IGN: Wii Fit - The Professional Opinion

It's a foregone conclusion that Wii Fit will fly off shelves when it's release across Europe on April 24, but the question still remains whether it's worth the hefty asking price. Sure, you're getting the nifty new Wii Balance Board for your money but can it really get the nation in shape or are gamers simply paying for a glorified set of scales?

That question in mind, IGN invited James Mitchell, Esquire magazine's fitness columnist, head trainer at London's One Aldwych gym and – it turns out – games geek to delve deep into Nintendo's latest system seller and lay the fat-busting facts on the table. Working from initial character creation right through to a hearty workout with the title's balance, aerobic, muscular and yoga exercises, IGN were keen to hear his thoughts on Wii Fit's philosophy, execution and, of course, health benefits.

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BrotherNick3857d ago

I guess you can't really say it doesn't help people lose weight now, if they use it continuously in the way it's intended.