamIco), all the FF games are delayed, FF14 is a fucking mess has to be remade, FF13 has to have 16 games to make up for delays and cost. Capcom is a joke now RE is trash. Sega is doing nothing, literally a mess. Nintendo can only make handheld games and the same games they made for the past 10 years. Do I need to keep going? Japanese devs are a joke right now... not all.. nothing is all encompassing but for the most part a literal joke.

Dagobert1838d ago

That makes no sense. The problem was they were focusing on the 360 far more when it had a very small RPG fanbase. Then they focused on a shit title that people complained from the beginning but bought it because it had Final Fantasy in the beginning. Then creating a shit sequel which people thought might be better but it still sucked, and then another damn sequel.

FamilyGuy1838d ago

They spend too much on their games, too muh time and money. Tomb Raider could've easily been profitable had they not given it such a high budget. A lot of games fall in that category, they don't way the demand properly and end up spending too much creating the games.

FF14 was meant to be a huge profit turner for them and it fell flat on release for multiple reasons. None of which were the PS3 because it never released that iteration on PS3. A Realm Reborn is actually doing BETTER than they predicted and is helping them stay afloat because of its subscription based model.

All japanese devs aren't "terrible this gen", some of you just lost interest in those type of games. Gaming taste are subjective and the influx of shooters this gen have left japans gaming styles behind.

mikeslemonade1838d ago

IF FFXIII remained exclusive it would have been a better game. Instead they chose to make for the 360 too which held it back.

mechlord1838d ago

you know what ruined them? Waiting all this long to put out a Thief;
Waiting all this long to put out KH3
Waiting all that long to release the underwhelming FF13 and on top of it, make FF13-2 and FF13-3
Waiting this long to put out FF13Versus having to rename it in the middle
Being so lame, disrespectful, full of themselves and stupidly low talented to even think about releasing the first incarnation of FF15

I can keep this up for a little longer

webeblazing1838d ago

I think it have to do with all the rehash SE have done. KH3 should been out and they should of let their devs create new ips. SE is headed the same path as Capcom, and I wouldn't care if they crashed and burned just hope the talent they still have left starts a studio.

UltimateMaster1837d ago

Square-Enix always made profit from PS hardware including PSP and PS3.
But they rather focus elsewhere where they're sure they'll meet their demise.

kreate1837d ago

Square left the ps3 for the first half of the generation.

Infinite Undiscovery, star ocean, last remnant sold poorly on the Xbox.

They started to do better once they went back to Sony.

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Godmars2901839d ago

I don't think he ever left. Is just waiting in the wings.

Eyeco1838d ago

I don't want to see Square go down anymore than I want Capcom to go down, these companies were my childhood, that and it would suck for people to loose their jobs.

But they are so out of touch with themselves and what gamers want, they're trying to hard to appeal to the "western" audiences, they lose their identity inthe process. F2P, Mobile gaming as a central focus ? What happened, where did it go wrong ? Shame

SharnOfTheDEAD1838d ago

Yeah, during the 90s it was awesome for those companies, now though it's just going downhill :(

mistertwoturbo1838d ago

I agree, I still love FF6 and FF7.

Where they went wrong is the "western" approach to their games. Even go as far as buying Eidos to try and capture the western market.

FFXIII was a disappointment, to this day I still haven't beat it. I have no urge to and probably never will. I still can't shake the feeling that since they went multi-disk for the 360 version they segmented the entire game.

DVAcme1838d ago

Dude, if any company deserves to go down, it's friggin' Capcom. They not only have been screwing fans over with their abusive DLC and downloadable game strategy, they've also apparently gotten a hard-on for taking a crap on beloved franchises of theirs. I'm a Megaman fan, so I've REALLY felt the burn badly. That's not even mentioning their DISGUSTING treatment of their employees. Already Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya and ESPECIALLY Keiji Inafune have left the company for good reason, and I'm betting Yoshinori Ono will not be far behind at the rate Capcom are taking a crap on him now.

Magicite1837d ago

In PS1/2 times SE was my most loved gaming company.

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3-4-51838d ago

So they are doing the 2 thing SE fans don't want the most.

Thanks for the nugget kick Square.

Get your head out of your ace and bring us Dragon Quest 11&7 + DQ8 HD remake + 10

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smashman981839d ago

No, read the PDF and everything looks fine they want to put more focus in mobile and online but article makes it seem like they want to eliminate console development altogether.

Tctczach1839d ago

I hope someone with some talent will buy Deus Ex.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1839d ago

The games on smart phones aren't a lot of Japanese devs doing that. I think even the Tales series is being put on smart phones now.

UNKLE1838d ago

Square enix is dead they lied to us and making bad strategy.
1,FF15 is delayed a whole console generation (PS3)
2,FF15 PS4 version using old graphics engine not luminous engine. whole PS4 is about FF15 trilogy with old engine!?
3.Agnis Philosophy would be great new ip game or FF but its only techdemo they say.
4.I hope Square Enix is go bankrupt...

Irishguy951838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

FF15 is shifting over to luminous as luminous is completed.

Eh no, no it doesn't imply they are cutting anything.

"Games with sequels cut content out of previous games" is what you are saying. Use your head for **** sake.

FFXIII had content cut because of the 360. Not because it was to have a sequel.

FFXV may be very broad story wise. You have your nations fighting over Crystals which is what Nomura wanted this game to focus on...then you have the back round gods like Etro and what will undoubtedly end up the main story in either FFXV or a sequel, about the world ending. Noctis story may not cover the entire story about their world. It could only cover the war of over the crystals

colonel1791838d ago

That's what supposed to happen.. I just don't want FFXV to be a trilogy. That right there implies that they are cutting stuff from XV just like they did with XIII. There is no excuse, they have a much powerful console than the PS3, so they don't have to cut anything. Also, since when FF is supposed to have direct sequels? One thing is to have an expect ion (FFX) another one, is to make it the norm! It does not make sense!

deadfrag1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

I Hope they dont go bankrupt,because them we will see great studios like Cristal Dinamics and Eidos die too.Square Enix made shit games this generation but games like Tr,Sleeping dogs,Deux ex and even the last Hitman are all great games...but on the other hand we see Square invest in a new Ftp Legacy of kain game and we start thinking wtf ..why the hell are Square making this crap game!Frankly the game looks horrible and has nothing to do with the Kain Legacy or Soul Reaver and Free to play model..Dead will soon come if they dont change the way of thinking.

TedCruzsTaint1838d ago

I don't.
They will take Eidos with them and they are currently on their game at this point.

Square is ruining Edios.

Roccetarius1838d ago

Square already ruined Eidos, so that isn't possible. :)

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