Ubisoft: Wii To Rule Them All, Microsoft/Sony Battle Split In U.S/Europe

In an investor call following Ubisoft's strong full year results, execs predicted that - while the Wii will be the console leader in 2008, the PS3 will be stronger than the Xbox 360 in Europe, while Microsoft will lay claim over the U.S.

Talking to analysts during the call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that in America, "the power of the [installed base] will continue to keep a good market share" for Xbox 360, while in Europe, the PS3 "will grow faster than the 360."

However, he predicted, "the Wii will be the number one console in Europe and the U.S." in 2008. "We think that the Wii will continue to grow," Guillemot continued, adding that "what we [also] see is that the DS is doing extremely well... we have lots of new customers coming to the business."

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PS360WII3834d ago

Sounds like a fair assessment

QuackPot3833d ago

Of course the wii will dominate console sales.

Until the next gens get their pricing right and provide the unique and fun gameplay.

Bring on the X- and Play-motes and drop the price.

wiizy3833d ago

wii to win this whole generation.