Xbox Live Compute Is 18 Months Old, Titanfall Heavily Reliant

Xbox Live lead program manager reveals that Xbox engineers have been working on Xbox Live Compute for 18 months.

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mewhy321839d ago

Sounds like a risky proposition.

P0werVR1839d ago

Risky?! This is AMAZING!

So I don't see how the article seen anything negative in this. Updates are updates, now we have to complain about it? Just be glad that Microsoft went through trial and error to provide update that don't interrupt as much.

I would love to see how massive map battles with NPC AIs start playing more like real players. Without a doubt Microsoft are going to push this heavy onto third party developers for exclusive gameplay features. Most of all on their first party studios.

JokesOnYou1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Yeah sounds like a twist on good news sure servers could go down but a catastrophic outage would indicate some far bigger problem, like a regional power outage or whatever which in any case Titanfall gaming online should be the least of our worries. XBL has had a very reliable track record, Azure has just recently been highly the best cloud service by a credited server testing firm so it would seem hes a bit overdramatic on his part.

"Xbox One’s Azure Cloud Computing Solution Ranked #1, Beats Out Amazon S3"

-lol follow the link to the white paper, I dont just make shiii up like some folks I know.

staticdash221839d ago

This thing has less development time than an EA game, and you say this is great news? Microsoft touting the power of the cloud being readily available day one, granting 4K graphics to the chosen ones when it has only been worked under 2 years?

Ok. I'm not willing to bank my $500 on this. I think the writer raised a lot of good points.

NewMonday1839d ago

things that prove this is just more PR spin..

- game still 720p

- 360/PC will use the same servers.

Langkasuka1839d ago


The story you've linked showcases Windows Azure as itself a system. I have no doubt that it's a great cloud computing system and will look forward to seeing Titanfall and Forza games in action.

But MS is definitely not going to limit Azure entirely for Xbox games; there's plenty of other potential areas Azure could expand, like SharePoint or network storage, data migration maybe? and etc.

We're wondering if the Xbox Live Compute, the more gaming-centric offshoot of Azure that is still relatively young and untested. Would be enough to handle a network load the size of GTAV? Personally, I hope XBLC is flexible enough, but article did raise some valid points.

nukeitall1839d ago


Except XBL Compute is built on an enterprise class cloud. It is good enough to host some of the biggest workloads in the world and probably handles billions of dollars worth of data.

Is it early? Yes it is, but it is likely the most built out gaming cloud anyone has in the world.


Can you prove that Titanfalls is confirmed 720p?

Frankly even if that was true, I would care less because it's an online game. With online games, I would care more about it using real dedicated servers for a lag free experience instead of lagfull experience with P2P.

Also, why is it PR spin? There is no reason why Xbox 360 or PC will use the same servers. It just has more features on Xbox One.


"We're wondering if the Xbox Live Compute, the more gaming-centric offshoot of Azure that is still relatively young and untested. Would be enough to handle a network load the size of GTAV? Personally, I hope XBLC is flexible enough, but article did raise some valid points."

Nobody has a larger gaming cloud than MS running on top of one of the worlds best and largest cloud with Azure.

If Azure ain't holding up, nobody likely would and I'm talking cloud hosting companies, not even game developers or publishers.

That said, it doesn't mean it is problem free. Like all clouds, it needs to be tweaked once the masses start hitting the servers. You don't know where the bottleneck is until you get millions upon millions of people start playing.

That has more to do with internal process allocation, bandwidth distribution and so on.

UltimateMaster1839d ago

It's super powerful, and?

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Langkasuka1839d ago


Windows Azure is pretty good, even a little bit of it on SharePoint 2013 which I use at work everyday (it does have it downtime hours, of course). But as SharePoint uses only a portion of Azure's power, I don't think XBLC would have the whole of Azure's NASA program capability just for games industry. MS would probably allocate most of Azure on more profitable fields, like data securities or network-to-OS infrastructures.

To see XBLC gaming cloud running on top of one of the worlds best and largest cloud with Azure is only as impressive as saying a fresh graduate will go far in life just because he's from Harvard.

I really like to believe cloud computing to console CPU processing is next-gen, but we'll see come launch day.

karamsoul1839d ago

They'd better have a contingency plan for Titanfall if the servers go down, with TF apparently being so heavily reliant on that service. The guy's reluctance to go into details is a little disturbing too :/

jackanderson19851839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

if the servers that TF are using are MS's own servers wouldn't it stand to reason that the entire xbox live platform would be down as i'm pretty sure i heard xbox live would be making use of azure similar to the "cloud"... and seeing as it's an online only game no online no gaming

nukeitall1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The servers will go down, but it will have little to do with Azure.

Most network problems related to gaming are due to being bottlenecks that occur due to design issues i.e. unpredicted traffic paths.

Now of course server stability is also important, but that is where you Azure, an enterprise class cloud responsible for many billions of dollars worth of projects on.

I think our puny games will be fine!

forcefullpower1839d ago

Actually Azure goes down quite often. Go and speak to IT people that actually use azure and its not what you think it is.

BadlyPackedKeebab1839d ago

fullforcepower is correct. Its a fantastic platform and great to use however it is not 100% reliable. Not a massive issue but the idea is you build services that sit ontop of it to sell to people. i.e. if I made a point of sale system that runs on it for a shop chain, when azure goes down so does their business. The idea of cloud computing is redundancy and 100% up time. The dream is still currently the dream.

nukeitall1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

obviously no service is 100%, but combined it should be roughly 99.99% uptime.

Also, the instance being up or down is also highly dependent on your own software and configuration.

Point being any service goes down, including Rackspace, Amazon Web Services and so on. However, billions of dollars are trusted on Azure. It is run by businesses with mission critical applications.

If Azure can run mission critical applications, then there is no issue running a game that is arguably mission critical.

GodGinrai1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


If titanfall needs a contingency plan than so does every other online only game that I have every other online only hawken..warframe ..planetside 2 and warthunder....oh wait...they dont.

sinjonezp1838d ago

So, if my internet connection is terrible or I have service outages will I be able to enjoy this game? As in TF.

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Dzellius1839d ago

I'm just really surprised that the cloud compute service is only a year and a half old. Xbox is selling it like it's a tried and true service when it's been in development for less time than a Call of Duty game.

GodGinrai1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

given that it runs on azure , which has been around for a while now, wouldnt you say those servers are tested..perhaps not for mass xbox live use. But so was XBL itself at one point..and that seems to have turned out ok....

staticdash221839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I'm not feeling very confident. Titanfall is relying heavily on this, plus how unreliable the servers for huge games have been this year. FF14, GTA 5, and the list goes on.

Gotta garee with @dzellius on this. Microsoft is banking on a feature with less than 2 years of development time. Risky investment, hope it works out.

"Titanfall may be relying on XBLC to the point that it may not be a functioning game without the cloud up and running."

Oh no......

NewMonday1839d ago

so no local offline split screen MP, in estimation more than 50% of CoD players buy it for this feature.

Volkama1839d ago

The characters don't have magic points either, in estimation 50% of Final Fantasy players buy it for magic points.

In estimation 50% of your brain isn't sparking properly. I don't get why anyone would agree with your comments.

Septic1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Lol! Nice estimation there. Get your head out of the clouds! :P

Regardless of these updates, the fact that such a comprehensive dedicated server support exists is a Godsend in the first place. Like the article said, it's up to developers to counteract those problems.

People are so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon but really, this is just the nature of dedicated server set-ups.

Blackdeath_6631839d ago

finally some news on this fabled cloud processing. i am also very surprised its only been worked on for 18months also they say titanfall is heavily reliant on it wouldn't that just be on the XBone? hard to imagine it being implemented or of any use on PC

staticdash221839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Cloud is really just dedicated servers. Microsoft's own developed servers they can offer as a service. I believe this is the plan, to get developers on board now, and slowly turn it into a service later. Once Azure has a reputation, studios will go to Microsoft for dedicated servers. It's a part of their plan to transform into more of a services hub.

omi25p1839d ago

Well your worried a multiplayer only game wont work without servers.

What did you expect? The servers to go down and the game just carry on running.

This is always and will always be the issue with multiplayer only games. Look at Warcraft and other MMOs. Its an issue but you have to deal with it.

GodGinrai1839d ago

well said omi25p. I dont know why this never crosses people minds with current online only games destiny is also reliant on a connected enviroment. people seem to conveniently forget that around here. Ubisoft have delayed both watchdogs and the crew because those games require a stable online evniroment.

So why are people only concerned about this when titan fall is mentioned?

christocolus1839d ago

great....finally some awesome stuff.

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