Rockstar Sending Out GTA Online Stimulus Package First Installment of $500,000 Now

It seems like few lucky Grand Theft Auto Online players have already receive the first installment of $500,000 of GTA Stimulus Package from Rockstar Games.

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ZBlacktt1839d ago

Yet glitches are not fixed... poor game. It never stood a chance.

hay1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

It's poor because of small number of relevant missions in multi, or at least poor "entertainment" balancing, not cause of glitches. Those actually made Online, as every GTA, more fun...
Battles against dudes inside a glitched tank were waay more fun than doing Meth'd Up over and over again.

ZBlacktt1839d ago

Economy means nothing while everyone makes $108,000 avg every 50 seconds.

Clan level boosting on two race tracks.

Yeah, good times.

LeCreuset1839d ago

It stood a chance, but Rockstar was too busy worrying about how they were going to sell GTA money for real money and nerfing the payout on missions to worry about fixing the stinking game and adding the content that should have already been in there.

Septic1839d ago

It doesn't take away from the experience at all though. Why are you so concerned how much money others have? Stop making a mountain out of molehills. The game still plays great.

ZBlacktt1839d ago

Well, if you weren't so clueless then you'd know the developers never intended for their game to get maxed in a month of release. But do to the piss poor QA testing. This is what has happened. Boosting and money glitching by all makes a online experience pointless for longevity. Everyone owns every car, so no one has any advantage going into any race. Boosting levels for quick weapons unlocks.... Yeah nothing wrong with any of this.

Blacktric1839d ago

"Why are you so concerned how much money others have?"

Ever raced against a rank 15 guy who was driving a fully modded Entity XF?

Septic1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


Unlike you I actually play the game and regardless of the glitches, it shouldn't take away from the enjoyment. How do the glitches make it a 'poor game'? The weapon boosts effect you how?? The decent weapons can be pretty much unlocked straight away.

If you do have the game, can I ask, what do you even do when you play? Co op missions?? Parachuting? Racing? Deathmatch? Do you not play with your friends?


Here's an idea. Turn off custom cars when hosting a race??

LeCreuset1838d ago

I understand the point about level boosting, but how can anyone complain about money glitching when Rockstar plans on making it possible for someone to just buy large sums of in game cash? How can you get mad at someone doing a money glitch when Rockstar has done everything in their power to make earning money the legit way ineffective? People should be mad at Rockstar for going against their word and centering their economy (mission payouts, prices) around selling in game cash, instead of being mad that people found away to get that money without having to payoff Rockstar in real life.

I was one of the ones saying give Rockstar a chance when news of the real cash for in game cash broke, since they said the economy would still be geared toward those who play legit, but they lied. It's that simple. They put up barriers to earning money legit, hoping they would be able to get frustrated players to buy cash, but now the game is so buggy they haven't even been able to sell cash and people have found a way to make the money by glitching. Serves them right.

thricetold1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )


He doesn't want to do that because it would negate any advantage he has with HIS car.

You see the money issue is that these players have tons of time on their hands to grind which gives THEM an advantage over players who don't, in turn helping them win.

turning off custom cars would put everyone at a level field and they don't want that. THEY want to have an advantage or it's no longer fun for them.

What were these players going to do when other players finally caught up with them and it's completely even, stop playing?

Only in freeroam does it matter what weapons you have, in ANY of the TDM/DM it's a level playing field. Which begs the question, why are you engaging in firefights outside of matches? What's the point?

You don't gain ANYTHING from kills in FR, just trollin others. It just sounds like these players are mad because they can't troll low level players in FR like they want.

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THC CELL1839d ago

Pointless, that is all.

Omegasyde1839d ago

I agree. I sorta gotta tired with the game and the promises of cash.

Quick review-
-Parachuting wasn't really exciting.
-Having your own place was cool but costly and it sucked how most of the real estate in the city.
-The GTA online world lacked alot of charm.
-You have to go to a website to join a crew?
-Payouts at higher level are BS. If I am doing rank 50+ missions the rewards should be better.
-Missions aren't nearly as good as they are in single player. In face no real epic missions.
-In deathmatch- LTS he who camps wins. Low level guys aren't really a match with a level 55+ with an advanced rifle
-Lock on aiming (snap from cover - autoaim - shoot -back to cover)
-Shared team lives on missions.

Racing was the best part because they paid the post with RP and you have no set lives. Bikes with traffic was awesome.

Game also needed class base action for deathmatches or something or a hardcore no auto-aim mode.

KwietStorm1839d ago

You don't have to go to the website to join a crew.

Hellsvacancy1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The racing is the best part, I thought I would like to be able to do my own custom it was advertised

Although the racing is fun, i think out of the 150 races i've played only 4 of them had the maximum amount of players, most of the races i take part in only have 3-5 other players

GTAIV online races were so much more fun, and R* do need to add a hardcore mode, no skill in auto aim

thricetold1838d ago

-In deathmatch- LTS he who camps wins. Low level guys aren't really a match with a level 55+ with an advanced rifle

This isn't cod so it doesn't surprise me that people value their lives and don't want to run and gun everywhere wasting lives and weapon pick ups are everywhere, some way more powerful than the AR, just saying..

-Lock on aiming (snap from cover - autoaim - shoot -back to cover)

This ones on you as it locks you in to the mode you were using offline(i'm sure you knew this). You can easily play free aim with others, unless you just want everyone to HAVE to play in freeaim because that's what YOU like. Personally I like the option to play as I WANT and not be forced to adhere to some unwritten rule of online play.

Game also needed class base action for deathmatches or something or a hardcore no auto-aim mode.

see above

GentlemenRUs1839d ago

I guess it's nice... for when I ever go back onto the game...

Cheaters/Abusers ruined it for me.

LeCreuset1839d ago

I get two disagrees and not one answer. I honestly want to know how that is. If he's saying someone is using a modded weapon or some such to beat him I can understand. If he's complaining about people glitching for money, that's an issue he needs to be made at Rockstar about seeing as they ruined the economy by building it around the idea that you would be able to buy in game cash. That's what ruins your experience, not somebody being able to gain money through a glitch. Because they're banking on people being able to buy Rockstar dollars the prices on everything are higher than they should be and the mission payouts too low.

Lockon1839d ago

I haven't played GTAO in about 3 weeks.

GuruMeditation1839d ago

Two people disagreed. So they obviouly know better than you how much time you've spent playing the game. LOGIC!

omi25p1839d ago

Well the game still deletes all my money, cars and Property every single time i log off the game. So, big whoop. The next time i go back on i will lose it all as soon as i come off.

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