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Is Gran Turismo 6 losing sight of what’s important?

Will racers care about what’s going on in the sky? (Gran Turismo 6, PS3)

SniperControl  +   266d ago
It's called immersion, the night sky, time transition, weather affects, it's all being done to immerse the player even deeper into the fantasy. The realism of GT is what attracts me to the game more than the others on the market, i own copies of GT5, Forza 4, i even have access to the Project CARS beta on my PC. While CARS blows everything away on the graphics side of things, i still think GT5 is the purist simulation of all three games. As for the Moon buggy, i will pass judgement on that when i play it.

You want a game that plays like an arcade/sim game, buy Forza, you want a game that plays like a simulation, buy Gran Turismo, you want a game with pretty graphics, buy CARS.

I will be getting Gran Turismo 6 day 1.
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LiQuiZoN  +   266d ago
I'd have to disagree on the sky thing. As soon as I ready gay I thought "wtf is kaz doing?"

Love gt series. Have gt day one preorder but I can't help to wonder if some new direction is needed. Keep gt classy as kaz has always done but also expand the feature set and career mode with a story.

Why not more tracks? Or more premiums? I can't easily thing of many tracks which are not available in gt6 which were in past gts. so again why do I have a simulated star system? No seriously.. Why?
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SniperControl  +   266d ago
I am a big fan of the 24 hour races on GT, just being able to see the stars move positions over the course of a race is fantastic,to see the moon set and the sun rise just adds to the realism of the game.
mewhy32  +   266d ago
this game could easily pass as a next gen racer.
abzdine  +   266d ago
must buy... end of story!
haters are gonna hate no matter what
WeAreLegion  +   266d ago
"As soon as I ready gay"

What the frick did you just say?
LiQuiZoN  +   266d ago
Sorry iPad was putting in a ton of auto corrects. :(
SoapShoes  +   266d ago
Oh yeah it totally needs new direction. /s I mean it isn't like they revamped everything like physics, aerodynamics, etc.... Yeah they missed the point of a simulator by improving everything that matters. //double s
beepbopadoobop  +   266d ago
After playing the demo for this a while back I have to say it took me about 30 seconds to see that they are doing it right. The moment I took a FWD car around a corner and felt the very realistic lift off oversteer showed me the new physics is vastly superior to GT5 (and I loved GT5)

I dont think Gran Turismo is ever going to shift focus from being the true simulator it is, I think the backgrounds and sky are all just going to add to the immersion, most of us arent going to get the chance to drive supercars around racetracks so this is the closest allot can get which in my opinion means the more realistic it is the better.

Of course if the scenery looked fantastic and the cars drove like sh!t then I'd be pissed but from what ive seen and played it seems like they have concentrated on physics first and then adding this cool stuff on top! Bonus.
SoapShoes  +   266d ago
Yeah the physics are truely superior. You have people saying gt5.5 but they haven't even played it.
sigfredod  +   266d ago
Short answer: NO, i'm trylly excited about GT6
RevXM  +   266d ago
I think GT6 is doing most things right.
Im just curious about standard and premium cars, and ps2 graphic circuits.

With the right cars on the right track GT5 looked unbelievable! But some tracks just didnt get the love they deserved Imo and looked pretty much the same as they did on ps2.

I hope PD have eliminated the standard cars and fully remastered the old tracks.

Other than that I only question their approach to patching and DLC, I havent got a clear idea of it but I rather not have a game that eats all my HDD space because they keep adding and patching vital stuff post launch. if that is the case Ill wait for the GOTY/extendded edition that comes with updates, content and patches on disc.
Cirehpsa  +   266d ago
gt5 continues to be supported till even today so no, there won't be a goty edition, just a game that will be supported years after it's release.

and I do mean years, gt5 is oooooooooold.
RevXM  +   266d ago
I know, and that is kind of the problem.
Support is good and all but GT5 have had quite a few GB of updates eating away HDD space. Adding a car or a track every now and then is all fine, but Id like not to get huge updates to change the game all over back and forth each month because it wasnt finnished in the first place.

GT5 added and changed a lot within even a year.
GT5 XL edition included a lot of updates on disc.

Im just sayin that I hope GT6 will be smoother and finnished at launched. I dont want to install half the game at launch only to get 10 more gb of updates over the coming year...
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monkeyfox  +   266d ago
The sky thing only will enhance the experience and the players sense of immersion.

Also just because they are doing this does it necessarily follow that they are "loosing sight of what's important in a racing game"?... I don't think so.
kratos_TheGoat  +   266d ago
The thing is gt6 should have been a ps4 launch title just like forza 5 for x1.... can't wait to get forza 5 and gt6 I know I'm going have a blast
RevXM  +   266d ago
I agree that GT6 would have been sweet as hell on Ps4.
But its looking pretty hot on my favourite console of all time so I can live with that.

Ill enjoy GT6 on ps3 til GT7 comes on ps4.
Drive club will prolly satisfy my racing fix on ps4 for a while.
DOMination-  +   266d ago
I'm trading in my ps3 to pay for the new consoles so basically I won't be able to play gt6. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Madness.
Baka-akaB  +   266d ago
Morons being morons and nitpicking what they wouldnt even be able to nitpick with others games (Hint : because such features aint even there)
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mhunterjr  +   266d ago
If they've got the time after getting the ground game how they want it, there's no reason not to focus on the finer details.

Bathyj  +   266d ago
"Polyphony has lost sight of what makes racing games fun. Gran Turismo 5 was a soulless and tedious game. It was incredibly boring and offered no reason to play it for prolonged periods. "

Lost me right there. Seems he's lost sight of what it is to play Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo isn't the greatest racing game. But it is the greatest driving game.
Brutallyhonest  +   266d ago
"But it is the greatest driving game."

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Nerdmaster  +   266d ago
So people defend this sky stuff by saying "it adds immersion" but in other opportunities say that 3D is useless because "it's only cosmetics".
SniperControl  +   266d ago
I for one love the 3D, racing around the Nurburgring in a Zonda LM race car at dawn with a light drizzle is a breath taking experience for me.
beepbopadoobop  +   266d ago
The 3D is awesome! Ive made myself a bit car sick spinning out at high speed a few times =P
LEOPARD1030  +   266d ago
curiously for me the sky is one of most important elements of the games, an important part of the inmersion.

The Last of Us, GT 5, Battlefield 3, Uncharted, Mass Effect are good examples of this feature. I spend big part of the time admiring the sky and the climatic effects or cycles day night in GT5 or the stars in Mass Effect.

The sky beauty is essential to me in any game.
likeaboss302  +   266d ago
The game needs more Skyline! ;)
DethWish  +   266d ago
GT has always been about the feeling of driving that awesomely cool car, and not about beating your opponents.

The GPS feature seems amazing, just imagine driving that dull road to work in 200km/h in a ferrari.
yewles1  +   266d ago
New tire model.
New suspension model.
New weight distribution model.
New aerodynamics model.

But astro-simulation model is GT6 losing sight of what's important... smh
Hicken  +   266d ago
It's grasping at straws, really. At this point, the best they can do to Sony, its consoles, and its games is to nitpick the tiniest of things, even things that aren't actually flaws.

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