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Final Fantasy XIV Breaks Final Fantasy XI's Record

Final Fantasy XIV Online, when it was launched, received widespread negative criticism regarding the game's quality and Square Enix was under heavy fire. The original release received feedback such as the game is unfinished if not totally unplayable, received many awards like "The Most Disappointing Game of the Year" and "Worst Sequel". This led to official apologies by Square Enix admitting that the game was of poor quality and offered free trial extensions and also asked for patience. Square Enix's CEO, Yoichi Wada, also admitted that Final Fantasy XIV has greatly damaged the "Final Fantasy" brand as a result of the game's shortcomings. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, PS4, Square Enix)

DA_SHREDDER  +   635d ago
I hope it ends up being free to play in the future, cause I already had my free trial, and I wanna play more, but I aint paying 15 bucks a month, maybe 5 bucks a month, but no more.
Magicite  +   634d ago
not gona happen, SE needs money badly, FF11 is still sub based.
King-u-mad  +   634d ago
F2P is a plague in the mmo community. P2P keeps games stable and provides future content budget. Along side guaranteed service... F2P provides none of that. Plus you will end up spending more than $15/mo on a F2P title...
Jubez187  +   634d ago
"more than $15/mo on a F2P title..." (See: League of Legends)

Anyways yea, this game is never going F2P. No matter how many MMO's surpass it, hardcores/FF fans will stay and they'll still make a profit. When FF11 came out and I was in middle school I was like damn 15 a mo is too much. I'm older and have a job now, and that 15 that I'm paying probably woulda went on my girlfriend or some other useless BS.
DA_SHREDDER  +   634d ago
yeah but i rather pick and choose what I want, not dictated by someone else's desires. F2P brings more variety. Been gaming for almost 30 years, dont tell me what i want
King-u-mad  +   627d ago

""more than $15/mo on a F2P title..." (See: League of Legends) "
Correct there are F2P titles that you will not likely spend more that $15/mo on. I was speaking abroad, based off the majority of F2P titles.


"yeah but i rather pick and choose what I want, not dictated by someone else's desires."

Pick whatever you want, lol, no one here told you not to. No one can make your decision for you.

"F2P brings more variety."

Incorrect. Majority of F2P titles are "Cookie Cutters".

"Been gaming for almost 30 years, dont tell me what i want"

Glad you are jutting your 30 y/o epeen around like that lol... You just showed your lack of intelligence by stating that you have been gaming for 3 decades without taking notice to the non variety of F2P MMO's and MMO's in general...

Also, no one told you "what" you "want"...

I stated Facts.

"P2P keeps games stable and provides future content budget."

"guaranteed service..."

"F2P provides none of that."

"Plus you will end up spending more than $15/mo on a F2P title..."

Majority Rule here guys... Don't single titles out.

"F2P is a plague in the mmo community."

Majority of F2P MMO's are cash grab cookie cutters. Thus promoting nothing but company greed... People like you OBVIOUSLY don't care... Thus making companies go "Hey people are stupid enough to play this LMFAO, we are (or, going to be) rich!".

Name a F2P MMO I havent played... go for it lol... I try every mmo seeing if they will actually do something new or different.

I've been gaming for 20 years... Tell me why I know more than you about this Mr 3 decades?
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Sprud  +   634d ago
It won't happen. SE made this game with their own money so there's no pressure to make a quick buck by going F2P to pay investors back. All other MMOs I know of after WoW have been backed by investors.
beepbopadoobop  +   635d ago
I really want to play this game but I know I have so little spare time to play it that I cant justify paying monthly for it :(

I hope it continues to do well so if I ever do get the chance to play it, by then it will be an even more awesome experience!
Drithe  +   634d ago
This game takes TONS of time to play. Gold is not easy to get. Don't let them tell you other wise.
SirBradders  +   634d ago
Yea it takes tons of time which MMO doesn't? As for gold the main scenario quests give you rakes of gold and with housing about to go live crafters are gonna get richer.
nope111  +   634d ago
Such a great quality MMO, well worth the sub imo.
Deathdeliverer  +   634d ago
I played FF11 for years. 14 ARR is excellent. Main Quest line compete, working on lvl 90 Dragoon gear and have 3 more jobs almost Max lvl.
MoneyMeng  +   634d ago
Have people not played any quality mmos before? FF14ARR is not good, its okay, mediocre at best. FF14 feels like a HUGE grind, leveling from 1-50 isnt fun, it feels more like a task than anything enjoyable.

Also gil is hard to get? Seriously? Green gear from lv20+ dungeons sell for more than 10k gil each. Farming mobs for loot to craft items sell well. Crafting quality items sell well, people seriously dont know how to play mmos/havent played a decent mmo before it seems.

The story is uninspiring, and cutscenes arent even voice acted when its a P2P game (I found myself skipping through more than half of the cutscenes)! The game doesnt even have pvp. All you do for endgame is run two dungeons for tomes in exchange for gear.

I dont mind P2P games, but nothing about the game even justifies paying. My whole guild already quit after the first free month of playing.
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Sprud  +   634d ago
You can't sell green gear that drop in dungeons on the market, so you clearly don't know what you're talking about.
MoneyMeng  +   634d ago
not all of them are "marked" (bound) einstein.
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