Link's downward strike can now meteor smash (Super Smash Bros Update 6.11.2013)


Like in Brawl, Sakurai will be providing daily updates on the development progress of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS through Miiverse.

Today, Sakurai details the changes to Link's downward strike. The down A aerial can now meteor smash opponents when the tip of the sword is aligned at the start. However, Sakurai has expressed concerns about balancing and is still doing multiplayer tests.

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Shok1838d ago

Good. Link has never been too great of a character. I mean he was pretty decent in 64, but nobody played him competitively in Melee and Brawl cause in both iterations he was a very under-powered character.

Samus too. Hopefully Sakurai buffs Samus and Link up.

XisThatKid1838d ago

He might be able to have some stopping power now, interesting. That kind of sucks i seems they favor the other iterations of Link over him. I really hope there isn't any dittos in this one.

Misaka_x_Touma1838d ago

you must haven't been good at em. I am a pro Link player.

I use him competitively in Brawl him being underpowered is because of his speed but his long range special make up for that.

XisThatKid1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

It's not that you are a pro cool and all but think you are a specialist thats what it takes to be good with the character you one are few actual (if you are)pro players that do so. I'm not doubting you or skill but as a competitive player you still know the difference between skill or technical characters like Olimar in any fighting game and having characters like Sonic in Brawl. Link can def use a bit of a break same for Sonic. I'm not saying break the character to the point of OP but some characters curves aren't necessary. But yea if I can I would love to see some goo link players pro level my brow ranked 27/out of 4000 in MLG we seen a seen a few tournys you have any good vids? His speed def screws him.

triforce791838d ago

Thank god for all these great wiiu games with flawless graphics can't wait,Ghosts isn't even up to blackops2 wiiu so give me project CARS,Bayonetta2,Smash,MK8,DK,e ct ect....Mariokart8 will be the new Online MP game to play over COD as that series is going backwards now..

truechainz1838d ago

Meteor Smash you say? My play ability with this character has just increased tenfold.

kirbyu1838d ago

So now Toon Link is even MORE similar to regular Link. I don't really mind clones, but I'm hoping this means Toon Link's Down air is changed to something new. It's entirely possible that's the case because we haven't seen him do it in any screenshots.