Blu-Ray Reliant On PS3 Way Too Much?

WhatIfGaming writes: "According to research firm ABI, Blu-ray is too reliant on PS3 instead of the other way around. Blu-Ray may have trumped HD-DVD, but it may still struggle to replace the traditional DVD format."

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pwnsause3766d ago

its going to be relying on the PS3 until the Holidays.

fenderputty3766d ago

another analysis saying the same things. BD will rely on the PS3 for at least another year. Stand alone players need to come down in price. Once that happens, coupled with more HDTV's a shift will start and dependency will lessen.

pwnsause3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

by the end of the year your going to see lots of BD sales, thats why I didnt read it, but I did approve it to see whats on everyones mind today. nothing to worry about here.

Brian52473766d ago

...on gulping your mom's pu$$y juice?

jollygoodchap83766d ago

I'm gonna agree for no reason at all.

Fishy Fingers3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Gamers interested in DVD's too much?

Sorry but all the BR "news" is always just one guys opinion, they rarely supply hard evidence for their claims. HD has and is experiencing a faster adoption rate than DVD and they turned out alright didnt they.

Mikelarry3766d ago

its time for bluray to rely on ps3. see home much increase ps3 got when hd dvd called it quits. ppl like myself went out to buy the ps3 first reason being "CHEAPEST BLU RAY PLAYER"

Expy3766d ago

Who cares if it's reliant on something, it's the ONLY high-def format left.

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The story is too old to be commented.